Dreamship Interactive

Final Week for Requiem Vampire Knight on Kickstarter

Requiem Vampire Knight is in their final week over on Kickstarter. They funded pretty quickly after launch, and have been chewing through stretch goals since then. They're getting closer to being 2x funded with their campaign, which would be pretty sweet. That would be pretty close to unlocking the Campaign pack, which would add solo and cooperative modes to the game. To make their way to it, they've put up some great add-ons to the campaign.

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Requiem Vampire Knight board game up on Kickstarter

Dreamship Interactive is running a Kickstarter for Requiem Vampire Knight, their new board game. Actually, it's three stand-alone games that you can play all together. The games are based on the comic series by Pat Mills and art of Olivier Ledroit.
The campaign is set to run for another 29 days.

From the campaign:
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