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EMP Games

EMP Games starts off their Historicals line with new Australian infantry.


From the release:

The first two packs have been added to our Historical Collection.

We have started with the Australian Light Horse, the figures are in various poses including shooting and advancing on foot.

There are 5 figures per pack at £7.

We will have these figures at the Worlds Derby this weekend (4th-5th October).

You might also see some of the first mounted figures painted in the cabinet which will go on sale as soon as we receive them.

We have some separate plumes which can be used with these figures, though we will be doing some more dynamic figures with plumes attached.

Also work in progress with the sculptor at the moment are some Turks.

EMP Games has released two new floating heads over in their webshop.

Floating Heads


From the release:

Two new Floating Heads have been added to The Underworld range.
There is the new Monicle Head, this gruesome fellow keeps a beady eye on you.
We also have the Gloom Head, you would not want to meet him on a dark night, or in the day!
Both £8 each and they are supplied with a flying stand.

EMP Games has their new Battle Brothers minis available over in their webshop.

Battle Brothers pack B


From the release:

The Battle Brothers are finally here to aid there Sisters, though the nuns do seem like they have been taking care of themselves.

The Brothers are armed with an AK47 type weapon. Perfect for spraying bullets in all directions.

There are 2 packs of 3 figures @ £4.50 per pack.

All 6 figures are slightly different.

EMP Games has released their new Skawa models over in their webshop.


From the release:

Our latest release are the Skawa, a bunch of scavenger types perfect for Sci-fi or Post Apocalyptic games. Or any other games for that matter.
The Skawa make use off all things laying around and when not doing that take part in their favourite pastime, Santox Herding.
Packs of 4 figures are £5.50with the Santox at £8.
For those that want it all there is the Skawa Collection.

EMP Games has launched their own website. Go check out what they have to offer.

EMP Games


From them to you:

The EMP Games website is now live.
For those that don't know EMP games is the production/game development arm of Wargames Emporium. More content and figures to be added to the website soon soon.

We at EMP Games want to provide a whole host of eclectic miniatures to suit and fit a variety of games; from traditional historical through to sci-fi fantasy and anything in between.

Our current ranges are as followed:

Lost Horizon - Explorers, adventurers and what they discover.
Twisted Horizon - Demons and Horrors and the heroes that fight them.
Distant Horizon - Miniatures from the future, now.
The Underworld - Dungeon creatures and terrors from the crypt
Historical (TBC) - WWI, Western.
Command Horizon