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I like efficiency. I try and plan for where I'm going and what I'll need along the way to maximize my trips, for example, even if I'm just going from one room to another. I try and finish one project before moving on to the next. Being efficient saves time and resources. And being super-efficient with your time and resources is what you're trying to do in Kanban EV where players take on the role of supervisors at an electric car factory. The new edition by Eagle-Gryphon Games is up on Kickstarter now.

Mars, the next big frontier for humankind. In the not-too-distant future, the United Nations will establish a colony. From there, private enterprises will look to do the same, branching off from the original one. That's where you find yourself in On Mars, a new board game from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Complete missions for the United Nations as well as your own, secret agenda, and create the greatest colony on the red planet. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Eagle-Gryphon Games is looking to bring you something better, something nicer, something deluxe. Many of you have played Age of Steam, the classic railroad-building game. Well, there's a new Deluxe Edition up on Kickstarter that gives you things like 6 maps, revamped artwork all around, a heavy-duty box made to carry everything for the game, a new box insert, and more.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new English version of Tom Lehmann's The City. But more than just a translation, it's also got updated art and pieces, plus a new expansion. Have yourself a look (listening to The Eagles at the same time is optional).

Railways of Portugal is a new expansion for Railways of the World. Head to the westernmost European country and add your own mark to the Iberian penninsula. The game is up on Kickstarter now and already more than 2x funded.

We're going forward into the future to go retro into the past. Eagle-Grhyphon Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Football Highlights 2052, their new fantasy sports football card game. Grab that pigskin and hit the gridiron. Hut, Hut, Omaha, Hike!

Everybody wants to rule the world.

80s music taught us that. But actually getting to ruling the world's not so easy. You've got to set up your hidden base. You've got to hire henchmen. You've got to come up with your plan for world conquest. There's a lot going on. And that's what you'll be doing in Infamous, a new card game from Eagle-Gryphon Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

Saturdaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! All the woo! Continuous woo!
And, as I'm sure many of you are well-aware, it's the last Saturday before Gen Con. So get in all the prep you can now before heading out for the show this week.
Me? I'm playing some D&D. But I've planned ahead and scheduled these reviews for you that I know you so desperately desire.

Today we have: The Edge: Downfall, Rise of Tribes: Deluxe Edition, Expancity, War of the Cross, Moonshiners of the Apocalypse, But Wait There's Even More, Valhal, Dino Party, Scythe: The Rise of Fenris, TopSpin, Rival Realms, Carthago, Ninja Taisen, Battlegroup Torch, The Edge: Downfall, Everdell, Sunset Over Water, Dale of Merchants, and Pulsar 2849.

Seafood. Some people love it. Others not so much. But either way, it's big business. There's money to be made out there, collecting the bounty of the ocean. Fleets of ships head out, cast their next and bring home the catch. And that's just what you'll be doing in Fleet: The Dice Game, a new game from Eagle-Gryphon Games that's up on Kickstarter now.
Helloooooooo, Saturday. You know you're my favorite. I hope the other days of the week get jealous, but you're just so great. Time to put on some appropriate music and relax... and probably play some games, too. I plan on doing that as well. But, before I go do that, I gotta make sure the people get the gaming reviews I know they so desperately desire.

This week, we have: Go Nuts for Donuts, Loot N Shoot, London, Centipede, Stellium, DropMix, Cursed Court, Einstein, Peptide, Empires: Age of Discovery, Test of Honour Ronin, Photosynthesis, and Fast Forward series (Fear, Fortress, Flee).

I dunno. Me being me, all I can think of is "The Scarlet p-p-Pumpernickel." Because I watched a lot of cartoons growing up. Of course, that character was based on the Scarlet Pimpernel, of which you can now bring that swashbuckling action to your tabletop in Eagle-Gryphon Game's, The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition, which is up on Kickstarter now.
No, they're not dice that are something like 15' on each size. That'd be pretty awesome (though probably not very practical for your games), but Titan Dice is a new dice game from Eagle-Gryphon Games. In the game, vicious mythic creatures have escaped and it's up to you to capture them. They're fierce, though, and don't exactly want to go back into captivity. So you'll have to watch out or be knocked out for the round to go heal your wounds. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Eagle-Gryphon Games is taking players back to the fantastic world of Fantastiqa. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new expansion for the game. This one is called Rival Realms. In it, two magicians have been teleported to the realm. They will compete against one-another to summon locations and then complete quests there.
Ah, Saturday. And it's Games Day at the Milton Library. So, of course, that means it's raining. Funny how that seems to be happening. 3rd weekend of the month, we've got some rain. But, seeing as I like rain, it's all good. Rain and gaming. Seems great. Anyway, we've got our reviews for you here. Let's get to them so I can go back to gaming.

Today we have: Airecon 4, Faith: A Garden in Hell, Original Laser Design Dark Age MDF Buildings, Banzai, Battles in the Age of War, Killer Katanas II, Mystic Miracles iOS, Incorporated, Grand Prix, Deep Sea Adventure, Ethnos, This Belongs in a Museum, Galactic Rebellion, and BrilliAnts.

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Atlanta. The sun's shining. It's warm outside.
... Sounds like a perfect time to go to the LGS and stay inside, playing games all day! :D
And to those dealing with ice up in the midwest, best to stay inside and play some games all day.
Long story short, it's a good day to play some games. But what games? Well, you could check out these reviews and pick from there.

Today we have: Ulm, Orcs Must Die, Titan Race, Tavern's Tales, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Doom, Flash Point: Extreme Danger, Praetor, The Daedalus Sentence, Twilight Struggle- Digital Version, Imhotep, Forged in Steel, Mi Tierra, Saloon Tycoon, Legendary Inventors, Flammer Rouge, Watch Your Mouth, Draconis Invasion, Ice Cool, Celestia, The Foreign King, Sub Terra, Wasteland Justice, Takenoko, and Drinking Quest Journey Into Draught.

In the days of Ancient Rome, spectators would flock to the Circus Maximus in order to witness chariot races. Basically, it was the NASCAR of the day. You went fast. You turned left. And you could get rich doing it, too. One of history's wealthiest athletes was a charioteer. Soon, you'll be able to get a cut of that for yourself. That is, if you're fast enough. Eagle Gryphon Games has launched a Kickstarter campaignf or Chariot Race.
Hey there, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. Mine's not the greatest, as I'm driving back from visiting my parents. Not that visiting my parents is bad. But the 8.5 hour drive back home is. Buh. No fun at all. But at least once I'm back home I'll be able to get back into the groove of some gaming.

In the meantime, let's get you some gaming reviews.

Today we have: VS 2PCG A-Force Expansion, Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal, Shattered Void, Wake Up Cthulhu, Oh My Gods, Scape, Legendary Dice Throwers, Blood & Fortune, Histrio, Mistborn: House War, Celestia, and Morocco.

Saturday of a long weekend, too. All. The. Bonus!

But that doesn't mean I'm going to shirk my duties. You want your review articles, and I'm here to give them to you.

So I present to you: Who Knew, Everdawn, Flick 'Em Up, Night of Man, Ra, Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, Tyrants of the Underdark, VIII Corps: The Somme 1916, Wombat Rescue, Nefarious, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time, Dungeon Time, Bear Valley, and Millennium Blades.

Eagle-Gryphon Games is doing a double over on Kickstarter, running a campaign for two games at once. There's SiXeS and Elevenses for One, great for whether you're involved with a whole group of people or just enjoying a game by yourself.
Aaaaaah... Saturday.
What a glorious day. What cannot be achieved on such a day as Saturday?
Well, I know I can be working on various articles for the site. Hopefully you're getting in some gaming, like I am, too.

At the moment, though, we've got ourselves the Review Roundup.

In today's feature we have: Vikings Gone Wild, Blood Rage: Mystics of Midgard Expansion, Codinca, Blood Rage: Gods of Asgard Expansion, Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans Expansion, King's Forge: Queen's Jubilee Expansion, Talon, 13 Days, 51st State, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, One Night Ultimate Vampire, Area 1851, Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up, No Thank You Evil, Valeria Card Kingdoms, Legends of the American Frontier, Jail Break, Adventure Land, Anachrony, Android: Mainframe, Shogunate, T.I.M.E Stories: Under the Mask, Aya, Porta Nigra, The Gallerist, Doctor Panic, and Knit Wit.

Get on there, little dogie! Hup! Hup!
Hey there, pardners, it's time once more for a Review Roundup.
So let's get this rodeo on the road!

Today we have: Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, Mage Knight, Lil' Cthulhu, Fleet Wharfside, Patchwork App, Techno Bowl, Rubicon's Opel Blitz, Arena Rex, Black Hat, Captain's Wager, T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons, Quadropolis, Orphan Black, City of Spies, and Empires: Age of Discovery.

I've mentioned a couple times recently about being a teetotaler. However, while that means I may not actually drink, it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a good game based on some sort of spirit. Such would be the case with Vinhos Deluxe, which is up on Kickstarter now, looking for some funding love. Do you have what it takes to be the best wine maker in all of Portugal?
Well... it was worth the wait. We find ourselves once more in Saturday.

Anyway, let's get to the various review articles we've bee coming across recently. I present to you the Review Roundup.

This week we have articles on: Dark Stories, Hunt: The Unknown Quarry, Hengist, Mystery! Motive for Murder, Porta Nigra, A Study in Emerald, One Night Revolution, Bountytown, Zombie Tower 3D, Fall of Magic, Terrakami Games MagLev Train MkII, Seven7s Card Game, Warfighter, and Phantom Fury.

Aaaaaall aboard! *train whistle blows*
The train is leaving the station, and you want to be on it when it goes. Granted, if the railroad doesn't go exactly where you want it to, you can always just buy a railroad and make it go where you want it to. And as a businessman or businesswoman, you'll want to invest in new technology, and even potentially your competitors, if it'll give you an advantage. That's the idea behind Continental Divide, a new board game from Eagle Gryphon Games up on Kickstarter now.
Hey everyone. I hope those of you that celebrated it had a good Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you had a kick-ass Friday. As for today, I hope you're having a great Feast of St. Stephen. Or, again, if you don't celebrate such, I hope you're having a kick-ass Saturday.
Being Saturday, it's time to get you some reviews.

Today's offerings include: Food Chain Magnate, Fleet Wharfside, Tumult Royal, Tail Feathers, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, New York 1901, Mission: Red Planet, Orleans, Flick 'em Up, The Bloody Inn, Tide of Iron: Stalingrad, VS System 2PCG, and Le Havre - The Inland Port.