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Dust Studio

With the strong, desert winds, Las Vegas can be a rather dusty place. Well, next week at the GAMA Trade Show, it's going to be just a little bit more dusty. That's because Dust is going to be there, partnered up with Ninja Division. This is the start of a new beginning for the world of Dust.
We all know the... things that've been going on with Dust Studio and Battlefront over the past year. Rehashing it all here isn't really important. What is important here and now is that Dust Studio will be part of the CMON booth at Gen Con in a week and Paolo Parente will be on-site to tell you all you'd want to know about Dust Tactics.
As promised last week, Dust Studio has given us an update about the situation with Battlefront and the shipping of the Wave 2 models from their Operation Babylon Kickstarter. Good news, everybody! It looks like people will be getting their alternate-history figures after all (more than likely). Apparently payments and shipping instructions are being exchanged and shipping should begin within a week of that exchange being made. You can read the letter from Dust Studio below the cut.
Paolo Parente has posted an update about the Wave 2 shipping of items from the Operation Babylon Kickstarter campaign. Spoiler alert: The news isn't very good. The relationship between Dust Studios and Battlefront is officially ended. Dust Studios is asking backers of the Kickstarter campaign to call their credit card company and ask for a refund. They will also have a further update about the project and shipping out product that has been produced next week on the 17th. You can check out the full letter from Mr. Parente below the cut.
Dust Chronicles has their second issue now available for your downloading and reading enjoyment. It's free, so you should go ahead and check it out. Inside, there's rules for air combat in the world of Dust, a look at the UK Dust Knights, and instructions on how to make a Laser Flak-Vierling... I don't know what that last one actually is, but it sounds cool. Anyway, the issue is available now.

From the announcement:
Dust Studio keeps rolling with the world of Dust. They give us an update about what they've got in store for the future. First off, they hope to make the Blutkreuz an independent faction, able to play just on their own. They're also working on coming up with models for the Pacific Theater. That's a very major part of the whole WWII experience and they hope to have models representing the forces that fought there soon.

From the update:
Dust may be following in the footsteps of other popular games and graphic novels and be headed to the big screen soon. Lionsgate is looking to adapt the setting for the big screen.
Nice to hear news from Dust that's not involving Battlefront for a change.

From the announcement:
Battlefront has posted an updated addressing Dust Studio CEO William Yau's statement on the Operation Babylon Kickstarter.
It was very disappointing to hear, via a recent Facebook message from Dust Studio CEO William Yau, that mediation has been rejected out of hand. To clarify, we have never had any independent third-party mediator try to help us resolve this dispute. The three times we have offered it has been rejected outright. As English is not the first language of several people involved, it’s understandable that the terminology has been a little blurred. But, while there have been attempts at negotiation, nothing resembling external mediation that has taken place.

Regular readers may be aware of the continuing saga around the Dust Tactics Operation Babylon Kickstarter - (you can catch up here).  What little glimmer of hope there was of resolving the matter amicably appears to have evaporated with this recent post by Dust Studio claiming legal action has commenced.
Dust Studio and Battlefront are having issues with the release of Project Babylon, the next expansion for the popular alternate-history Dust game. We've recently heard from Battlefront, and have been in contact with Dust Studio. Here's the latest reply, straight from Mr. Paolo Parente.

The situation between Dust Studio and Battlefront continues on. TGN reached out to both sides for comment last week, but due to legal reasons, neither were able to say more at the time.
We just received a comment from Battlefront via James Brown, their web administrator.
He lays out a bit more about what was going on behind-the-scenes as to what Battlefront has paid for and what production is moving forward in terms of Operation Babylon.

Is Battlefront refusing to pay for the remaining Kickstarter rewards for Operation Babylon?

Dust Tactics is a Weird War II game set in an alternative super science version of World War II, created by Dust Studio - of which Paolo Parente is one of the principals.

In 2013, Fantasy Flight Games dropped publishing and distribution of Dust Tactics, and Battlefront (of Flames of War fame) took over.  Battlefront, in cooperation with Dust Studios then launched a Kickstarter in 2014 for a new expansion, entitled Operation Babylon, which ended up raising close to $470,000.  It now seems the future of the project is in doubt.

Update: Paolo is asking for Kickstarter backers to send him their Kickstarter invoice. Details below.

Dust Studio is in their final 24 hours for Dust: Operation Babylon up on Kickstarter. They've made it through a lot of stretch goals, but there's always more to pass as well.


From the campaign:

After going back and forth we have managed to secure some very special models for the final stretch goal of the project. The cards for these models will go up tomorrow morning but we did not want to go home tonight without showing you just how cool they are.

Thank you for all your support over the past month and as we near the final day of the project we are seeing more and more new players jump on board to join in the fun. If you have anybody left to tell give them one last shout out as there will never be a better time to get into DUST.

Dust Studio is running special army bundle deals over on their Kickstarter page.



From the announcement:

Many of you have asked for an easy way to just get everything for a single faction so here is the complete add-on package that when combined with an army deal leaves nothing out.

Because the list of add-on units varies for each faction there are three different deals for both primed and premium. Given we are soon to unlock the free body/legs add-on I have also included the fourth body so every pair of arms you have coming can be fielded as a stand alone unit.

All you have to do is up your pledge by the Special Bundle Price shown for either primed or premium and at the pledge manager stage tick the all-in option for your faction. These deals have some extra discount in them and as such they are fixed, just like the army deals, and cannot be split up. You can of course still add other items to your list.

Dust Studio is in their final week for Dust: Operation Babylon Kickstarter campaign. They've made 6x more than their goal, so check out what all is going on with the campaign.


From the campaign:

We are down to the final week and the rollercoaster ride continues. Our first Kickstarter campaign has been a wonderful experience. The huge variety of models for Operation Babylon has made the project a monster - especially as they are all available either in the standard pre-assembled, pre-primed form, or as expertly painted Premium Edition models! As we head into our final weekend a brand new faction, Mercenaries, is about to appear on the scene. And with several new free unlocks imminent there has never been a better time to get into Dust.

At the main 'Troop Leader' army-deal pledge level, backers are already receiving double the value of their pledge. And over the final days there will be even more added value thrown into the mix. Come and check us out and see what all the excite is about as DUST will change how you think a tabletop miniature game should be as it comes primed and assembled ready to play right out of the box.

Dust Studio is showing off their new Allied Starter Set for Dust Tactics.


From the preview:

Here is the first look at the Allied Dust Starter Set.