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Dropzone Commander

So, last week, TTCombat brought us some new Dropfleet Commander kits. But what about when those fleets actually do their combat drops? Well, that's where Dropzone Commander comes in. And in this previ
Play Dropzone Commander? Excited about all the figures that just got rereleased over at TTCombat? Then you'll also want to make sure you're playing the most up-to-date version of the game. TTCombat ha
TTCombat had themselves a busy Friday. They've got a giant amount of Dropzone Commander restocks available. But they've also got new MDF terrain as they continue their Convent line. Head on over and c
TTCombat's got some new releases coming out this week and they wanted to make sure you saw what they had in mind Check out their latest update so you can know what to save your nickels for.
TTCombat has a bunch of things they're going to be releasing this year. New minis. New terrain. Even new paint brushes. Want to get a look at all of it? They've got the full look back at their Decembe
The Resistance is here! There's a new starter army for the Resistance in Dropzone Commander now available from TTCombat. They've also got some other new releases, including surprises they never teased
TTCombat isn't done with new Dropzone Commander releases. They're working on some new Resistance kits as well, including their new starter set (seen above). What else have they got going on? Keep read
TTCombat is looking to create a new one-stop shop for all things Dropzone Commander in the form of a new website that includes an army builder. They've posted up a version that you can go check out an
TTCombat has a big release out for the PHR for Dropzone Commander. They not only have a new unit in the form of the Valkyries and a new Mobile Command Post, but a full new starter set for you to get.
Thought you missed out on your chance to get the new Limited Edition minis from TTCombat? Well, you haven't! They've extended the sale period out to the 1st of September. That's not far away, so if yo
The folks over at TTCombat aren't letting the lack of in-person conventions ruin their convention exclusives for their games. You can head over to their website and order yourselves the exclusives for
Dropzone Commander will be celebrating 10 years as a game next year. *snifflesniffle* They all grow up so fast! And to celebrate, TTCombat has created the Osprey Light Gunship as their convention excl
It's looking more and more like we're not going to have much of a convention season this year. And while that's sad, it's the smart decision to make. But what about all those show-exclusive figures yo
If you're looking to get a little more portable version of the Dropzone Commander rulebook, you'll want to check out the latest set of releases from Dropzone Commander. They've got a new small format
Ok, last set of new releases for the day, I promise. I know. My wallet is very unhappy about all of it, too. But the part of my brain that's all about the shiny, new figures is going absolutely insane
Modular design. It's very important. When you create something for war, you want to be able to quickly adapt it to whatever you require at the time. The engineers at the Titania Aerospace Corporation
Want to take your fleet into battle? Or maybe have your ground forces roll across the terrain and grab territory? That's what you'll be doing in Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander from TTCombat. And the
Starter armies are a great way to get into a new game or a new force for a game you already play. They have everything you need to get going right away. And TTCombat has some new Dropzone Commander fo
I remember when Dropzone Commander was just coming out. I was exceedingly interested in this new miniatures game. A lot of my friends back in the day had played Epic, and it looked like that same sort
Hawk Wargames' website wasn't quite doing everything they needed it to do. So they went through and did a redesign. They are ready to get the site off the ground and are even having a special sale alo
Well, as always happens, we're back to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend, full of gaming. My Saturday certainly was. Guild Ball, Wizard, Apples to Apples. Good times (especially when you win 12-0
We're heading down that slope into the weekend, picking up speed as we go. Thursday is here and that means it's time to make sure your gaming table looks as good as possible with our Terrain Corner fe
Welcome back to Saturday, everyone. With any luck, you're having some fun gaming with friends, or will be having such fun soon. I mean... it's Saturday. Gaming is just what you do!But at the moment, w
There's only 3 important things you need take into account in Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. Location, Location, Location. Getting the right troops where you need them at the right time is the
Hawk Wargames has posted up their Newsletter #40, which gives us a look inside the workings of their upcoming fleet miniatures game, Dropfleet (working title). They teased this game a bit at Salute, b