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Eastern Front Studios

Eastern Front Studios started up a Kickstarter in order to bring Project H.O.P.E. to an English-speaking audience.

From the campaign:

Another Kickstarter project by Eastern Front Studios after the successfully project of Dwarf Gladiator series. We opened this Kickstarter project in order to publish the English edition of the Project H.O.P.E. rpg manual, based on superheroes on WWII. In PH you'll be a superhero fighting against Nazi superhumans in a grim and dark Second World War.
Project H.O.P.E. was originally published in Italy in 2008, and what we are funding here is the English translation of the second edition of the game (published in Italy in 2011) and the dedicated line of miniatures. Here you can see two squads that will be released and the cover of the GM Screen

Eastern Front crossed over $8k over on their Kickstarter and have released two more models, and they're big ones.

From the update:

Every backer pledged over $95 will get a free dwarf bear calvary and a chaos dwarf bull rider! In addition all model will have the option to be made in metal since we've reached $8.5k.

Eastern Front Studios made it up and over $5k over on their Kickstarter, so that means more Dwarven Gladiatorial goodness for everyone.

From the update:

The 5k goal was attained and the next stretching goal is close! We have also added new concepts for the Golem Gladiator and the Chimera. the Chimera will be available for free for the $95 and up pledgers. Also, $125 and $140 pledgers will have the Concubine miniature for free.

Eastern Front Studios reached their $4k stretch goal over on Kickstarter for their Dwarf Gladiators set. They've still got 12 days left. Let's see if they can make it to more goals.

From the update:

the Dwarf Gladiators Kickstarter reached the 4k goal and is running to the 5k. Two new miniatures are available: Hoplomachus and Crupellarius. Also the Stretching Goals levels were lowered so it's now easier to achieve bonus miniatures.

Eastern Front Studios shows off another stretch goal for their Dwarf Gladiators Kickstarter project.

From the update:

Eastern Front's kickstarter has reveal more Parthian Corrupted Dwarf as stretch goals of their kickstarter project.

Check out their awesome miniatures.

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Eastern Front Studios made it past $3k and has unlocked another gladiator dwarf: the gliadiatrix.

From the announcement:

Our Kickstarter project is going on and the 3k Stretching Goal is attained yet! Another fine miniature will be on the workbench, the Gladiatrix. Also this figure will come with different heads, hands and weapons. More miniatures will be released for the next Stretching Goals: the Hoplomachus and the Crupellarius will be the firsts.

Eastern Front Studios gives us a sneak peek of a new green up on their Facebook page.

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Eastern Front Studios shows off the stats and abilities for their Soul Wraith.

I'd usually insert a little blurb here... but there wasn't any! The wraith got it! Run in terror! Discuss 1