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Empire at War

The color yellow, at least in certain cultures, has often been associated with being cowardly. "What are ya, yellah?" is something you've possibly heard in some old western movie. But the yellow cards
When talking about the Star Wars universe, a thing that really sets it apart from some other sci-fi universes is the Force. It's the magical, mystical ... umm... force... caused by bacteria or somethi
You know, there's a big difference when previewing items. By that, I mean, if some company were to show you 1/10 of a new figure they were working on, you'd get, like, a kneecap or something. If someo
Grand Admiral Thrawn.Yeah, I just got a little giddy there, too. I might just have to build me a Star Wars: Destiny deck that has him as one of the characters. I'll be able to do so once Star Wars: De