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Dungeon Crawler Miniatures

Well, despite Wednesday and Thursday trying to pull a fast one on me by making me think it was Friday when it really wasn't (seriously, I worked much of yesterday thinking it was Friday, despite posti
Friday, glorious gatekeeper to the weekend. For many of us, just a couple more hours until we, giddy as schoolchildren, run out of our offices and into several blissful days of doing... just... whatev
Gifted Vision is going to put extra minis in everyone's order if they can reach certain numbers of backers for their Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter campaign.Oct 3rd will be the last day. If we can
Dungeon Crawler Miniatures got one of their sets reviewed over on Play Board Games. It was the Townsfolk and Omens set.From the review:Previously I told you about the Dungeon Crawler Miniatures, From