Taban Miniatures posts up November releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures is showing off the latest releases for Eden this November.


From them to you:

5 new references for the skirmishes game Eden this month...

Askari Arkabut, a female mutant spider
Birgit, female convoy fighter
The Plague, a battle drug powered up slave for the Matriarchy
Mireling : body-builded re-sculpt for this Horde / Non player fighter creature
Chitinous hounds (2 packs) : that will allow any player to field 3 of these bests as roaming creatures


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Taban Miniatures' Eden september releases posted

Taban Miniatures is showing off their September releases over on their website for Eden.
Also, dice. Because we're gamers.


From the update:

6 new fighters for the Post apocalyptic skirmishes game Eden this month !

- Niklaus for the convoy (mounted version of the Indigogo campaign sculpt)
- Kelisha Bamaka shepherd
- Ken the ultimate mercenary survivor
- Tarik, Askari Janissaire
- Lloyd, esistance Assassin
- Black Kunoichi, re-sculpt by Gael Goumon

Beside, each faction gets a bunch of special dice, the survive the apocalypse with style ;-)

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Taban posts Eden gameplay video, reaches funding goal on Kickstarter

Taban is showing off a video showing the first bits of game play for Escape, their board game set in the world of Eden. They've also made it up and over their funding goal.

From the update:

Taban updated massively their Kickstarter homepage to add :
- a Youtube video presenting parts of the gameplay. http://bit.ly/16GliZE
- the next 3 stretch goals characters, Martin and the wormbot hadn't been shown yet.
- Also a summing up of who gets what depending on the pledge level.

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Escape, a board game in the Eden setting, up now on Kickstarter from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures launched their Eden Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Escape is a board game with miniatures tokens. Each player leading a group of fighters trying to fulfil their mission objectives before their opponent!
You will thrive in the narrow corridors of “NOE new world” arks. Depending on your faction you will play the Resistance rising to the surface at the cost of their lives, or will control the ISC drones protecting humanity from the surface horrors that occur on the desolate land of Eden...
Whichever camp you choose, the campaign will be tactical, fast and fierce!

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Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the Eden universe

Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the world of Eden. They'll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting in one week.

From the announcement:

On may the 20th Taban Miniatures is going to launch a KS campaign to finance a Boardgame called Escape.

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Taban Miniatures posts up their February releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures shows off their releases for this month for Eden.

From the announcement:

Here are our February releases for EDEN, the first wave of 2013!

Dunbar, mercenary
The Butcher, dominant for the hord
Carmin Onryo, assassin ISC drone
Almeh Askari, mutant female warrior
Sister Arya, new sculpt by Gael Goumon

Available for order on our online store

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Taban Miniatures releases special Discovery Packs for Eden

Taban Miniatures has new special Discovery Packs for their Eden minis game. They're also almost out of one of their limited edition models.

From the update:

Taban Miniatures proposes several discovery pack for the gamers who would like to try our skimishes game EDEN.
These packs come with 1 or 2 starter boxes and our luxury edition "Universe and Survival rules" harcover book

Note also that 1 month after the release of our new Faction, "The Askaris" there are only 140 starters left over the 500 inital batch !
These Annniversary starters include an exclusive minitaure, "the Escapee" (that can be used as a token for one of the game mission)

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New Eden faction coming the 05th of December

Taban Miniatures will be coming out with their new Eden faction... tomorrow!

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will release a new faction for the skirmishes game EDEN the 5th of December

The miniatures will be packed in a limited edition starter box, with an additional pewter model inside. (only the 500 first boxes will include this miniature)

We want to celebrate this way, our 3rd anniversary and the eight faction of the game !

More details on Taban Miniatures website.

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Final week for Eden on Indiegogo

Eden is coming to the end of their already-rather-successful run on Indiegogo. Just under a week to go to get in on the action.

From the campaign:

Less than 7 days before the end of Eden The Game Inidegogo Campaign !
We add some perks with only goodies if you prefer ;)

You will receive your command BEFORE christmas so dont hesitate ! ;)

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New stretch goals for Eden on Indiegogo

Eden is still going strong over on Indiegogo and has some new stretch goals to reach for.

From the update:

New stretch goal with a seventh goodie !

If we reach 20000€ we will sculpt and cast "Nick" (a new Convoy fighter.), based on the original artwork below (design by Stéphane Louis)

Rick will be included in all the aftermath and limited amount perks and can be picked as one of the goodies in the "Apocalypse Now" and "Knight of the Apocalypse"

Nick's game profile will be available in 2013 with a different sculpt of the character: thus you Indiegogo version will be truly unique... and limited !

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Eden passes halfway point (time-wise) on Indiegogo. Posts more photos of perks

Eden has plenty of time left to raise funds over on Indiegogo. They've posted up what contributors are getting so far. Will they be adding more to the pile?

From the update:

Half of the time has passed and we are 280% funded ...
A huge thanks to all the contributors !

Our second special edition Askari warrior is ready to cast :

here is a view of the 5 goodies that were unlocked by your contributions....
Part ,or all of them, will be available to contributors depending on their perk level

Not to forget that all the contributors will also get a special indiegogo campaign miniature (the master is almost done !), and that a sixth goodie "Panthera" is almost unlocked !

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Eden posts up finished Askari mini on Indiegogo

Eden is working towards making double their hoped-for goal on Indiegogo. To help out, they've posted a photo of some finished and painted Askari models.

From the update:

We have finished to sculpt the first unlocked Askari fighter !
This picture shows both indiegogo exclusive goodie version (on the left) and the regular starter box version that will be released mid-december

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Eden passes another stretch goal on Indiegogo, unlocks Last Stand

Eden, from Taban Miniatures, has passed by another stretch goal over on Indiegogo and has unlocked the Last Stand terrain piece.

From the update:

Congratulations survivor, with your friends you managed to survive your first night out of the vault !

This trial has unlocked a new goodie : "The last Stand".

A new resin scenery element, limited to this Indiegogo campaign !
One of the new features of "EDEN, universe and Survival rules" will developp further the use of seneries and landscape elements as optional rules : you will be able to hide, get cover, climb, set in flames, explode, jump over them etc...

But beware, some of them can be radioactive or even be the den of some fierce creatures !

Don't think that the world of eden is an empty place, with scare bands of survivors.

Many creatures survived and evolved at the surface while the human kind waited underneath...
Some of them now help your fighters as minions or tamed warbeasts, but most of them roam the battlefield and will attack both sides.

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Eden makes it to their funding goal (and then some) on Indiegogo

Taban Miniatures has made it to their Indiegogo goal with still a lot of time left on the clock.

From the update:

Thanks a lot, we made it !

Your massive support allows us to press on the "print" button, Santa is coming to Town soon !

Mohand has started to sculpt the Indiegogo exclusive miniature.
and ALL the contributors will recieve a resin copy

original concept art designed by Bertrand Benoit :
For the unlocked goodies :

an Askari female Warrior (concept also by Bertrand Benoit) that will also differ from the final starter version : both head and arms will be specific to this Indiegogo project...
and a second scenery element "The Wild", sculpted by Remi Bostal

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Taban Miniatures updates Eden Indiegogo campaign with first stretch goal

Taban Miniatures gives us a look at what they've got in store for their Eden campaign when it makes it to the stretch goals.

From the update:

The vault safe is open and the wasteland lays beyond !
So, what was the content of this first strech goal ? One goodie ?

NO Survivors .... A DOUBLE goodie and a bonus !

You have unlocked :

a great resin scenery element " The Wall", sculpted by Remi Bostal, that will only be available on this Indiegogo !
a resin cast of a fighter from our upcoming EDEN faction, the ASKARIS
Although the miniature is scheduled in the December starter Box, this version will get a set of arms, weapon and head exclusively sculpted for indiegogo !
a Bonus Voucher, that will grant all the contributors of perks "Survivor" and above, a 15% discount on Taban Miniatures webshop ! A great oportunity for those who will get into our game and follow the waves of releases

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Eden - Universe & Survival Rules campaign on Indiegogo

Eden started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new rulebook that's chock-a-block full of background fluff on the universe the game takes place in.

From the campaign:

For 3 years now, the post apocalyptic skirmishes game "Eden" has been played by hundreds of enthusiasts gamers.

From the feedbacks we have got since the beginning, we can proudly say that this tactical, fast and easy gaming system is one of the best skirmishes game around...

However one problem remained : so far we hadn't found the time to gather and formalize the background elements.

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