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Empire of the Dead

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. Well, for these mice, you're definitely gonna need a better mousetrap. I doubt the ones you used to get rid of a little vermin ar
As the air gets colder (I've been able to have my AC off for a couple weeks now in the apartment) and the leaves start changing (we do have more than just pine trees here in Atlanta, if you can believ
I hope your weekend is going well (or has gone well if you are much further East than where I am currently). Mine's been full of some older movies that were watched just for the hell of it (such as B
We keep chugging along, beautiful TGN readers. The week rolls by and we continue on as well. It's that time once more to bring you some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.In thi
West Wind Productions is there to help make sure you've got a good gift to give the gamer in your life. They've started up their Box of Delights Christmas Special Offer deals over in their webshop for
West Wind Productions expands their Empire of the Dead range with some new Victorian Thugs miniatures. They could also be used for any sort of Dickensian, "A Christmas Carol" scenarios you might feel
West Wind Productions is showing off some new gangs for Empire of the Dead that will be available next year.SourceFrom the preview:Due out in the New Year, the Bedlam Brotherhood a new faction for Emp
West Wind Productions has released their models that were funded by their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter over in their webshop. If you missed out on their campaign, you can now pick them up.S
West Wind Productions added their new Steam Exoskeleton to their Empire of the Dead Kickstarter campaign.From the update:This is a white metal kit, the driver can be modeled with a variety of heads, w
West Wind Productions has more carriages that they're adding to their Empire of the Dead Kickstarter. Here's the Black Mariah.From the update:The Black Mariah clatters into town, you can use this supe
West Wind Productions gives us a preview of their upcoming Gentleman's Coach for Empire of the Dead with an update over on their Kickstarter page.From the preview:This is a quick look at our NEW Gentl
West Wind Productions keeps breaking through stretch goals and adding more to their Empire of the Dead campaign over on Kickstarter.From the update:Deathlocke Bones & the Bad DoctorThis is the concept
West Wind Productions put up a little video showing off some greens they're working on for Empire of the Dead's coaches and carriages.From the preview:First glimpse of the work in progress on our Vict
West Wind Productions has been doing rather well with their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter campaign, breaking through several stretch goals. Here's an update on the goings-on.From the update:
Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions has made it through another stretch goal on Kickstarter. They've passed 40k GBP and are headed ever higher.From the update:When Gretel became separated fr
Empire of the Dead will be getting their Requiem book, as the Kickstarter was funded pretty quickly. They're basically unlocking something a day. Here's a picture of the latest, the Vampire Bride.From
West Wind Productions has launched their Kickstarter for their Empire of the Dead expansion, Requiem. They've already made their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 39 more days.From the campaign:
Umpire of the Dead is a free-to-use campaign and faction program for West Wind Production's Empire of the Dead game.From the announcement:Just in time for Halloween, a free on-line Faction creation an
West Wind Productions posted a Quick Start Rules packet on WargameVault for their Empire of the Dead game. It's free-to-download, so why not get it?From the release:Welcome to the world of ‘Empire of
West Wind Productions put up some new Empire of the Dead artwork up in preview of their next set.From the update:Forthcoming concept art from our next set of releases for Empire of the Dead.
West Wind Productions has been posting up preview art for both Empire of the Dead and Secrets of the 3rd Reich.
Empire of the Dead posted up some new concept art for the British Empire Steam Suit. I can really see this guy sipping a cup of tea while in that thing, complaining about the "blasted heat of this blo
West Wind Productions gives us another piece of concept art for Empire of the Dead.From the preview:Red. There is a little of the wolf in all of us?
Anatoli's Game Room recently conducted an interview with Nigel Atkinson from West Wind Publications about Empire of the Dead. It's a good read and very thorough.From the interview:I’m very happy to ex
West Wind Productions is coming out with an expansion for Empire of the Dead: Gentlemen and Jackanapes. These characters give your faction many more tools with which to deal with your opponents... at