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Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio

MiniWarGaming has some free DVDs they're giving away over on their website. Hurry up, though, there's only a few left.
Also, there's a video that auto-plays when you load the page. You've been warned.


From the announcement:

Hello all, in collaboration with Miniwargaming we just released our very first DVD terrain tutorial on how to design, texture, detail and paint gaming surface and fill it with awesome looking terrains! The DVD also features water effects tutorial and Tomb World gaming surface tutorial. And the best thing of all is that it's FREE for grabs while the stocks last.
Enjoy and thanks for reading!

DreamSpirit Wargaming has now started taking orders for their new line of fantasy terrain pieces. If you liked their battle boards, I'm sure you'll like the terrain they have to offer.

From the release:

Hello all, we just updated our Mass Battle section on our website with some new fantasy terrain models for your gaming pleasure. Feel free to check them out!

Dreamspirit Wargaming makes your army look the best with their new display boards that are now available.

From the announcement:

Hello all, we are proud to announce that we added couple of new display boards to our offer! All made for each client individually, we are constantly working to improve our work and bring you the perfect match for your army.

DreamSpirit Wargames has another of their gaming boards available with the arrival of their new Quantum Harvester board.

From the release:

Hello, we just released our latest gaming board and terrain set for 40k, with a Necrons theme. Enjoy ;)

DreamSpirit Wargaming Studio has updated their selections available over in their webshop.

From the update:

Hello all, we just released some of our terrain pieces in the sale section of our website, feel free to check them out.

DSWG team

DreamSpirit has a new display board available. This one's more for your wood elf or perhaps Circle players out there.

From the release:

Hello, we just released new display board for the Hordes army, CIrcle Orboros. It is made according to our client's wishes, and if you need display to match your army, feel free to let us know!

DreamSpirit Wargames gives your Grey Knights some solid footing with their new Grey Knight Display Board, now available.

From the announcement:

Hello all, we just released new custom built display board for Grey Knights. Compact and atmospheric, this display will make people stand in awe when looking at your army!

Dreamspirit Wargaming has some new Dark Elf terrain available over on their website.

From the release:

Hello, we just released new custom made terrain set for Dark Elves, one of the most detailed set we made so far. Enjoy ;)

DreamSpirit Wargaming Studio is here to make sure your army looks good even while it's not beating up the enemy's little mans, so they've got some new display boards available to help out.

From the announcement:

Hello all, we just updated our website with a wide selection of custom display boards for your armies. Feel free to check it out!

Dreamspirit Wargaming announces christmas is coming early this year:

From their post:

Many of you may know that we are offering quite attractive and competitive prices for our terrain, but now there is discount of 15% on ALL items, starting now. We'll be running this discount through the December and up until 5th of January, so treat your self and your battlefield with some awesome terrain pieces! Our store will be updated weekly throughout this period with new stuff so check back often. You can visit the store on the following link:
Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio Stronghold Stallion Terrain Review:

From their announcement:

Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio released new terrain piece: Stronghold Stallion, and the review of this epic terrain piece you can find on the following link:
Dreamspirit Wargames reviews their modular terrain set.

From their announcement:

Hello, we uploaded the video review of the modular ruins set from the Dreamspirit Wargames Studio, you can check it on this link:

Fantasy Fiefdoms buildingDreamspirit Wargaming Studio have added a new range of buildings to their online store. From their announcement:
Hello, we are proud to announce new range of buildings-Fantasy Fiefdoms. These buildings are standardized, so the more you have, the more combinations you can get. Fantasy Fiefdoms buildings are pre-painted and assembled with removable floors, and stories are interchangeable so that you can make different buildings every time you have a game.
Dreamspirit Wargames Terrain Studio is offering a discount on their Illuminated Sacred Ground terrain piece.

Illuminated Sacred Ground

From their announcement:
We are happy to announce that we are running a promotion period of three weeks starting on Monday the 23th of May on Illuminated Sacred Ground terrain piece. Each and every one is hand made by three artists from our studio, and we'll include the battery needed for the terrain piece as a gift.The promotion price for the terrain piece is 34.95 $US. Lighten up your battlefield.