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Dropfleet commander

"Hey. Can I borrow a lighter?" This phrase can now be used by Dropfleet Commander players as they bring this new class of ship to the tabletop. Each faction has a new Lighter ship that they can add to
Later today, Dropfleet Commander is going to be getting some new releases in the form of a new class of ship. Every faction is getting them, and we've already seen how a couple of them work. But what
A new class of ship is coming to Dropfleet Commander. How will these smaller, sleeker ships work in the game? Glad you asked, because TTCombat has the stats for two of them up so you can prepare for t
It's not just new ships, either. It's an entirely new class of ship. All of the five factions for Dropfleet Commander are getting them and you can get a look at these Lighters now.
It's looking more and more like we're not going to have much of a convention season this year. And while that's sad, it's the smart decision to make. But what about all those show-exclusive figures yo
The folks over at TTCombat have a host of new Dropfleet Commander ships available now. And these are some pretty big ones (in a world of big ships already). The Resistance is going to be able to resis
Want to take your fleet into battle? Or maybe have your ground forces roll across the terrain and grab territory? That's what you'll be doing in Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander from TTCombat. And the
TTCombat has some new Dropfleet Commander releases available now. It's been a while since we've seen some of these, so it's good to see new ships hitting gaming tables. Monitors are making their way t
arcanepretzel 261 days ago
As usual, PHR looks pretty awesome. The UCM it was photographed from the rear. Scourge looks good, and Shaltari look like Shaltari. Kinda meh, considering some of the other designs are striking.
Well, it's Monday and we're back into the office. I can't say that it was the best of weekends, but at least Sunday was a bit productive. D&D got cancelled due to half the players having outside thing
So, not tabletop gaming related, but as a Chicago native, waking up this morning to hear the Cubs won the World Series was pretty awesome, even though I've not followed baseball for quite a long time.
Well, it's getting to be bedtime. Gotta get to sleep so I can make the epic migration back to the sauna that is Atlanta in August. I'm going to miss Gen Con. This was a good year. Despite the fact tha
Hawk Wargames takes to the air with their latest Kickstarter campaign. Well, more to the air than they already were with Dropzone Commander. How did those drop ships get to the planet they're commandi