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Eastern Front Studios

Eastern Front Studios started up a Kickstarter in order to bring Project H.O.P.E. to an English-speaking audience.From the campaign:Another Kickstarter project by Eastern Front Studios after the succe
Eastern Front crossed over $8k over on their Kickstarter and have released two more models, and they're big ones.From the update:Every backer pledged over $95 will get a free dwarf bear calvary and a
Eastern Front Studios made it up and over $5k over on their Kickstarter, so that means more Dwarven Gladiatorial goodness for everyone.From the update:The 5k goal was attained and the next stretching
Eastern Front Studios reached their $4k stretch goal over on Kickstarter for their Dwarf Gladiators set. They've still got 12 days left. Let's see if they can make it to more goals.From the update:the
Eastern Front Studios shows off another stretch goal for their Dwarf Gladiators Kickstarter project.From the update:Eastern Front's kickstarter has reveal more Parthian Corrupted Dwarf as stretch goal
Eastern Front Studios made it past $3k and has unlocked another gladiator dwarf: the gliadiatrix.From the announcement:Our Kickstarter project is going on and the 3k Stretching Goal is attained yet! A
Eastern Front Studios gives us a sneak peek of a new green up on their Facebook page.
Eastern Front Studios shows off the stats and abilities for their Soul Wraith.I'd usually insert a little blurb here... but there wasn't any! The wraith got it! Run in terror!