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Dungeon Command

Curse of Undeath gets their moment in the sun to be reviewed by Play Board Games.From the review:Curse of Undeath is an expansion pack for Dungeon Command. This set includes skeletons, zombies and oth
Play Unplugged takes a look under the box lid for another of the Dungeon Command sets from WotC. This one's the Curse of Undeath.From the unboxing:Break out the stakes and the holy water! Wizards of t
Tyranny of the Goblins is the next item up for bid on the Pri... wait... no... It's the next game to be reviewed by Play Board Games.From the review:Tyranny of the Goblins is an expansion pack for Dun
Armchair General posted up their thoughts on the Dungeon Command sets available from Wizards of the Coast.An Armchair General review of the new D&D tactical combat system that revitalizes D&D Miniatur
Play Unplugged did an unboxing of the latest Dungeon Command set from Wizards of the Coast: Tyranny of Goblins.From the unboxing:Goblins have overrun the catacombs here at Play Unplugged, and we welco