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Dust Warfare

Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.
And now you can read about some more Dust goodness in the 7th issue of Dust Monthly.
Dust Monthly is the new name for Dust Chronicles, just so you know.
As promised last week, Dust Studio has given us an update about the situation with Battlefront and the shipping of the Wave 2 models from their Operation Babylon Kickstarter. Good news, everybody! It looks like people will be getting their alternate-history figures after all (more than likely). Apparently payments and shipping instructions are being exchanged and shipping should begin within a week of that exchange being made. You can read the letter from Dust Studio below the cut.
Dust Chronicles has their second issue now available for your downloading and reading enjoyment. It's free, so you should go ahead and check it out. Inside, there's rules for air combat in the world of Dust, a look at the UK Dust Knights, and instructions on how to make a Laser Flak-Vierling... I don't know what that last one actually is, but it sounds cool. Anyway, the issue is available now.

From the announcement:
Dust Studio keeps rolling with the world of Dust. They give us an update about what they've got in store for the future. First off, they hope to make the Blutkreuz an independent faction, able to play just on their own. They're also working on coming up with models for the Pacific Theater. That's a very major part of the whole WWII experience and they hope to have models representing the forces that fought there soon.

From the update:
Dust Devils will be holding the 2014 North American Dust Championships at GenCon in just a couple months.



From the announcement:

Prove your skills for the title of North American Dust Champion in this exciting tournament! Prizes for the top tier as well as participation prizes will be awarded. You must bring a tournament legal, (100 point Tactics, 300 point Warfare) army and two copies of a written or printed army list to compete. The tournament will consist of multiple Swiss-paired rounds, cutting to single elimination final rounds (the number of rounds depending on attendance), with one player claiming the title of 2014 North American Dust Champion. Have your army list ready at registration to be inspected by our TOs for tournament legality. Good luck in the tournament!

Unit Forward will be holding the Dust Warfare UK Open on June 1st in Birmingham.


From the announcement:

The Dust Warfare UK Open 2014, presented by Unit Forward, will take place at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, England, on June 1st, 2014.

The event will be a laid-back, but focused tournament over four rounds of Weird World War 2 combat, and will be the largest Dust Warfare tournament held in the UK so far.

More details on the event will be available soon, and the tournament is already listed on the UK Games Expo website

Dust World Expo is just a couple months away. While there, they'll be holding the Dust World Championships. Who will reign supreme?


From the announcement:

World Championship Tournaments for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare are scheduled to be held Dust World Expo 2014. Sponsored by Dust Studios, Battlefront, and Dust Devils International, these tournaments will be held March 15 & 16, 2014 at the Commemorative Airforce Airbase Arizona. The Dust World Championship Tournaments will be supplemented by a storyline tournament (Operation Mambo) and a new player introduction tournament, open play, demos, learn how to play with Olivier Zamfirescu, a modeling competition, Dust Cosplayers, and much, much more. The modeling competition will include categories from the World of Dust and historical World War II. Special guests include Dust creator Paolo Parente and Dust Tactics Designer Olivier Zamfirescu.

Dust Chronicles has a new lineup behind the pages for their magazine. They've also got a whole new magazine coming later this week, too.


From the announcement:

Dust Warfare and Tactics lovers, Attention!
Dust Chronicles has a new crew in the turret and is targeting release of the newest issue for Christmas Eve, 2013. Not only will a new issue of Dust Chronicles be available, but a new sister publication, Dust Hintergrund will also premiere.
As Battlefront drives Dust into 2014, Chronicles has undergone an upgrade and has new camouflage. Player driven content, international submissions and news directly from Paolo Parente and Battlefront are in the mix.
Hintergrund, which is German for background, takes a more in-depth look at player-developed histories, art and writing in the world of Dust.
Check it out at Available Tuesday, 24 Dec.

Battlefront has launched the Dust website. Now you can get all your Dust news in one, dedicated spot.


From the launch:

We're very pleased to announce our new DUST website is now live. We plan to grow the site as we go. Make sure you check back from time to time to see the changes. With the new website, we are also launching a forum for players to come together and talk anything and everything DUST.

Dust Chronicles has posted issue 8 of their magazine up online for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

The October issue of Dust chronicles is now available for free download and as always the magazine is packed with articles for both Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare.

Dust-Devils has created rules for several models from the Dust line that hadn't had stats before and have posted up the stat cards on their website.


From the update:

Over the years there have been many exciting releases from Dust-Models that never got official rules for use in Dust warfare. These models are known as the D-48 range and finally the wait is over with the release of the first Dust Warfare Appendix: D-48 Units.

On you will find card images for units from the D-48 range like the Barking Dog and Otto. Detailed rules and platoon dispatch information for each unit can be found in the Dust Warfare Appendix: Volume I.

If this release proves popular then more models will have their rules released in the form of a future volume of the Dust warfare Appendix. Let us know if you want more models from the D-48 Units to be given Dust Warfare rules on our Forum.

Dust Day is happening next month in Bologna. Will you be going?
*shifty eyes*
M,m,m, my bologna.

From the announcement:

The first Dust Day will take place in Bologna on September the 7th. Tournament, demo and the opportunity to meet Paolo Parente.

Have fun, have dust!

Battlefront lets us know about the future of the world of Dust.
Note: the link still directs to the Gale Force 9 website.

From the announcement:

It has been an exceptionally busy year at Battlefront, as work continues with Flames Of War, Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery and the newly released Firefly: The Boardgame. We are now proud to direct our passion and excitement towards the Dust universe. We are expanding our staff and setting up a dedicated Battlefront Dust Studio. Their focus will be on building and supporting the Dust community through a dedicated Dust website to be launched in the near future.

Recently at GenCon we previewed Dust Tactics Wave 8 and were excited by the community’s enthusiasm. These releases will be hitting the shelves shortly and whilst the supply chain has changed, they will still be at your favourite gaming stores. We have a plan to follow-up these releases with a series of army deals to make it easy to join the fight!

Finally, the future of Dust is not just about Tactics. We love big games, with big armies, and big tables, so Dust Warfare is firmly in our sights too with lots more in the pipeline!

The dust will settle soon!

John-Paul Brisigotti, Peter Simunovich and the Battlefront Dust Studio team

Dust Chronicles has the August issue of their fan-made magazine available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

In this issue:

Dust Chronicles has turned one year old.
The birthday issue of Dust Chronicles is now available and can be downloaded for free from the website. As always the magazine is packed full with articles covering all things Dust Warfare and Tactics.

Dust Chronicles now has Issue #6 available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

From them to you:

The latest issue of Dust Chronicles is now available for free download. As always the magazine covers everything Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare related.

Battlefront is taking over all things Dust from Fantasy Flight Games and is looking to add another person to their team to head up the project.

From the announcement:

Battlefront Miniatures is taking over the distribution and marketing of the world of DUST. We need a talented individual to join the Battlefront Design Studio (in Auckland, New Zealand) and take care of all things DUST related.

Fantasy Flight Games has a few more releases for Dust Warfare and Tactics before they pass it along to Battlefront. Here's their most recent.

From the announcement:

As the war continues in Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare, each faction races to gain the edge with the latest weapons and tactics. Today, the SSU and the Allies can each add two new units to their arsenals; the P-48 Pelican, Allied Heavy Support Walker, BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform, and SSU Heavy Weapons Teams are all on sale at your local retailer and through our webstore!

Dust Devils International will be taking over all organized play responsibilities for the world of Dust.

From the announcement:

Dust Devils International (DDI) named managing body of the Dust World Coalition (DWC), the next generation play association for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. This announcement follows the truly epic news of Dust Studio joining forces with Battlefront, a partnership that brings together the best in DieselPunk WWII and Historical WWII miniatures gaming. Groundbreaking in its "grass roots" fan-organized structure, DDI brings a variety of innovative new elements to the DWC, significantly enhancing what has traditionally been referred to as "Organized Play".

Battlefront will now be your place to get Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare.

From the announcement:

Dust Studio today announced that Battlefront Miniatures will become its publishing and distribution partner for the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare miniatures game lines. Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Studio’s current publishing partner for those games, will transition sales and marketing activity to Battlefront Miniatures on June 1st, 2013.

“Dust has had a wonderful few years, during which we have seen the game’s community grow exponentially,” said Dust creator Paolo Parente. “Both Dust Studio and Fantasy Flight Games have evolved
significantly during our relationship, and we now mutually feel that we are both better served by moving in new directions. Christian (CEO of Fantasy Flight Games) and I have known each other for many years, and I can say that this decision is a truly amicable one.” gives you Dust players some new options for dice with the release of their custom faction dice.

From the release:

You can now purchase Custom Dust Dice from our site.

Dice are high quality with fully engraved hit symbols. They are available in all 3 faction SSU, Allied, and Axis. SSU dice have a nice yellow hammer and sickle hit symbol on a hot lava six side die. Allied dice sport the star and circle on green cameo. Lastly Axis has a black gross on white stone design. These dice play nice and are class above regular board game dices you get with the core set and seen on kickstarter. Dice are in hand and ready to ship so place your order now while the military depot still has them in stock!

Fantasy Flight Games has put their Campaign Icarus book up on Wargame Vault (and a couple other places) so you can download yourself a copy if you so desire.

From the announcement:

With stats for recent Allied, Axis, and SSU miniatures, Campaign Book: Icarus’ 48 pages are jam-packed with useful content. The softcover supplement presents details on Zverograd’s crucial airfields, and it features rules for the fearsome new superzombies called Ubertoten, never-before-seen special abilities, and much more.

Fantasy Flight Games has three new releases available for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare over on their website. They're the USMC Heavy Weapon Crews and two Ubertoten squads: Suicide Squad and Assault Squad.

From the release:

Three new units are now available for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

The game’s most recent campaign expansion, Operation “Icarus,” has drawn Axis and Allied forces into new heated conflicts as they battle for control of Zverograd’s airfield and the air superiority to which it may lead. Though the Axis forces holding the airfield were initially able to hunker down in their Quonset Huts, desperate and determined strikes by the Allies eventually wore through the Axis defenses, and the Allies seized command of key locations along the edges of the airfield. Now, with the SSU’s forces pressing in around them, neither side can afford to waste any time, and both send in new troops, hoping to strike the decisive blow.

Turn the tide of battle with the Allied USMC Heavy Weapons Teams, Axis Übertoten Suicide Squad, and Axis Übertoten Assault Squad!

Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look inside the new campaign book for Dust Warfare. Icarus is coming (hope he doesn't fly too close to the sun).

From the preview:

With the approaching release of Campaign Book: Icarus, the next supplement for Dust Warfare, we’re pleased to offer a preview by guest writer Levi Hill. In addition to having written content for Campaign Book: Icarus, Levi helps to run, a Dust Warfare fan site. Thanks, Levi!

Southwest Dust Day is tomorrow and Saturday. Will you be there?

From the announcement:

Final reminder to fans of Paolo Parente's Dust, that this weekend is Southwest Dust Day 2013. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to visit with the creator of Dust. That's right, Paolo Parente himself is the Guest of Honor. Several other Dust Dignitaries will join us via Skype, including Olivier Zamfirescu, Andy Chambers, and Mack Martin. Friday night is Free Play and meet and greet Paolo Parente. Saturday is a full day of Tournament Action with simultaneous Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare Tournaments. Never played before - want to learn - we'll also be running Dust Demos all day Saturday. Not into the game, but love the world? Then join us for our amazing Dust Cosplayers. A miniatures painting competition, freebies, prizes, charity raffles (including a painted army by Viet Nguyen), and a whole lot of trash talkin' round out the event. Be there or be jealous!

Litko wants you to know that if you play either of the Dust systems from Fantasy Flight Games, they've got the tokens you need with their new token packs.

From the announcement:

LITKO now has two token upgrade packs compatible with the Dust system, published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Designed for use with the Dust Warfare miniature game rules by Dust Studios and published by Fantasy Flight Games. LITKO Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Dust Studios or Fantasy Flight Games, and they do not endorse this product.