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Elhiem Figures

Elhiem Figures will be stocking 20mm figures from Wartime Miniatures. From their announcement: Elhiem Figures is proud to announce that we will be carrying the 20mm ranges of Wartime Miniatures moder
Elhiem Figures have posted a series of photos of work-in-progress or finished 20mm modern figures. From their announcement 2003 British Army Minimi Gunners
Elhiem Figures have posted information about their upcoming 20mm Modern miniature releases. From their announcement: Elhiem Figures is very proud to announce they are now the Licenced Modern Figures
Ambush Alley Games have reached an agreement with Elhiem Figures to produce 20mm Force on Force figures. From their announcement: We hinted that we'd be making an important announcement at Historicon
CP Models have purchased the Series One range of miniatures from Elhiem Figures. From their announcement: I am pleased to announce that CP Models has bought the rights to Elheim series one & Lamerc
Elhiem Figures have posted details on their latest 20mm historical miniature releases. From their website: Lamercraft sets 21 on have been discontinued and may soon have a new home. Lamercraft sets
Elhiem Figures have released four new packs of 1:72nd figures. From their announcement: 4 new sets released today: TAL05 £3.45 Taliban Command and sentry's (in Iraq and Afghan section) IRI01 £2.76 I