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Dungeons & Dragons

Few villains work alone. You've got the leader of a criminal organization and their hordes of underlings. Or a cult leader and all their cultists. Or a dragon and all their dragonlings. Whatever the case, you have a Master and Minions, and that's also what we've got in this 5th edition supplement that's up on Kickstarter. Masters and Minions gives GMs stats and rules for using NPCs and villains, along with their followers, in your games.
I'm a big fan of anything that makes the job of a GM easier. Having been one, in many game systems, for decades at this point, I love when I get something that streamlines the process for everyone. And pre-made adventures are great at that. In this case, we've got The Best Below, a 5th Edition adventure for characters of 1st to 3rd level. It's up on Kickstarter now.
Seems we've got a couple Dungeons & Dragons releases today that aren't actually Dungeons & Dragons releases. In this case, it's the Tomb of Annihilation set for Dice Masters. Want to get your dice-rolling on without your full group there? Now you certainly can, as you take on undead horrors (or control them, if you so choose) with your fireball and sword.
Sometimes you want to get your D&D on and your group's not there. Maybe you're waiting for them to show up. Maybe you weren't able to get everyone together. Maybe it's not your regular gaming day. Whatever the reason, you want your D&D and you want it now! But how to get that experience without your regular group? Perhaps Heroes Wanted: Dragonfire could scratch that itch. It's the new Dungeons & Dragons deck-building game from Catalyst Game Labs, and it's available now.
Silver Games is further expanding their Ponyfinder product line with Ponyfinder: Tactics. This book looks to give players a whole bunch of new options for their characters. New feats, new base class (the Elementalist), new races and subraces, new spells. And for the GM, new monsters. It's got a bit of everything for everyone. You can pick up your copy now.
And here we are again. Friday: threshold to the weekend. I'm sure many of you are gearing up for a weekend of gaming, possibly starting as early as when you get off of work. I'm looking to spend tomorrow at the LGS, hopefully getting in some games of Guild Ball and Bushido. But whatever your gaming vice might be, it's best to top off with some bite-sized gaming stories before diving in.

Today on the platter we have: THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer Up On Kickstarter, New Sisters of Eternal Mercy Available From Raging Heroes, New Cobblestone Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, New Flocking/Basing System Available From Fontline Games, New 28mm Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943, Open Game Master Looking To Bring Drop-In D&D To The Masses, and It's Bomber Month at PicoArmor.

I think we can all agree that gaming is fun and good. Well, what can be even more fun and good? Gaming for a cause, of course! Wizards of the Coast certainly thinks so, and that's why they are participating in the Extra Life charity event to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital. And you can join in as well.
Filling up your whole day with gaming isn't too hard to do, if you know where to look. It's easy to find gaming magazines full of great articles to enhance just about any aspect of your game. In the case of this article, we've got Dragon+ issue 15 which is now available. If you're looking to expand your Dungeons & Dragons games, you don't have to look much further. Plus, it's free. So why not grab a copy?
The Dungeon Masters Guild that Wizards of the Coast has set up allows anyone and everyone to upload their campaign ideas and scenarios up online on their website for others to peruse. Now, of course, there's going to be some that are more popular than others (that's just the way of things). Well, WotC has posted up a list of adventures to be on the lookout for.
Would you like to take a survey!?
Do you like RPGs? Do you like George Wendt? Would you play RPGs with George Wendt? Would you play a bean-eating RPG with George Wendt? Does anyone out there get these references?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions... well... they're not entirely pertinent to Wizards of the Coast, except maybe that first one. They've posted up a D&D Survey and would love to hear from you.
Dungeons & Dragons is a great game. However, it can, occasionally, be rough to try and keep up with everything for it. The various books and other supplemental material offer players and DMs lots of chances for customization, but it can occasionally be a bit daunting to sort through it. That's where the D&D Beyond set of digital tools comes in. You can get it now.
And we've made it to another weekend. I'm sure a lot of you are up at the LGS, trying out 8th Edition 40k. But between those games and talking about all the stuff you're going to do with your army, here's the regular grouping of reviews that I know you all love so much.

Today we have: Small World, Galactic Warlord Battle For Dominion, Dice Hospital, Shahrazad, Dark Souls, Bushido, Dungeon Crawler The Thorn Expansion, Star Trek: Ascendancy, VS 2PCG Legacy Expansion, Alchemists The King’s Golem Expansion, Super Dungeon Explore Arena, Terra Mystica App, Tomb Trader, Jaipur App, Bio-Logic, Dragon Tower, Gnomi, and Zombie Tower 3D.

WizKids is coming out with a whole series of products based on the new storyline that Wizards of the Coast is running for Dungeons & Dragons, Tomb of Annihilation. This is more than just a set of minis to go with it. There's an entirely new board game as well as a Dice Masters set planned for the line.
You've often heard me talk about how it's always good for a DM/GM to have access to pre-made items to make running their games go more smoothly and so they don't have to create everything for their game from whole cloth. Well, the One Shot Compendium is just such a thing. It's not just a couple adventures, but 30 of them. They're formatted for 5th Edition. They're up on Kickstarter now.
Some people just want to see the world burn. All those stuck-up, self-righteous, do-gooders make them sick. They'd much rather everyone run around, doing what they want. That's the sort of setting you're dropped into in Book of Exalted Darkness. It's a holy decopunk campaign world that you're looking to corrupt and destroy by whatever means you think'll work best. The book is written to be used with 5th Edition. It's also up on Kickstarter now.
If you're like me, you fill your day with gaming stuff as much as possible. In-between making posts and working on other projects, I'll usually crack open a gaming magazine to see what else is going on in the gaming world. Always better when that magazine's for free. :P
Such is the case with Dragon+. The 13th issue is available now. And no, there's nothing unlucky about it.
Role playing characters level up (unless they get killed off or your group can never manage to get together for a game). It's sort of what they do. They gain new abilities and gear. Things change. So why shouldn't your miniatures? WizKids has announced their D&D Icons of the Realms Epic Level Starter set. It takes the figures from the regular Icons of the Realms starter set and, well, levels them up.
When playing Dungeons & Dragons, your class is pretty important. Even your race or alignment really isn't quite as important for your character as your class is. Those others might come up from time to time, but your class comes up pretty much any time you roll the dice. As such, picking just the right class for you is important. Well, EN Publishing has been coming out with various classes for their Patreon backers. Now, they're updating those and putting them together in a single book called A Touch of Class. It has 7 fully fleshed-out classes that you can use in your games. The book's up on Kickstarter now.
Sometimes you want to get your D&D adventuring on, but you just can't seem to get all your players together. Or you don't quite have the time to have a full session. Well, before, you might just have to call it quits. But with the Dragonfire deck-building game coming from Catalyst Game Labs, you can just shuffle up your decks and get playing. It's a new deck-building game coming soon.
Though I've not gone in quite some time, I do enjoy camping. Going out there into the woods and getting back to nature. Just gotta watch out for all the forest creatures and make sure you're not invading their territory. It's bad enough with bears and cougars and such, but then you've gotta watch out for elves and faeries and other Fey creatures. If you're up for doing such, though, in your Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons games, you might want to pick up the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium that's up on Kickstarter now.
Ponies! In! Space!
Ok, maybe not quite the same ring as Pigs in Space. But still.
Beyond Everglow is a new supplement for Ponyfinder that is also compatible with Starjammer as well as 5th Edition. It adds in new races, new traps, new monsters, new feats, and plenty of other things to take your ponies out into the great beyond.
If you believe in Norse mythology, you know that the world will end with Ragnarok (and I say, don't stop believin'). Well, you don't have to wait for the end of the world for that to happen. You can head there now (or soon, when you get the book, anyway) with Journey to Ragnarok, a new adventure for 5th Edition up on Kickstarter now.
You got your fantasy in my horror!
You got your horror in my fantasy!
Well, you both got your horror and fantasy in my post-apocalyptic!
Apocalypse the Risen is a little of this and a little of that. It's listed as post-apocalyptic fantasy horror. It's set on Earth after society has been utterly destroyed (so, ~28 years from now. ... Kidding!). Demons have gotten a foothold and zombies are roaming the streets. Can you survive in such a horrific land?
The setting book is up now on Kickstarter.
Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons is more than just an RPG. It has helped countless people through a myriad of issues as well as inspired other, great works. This issue of Dragon+ looks at some of those stories. Maybe it can help inspire you in some way. Along with that, there's articles about helping get the most out of published adventures, along with a couple adventures to try out, as well as a painting article (not exactly something you'd expect, but considering how people like to have their mini look just right for their character, not too surprising).
The latest Dungeons & Dragons Board Game from WizKids is now available. Assault of the Giants takes you into the Storm King's Thunder adventure and lets you take control of an army of giants as you attack settlements in order to gain resources like food, artifacts, and ore. Will you command the mighty Hill Giants, the venerable Storm Giants, the magma-hurling Fire Giants, the frigid Ice Giants, or the godlike Cloud Giants?