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Dropzone Commander

If you're looking to get a little more portable version of the Dropzone Commander rulebook, you'll want to check out the latest set of releases from Dropzone Commander. They've got a new small format rulebook available. It's got the latest set of rules, consisting of the v2.1 updates. Want to make sure you've got the most up-to-date version? Head on over and pick up yourself a copy now.

Ok, last set of new releases for the day, I promise. I know. My wallet is very unhappy about all of it, too. But the part of my brain that's all about the shiny, new figures is going absolutely insane. This time around, it's new Dropzone Commander releases from TTCombat. Specifically, new Shaltari figures, including a new starter set to get you right into the thick of things right away.

Modular design. It's very important. When you create something for war, you want to be able to quickly adapt it to whatever you require at the time. The engineers at the Titania Aerospace Corporation have been working on just such a set of vehicles. They've hit a couple designs that work and they like and are now pumping out variations of them as fast as possible. And now, Dropzone Commander players can pick them up to bolster their forces.

Want to take your fleet into battle? Or maybe have your ground forces roll across the terrain and grab territory? That's what you'll be doing in Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander from TTCombat. And they've got a whole bunch of new releases for both games that you can go check out now.

Starter armies are a great way to get into a new game or a new force for a game you already play. They have everything you need to get going right away. And TTCombat has some new Dropzone Commander forces coming. Check out these new forces for the UCM and Scourge.

I remember when Dropzone Commander was just coming out. I was exceedingly interested in this new miniatures game. A lot of my friends back in the day had played Epic, and it looked like that same sort of feel to it. However, after watching a couple games, I realized it just wasn't quite for me. Not to say it was a bad game, by any means, it just didn't seem like a thing for me. Well, perhaps this new edition will change all that, as Hawk Wargames has announced they're in early alpha testing of Dropzone Commander 2nd edition.
Hawk Wargames' website wasn't quite doing everything they needed it to do. So they went through and did a redesign. They are ready to get the site off the ground and are even having a special sale along with some new releases to celebrate.
Well, as always happens, we're back to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend, full of gaming. My Saturday certainly was. Guild Ball, Wizard, Apples to Apples. Good times (especially when you win 12-0 in Guild Ball ;) ). So, while there wasn't much in the way of terrain being used, that doesn't mean that we can't still talk about terrain now. And so we will.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for Dropzone Commander and City Ruins: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available.

We're heading down that slope into the weekend, picking up speed as we go. Thursday is here and that means it's time to make sure your gaming table looks as good as possible with our Terrain Corner feature.

Today's stories include: Winterdale: Medieval Fantasy Citadel Collection for 28mm on Kickstarter and Deep-Cut Studio releases new Dropzone gaming mat.

Welcome back to Saturday, everyone. With any luck, you're having some fun gaming with friends, or will be having such fun soon. I mean... it's Saturday. Gaming is just what you do!

But at the moment, what we are doing is looking at some review from the past week.

This batch we have reviews/previews of: Broom Service, Dragonwood, Res Publica: 2230, Murano, Viceroy, Dropzone Commander, Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition, Systema Gaming Base-0 Storage Silo, and Warlord Games' plastic M3A1 Half-Track.

There's only 3 important things you need take into account in Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. Location, Location, Location. Getting the right troops where you need them at the right time is the major key to victory. Without that, you're sunk. To help expand your arsenal and make sure that you have those right troops that you can get to all the places at the right times, Hawk Wargames has started taking pre-orders for the next set of releases for the game.
Hawk Wargames has posted up their Newsletter #40, which gives us a look inside the workings of their upcoming fleet miniatures game, Dropfleet (working title). They teased this game a bit at Salute, but now there's some concrete details. Much as in Dropzone Commander, Dropfleet will focus on maneuver and getting your troops where they need to be. Instead of taking place in deep space like other fleet games, Dropfleet will take place in close orbit around a planet (think of the battle over Coruscant in that one Star Wars movie that may or may not exist, depending on your opinions of such things). The rules have been designed by Andy Chambers, and will include frameworks for melding both Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander into one game. Check out previews of some of the UCM ships below the cut.
They also have some previews of upcoming Dropzone Commander releases.

From the newsletter:
Hawk Wargames knows you only have one of the two elements of Dropzone Commander if you don't have any Commanders. As such, they've got new Commander Units for all their 5 factions. The models let you lead from the front in their giant command vehicles. The figures are up for pre-sale now and will be shipped out on the 28th.

From the website:
"What's a news snippet?" I hear you ask. Well, they're just those shorter stories that we come across here at TGN that don't have much to go with it. Maybe it's a piece of concept art that we don't know what specific game it's for. Or it's an unlabeled green. Or it's something else along those lines that aren't a full story, but we want to make sure you know about it anyway. We've collected them together and have them here for you now.

-Black Wasp Games Concept Art
-Wild West Exodus previews March releases
-New Preview Greens for Mega Man Board Game
-Campaign Coins releases Fate Coins
-Hitechminiatures new relase: Gerhard Blitz
-RN Estudio: Odin is comming
-New Preview Renders from Hawk Wargames
-New Cellar Shelf from Thomarillion

Hawk Wargames has posted up their special sales items over in their webshop.


From them to you:

Our Christmas Offers are now available on our site

Litko will be helping out Dropzone Commander players with a new set of tokens and templates specifically designed for use with the popular minis game.



About the set:

Litko will be helping Dropozone Commander players upgrade their game soon with a new line of gaming accessories compatible with the popular miniature wargame. The line will include Tactical flight bases which have the firing arcs laser etched into them, Blast/LZ Templates, Goal Oriented scenario tokens, Building Damage markers, and Faction specific activation tokens.

Working directly from gamer feedback, Litko has made each blast template to incorporate all firing arcs and center cuts to fit around the flight stand pole for perfect centering on flying models. The Goal oriented tokens will include the proportionate number of double-sided Possible and Revealed Objective tokens for both Objective scenario types. Over-sized and reverse etched for high visibility, the Building Markers won't ever be overlooked across war-torn skylines. Each faction specific token set strikingly features a unique icon and color for activation tokens along with Forward Air Controller tokens for your forces.

Litko has released a production photo of the entire line. Pricing to follow.

Hawk Wargames is now taking orders for their newest Dropzone Commander faction, the Resistance, over in their webshop.



From the website:

The Resistance is a complex, characterful and disparate assortment of human survivors on the Cradle Worlds and Earth itself, currently occupied by the dreaded alien Scourge. The very existence of the Resistance has shaped UCM military planning for its Reconquest, which became a war of liberation rather than simply a war of revenge as soon as they were discovered. Indeed, the Resistance alone are responsible for a reconquest being possible at all, as they were able to activate and maintain foldspace nodes on all but one of the Cradle Worlds, allowing UCM invasion fleets to jump to their locations accurately. Theirs is a tale of loss, grit and determination to survive in the face of insurmountable odds.

Polyhedron Collider has posted up their video with Hawk Wargames from the UK Games Expo.


From the post:

At the UK Games Expo I spoke to Simon from Hawk Wargames and got the inside scoop on the new space battle wargame as well as Dropzone Commander.

Hawk Wargames has started taking pre-orders for their new Ares Battle Walker in 30mm scale.



From the post:

This imposing model is the very first kit in our exciting new Collector's Edition range. It is a complete 3x scale up and re-working of the original 10mm scale Ares Battle Walker - be sure to check out the gallery for this product, as it illustrates just how much bigger a 3-up is! Although this model makes a fantastic display centrepiece, it is cast from the highest quality tough resin and is more than suitable for gaming, should you wish to use the model for skirmish-based systems.

This finely detailed resin kit is far from a simple scale up. Many new features have been added and most of the original detail has been re-mastered to suit this scale. We have ensured that this kit delivers the level of detail that fans of our DZC range have come to expect. The legs have also been made completely posable - right down to the toes! This makes all sorts of dynamic poses possible, allowing you to make yours truly unique.

Spud Tate's Larry looks at the Dropzone Commander Ruinscape Terrain and gives you his thoughts on the situation.


Hawk Wargames has their latest releases for Dropzone Commander posted up on their website, along with news about upcoming events.


From the announcement:

New models available on the site for Pre-order: UCM Katana, PHR Angelos, and the Shaltari Tarantula. Check out our new Newsletter for more information, too.

Hawk Wargames continues their previews of 3D renders for Dropzone Commander with some walkers and another tank.


Hawk Wargames is showing off several new 3D renders for units they're working on for Dropzone Commander.


Hawk Wargames has posted up their Holiday Specials (though no Jefferson Starship in this one) for Dropzone Commander.


From the website:

These offers are for the Christmas period, and extend to 3rd January 2014.

For a guaranteed Christmas delivery, please place orders by Sunday 15th December.
We will continue to process and ship orders until the 20th December (though these orders are not guaranteed for delivery before Christmas - though we will do our best!)

From 21st December to the 6th January 2014 Hawk Wargames will not be dispatching orders, however any order placed will be honored and dispatched as soon as possible from the 6th January.

The Hairy Painter takes a look at the new two-player box set from Hawk Wargames for Dropzone Commander in this unboxing video.


From the video:

An unboxing video for Hawk Wargames new 2 player starter set for Dropzone Commander.