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Empress Miniatures

Halloween's a pretty popular time to be running a sale. We've seen a lot of them already, here's another. This time it's Empress Miniatures who is letting you get some minis for cheaper than you'd usu
Empress Miniatures released two new versions of the FT17 Tanks over in their Spanish Civil War section.SourceFrom the release:Two versions of the iconic FT17 tank, each version can be armed with eithe
Empress Miniatures has some new squads of Modern Australian troops available over in their webshop.And they're all named Bruce.SourceFrom the release:From our recently completed Kickstarter 20 Modern
Empress Miniatures has two new squads of Marines available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Latest release to our ultra modern range are these US Navy Seal teams.
Empress Miniatures has more than doubled their funding goal on Kickstarter for their Devil Dogs and Dragons. They've had a couple unlocks, most recently are the Australians.From the update:We have not
Empress Miniatures launched their Kickstarter in order to fund their modern military line entitled Devil Dogs and Dragons.From the campaign:With your help we are hoping to make a significant addition
Empress Miniatures has released new miniatures representing Cromwell and Rupert from the battle of Naesby.From the release:Naseby Battlefield Trust have commissioned Empress Miniatures to design and p
Empress Miniatures is the new sole English distributor of Operation Squad Modern War.From the copy:We are very proud to announce that Empress Miniatures is the sole English Language distributor of the
Empress Miniatures previews many new releases and special offers:From their website:Empress Miniatures are proud to spotlight a large number of new releases across both our 28mm Zulu War and Modern ra
Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures announce a new game, Zulu!:From their announcement:Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures are about embark on a very exciting venture as we bring you plastic Anglo
Empress Miniatures have added new Zulu War figures to their online store. From their announcement: We have a lot of new additions to our 28mm Anglo Zulu War range going into the shop this weekend.