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Halfway there, everybody. We're halfway there. We've made it this far, we can make it the rest. Hopefully, your weekend is prepped and ready for some gaming. Mine will have some D&D and then, I do
We're getting closer to the end of the year. It's practically here. Lots of celebrations will be going on, and with them will come plenty of snacks to eat. In this instance, we're getting you some bit
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
Been a while since we heard from the DreamForge-Games crew. But that doesn't mean they've been sitting around doing nothing. They'd taken back over distribution of their products and that can be quite
Well, I’ve had a review of a Leviathan (and then the evil Leviathan), an APC, two different heavy troopers squads, but that still only came out to 13 total models. Time to bulk up my numbers a bit. So
Well, we had a review of the “Battery” (meaning a grouping of artillery weapons), we should probably have a review of the Assault as well. It seems only fitting. As such, I’m here with another of the
I’ve always been a fan of “heavy weapons units.” The Lootas for my Orks would always have lascannons and plasmacannons and all that sort of stuff. Obviously, my Dark Angels would have Devastator squad
For those of you that saw my review of the DreamForge-Games APC from Saturday, you know my love of their kits. They're excellent expert-level kits with lots of details and options for your minis. Well
One of my first review projects ever for TGN is still one of my favorites. DreamForge-Games had recently come out with their Leviathan Crusader and I got one for my very own to assemble. I eventually
Do you want to pick up some new figures from DreamForge-Games? Do you want to pay significantly less than you usually would for them? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? Well, excep
Ah... Saturday.Let's not say anything and just bask in its warming warm glowing glow for a moment.... ... ... ... ...Ah, much better.And now, let's get on to our Review Roundup.This week we have: Nati
DreamForge-Games has their Eisenkern troopers boxes available, but a trooper without good leadership is not going to be anywhere near as effective. As such, they're coming out with their new Eisenkern
DreamForge-Games heads into May with the release of their new Eisenkern Panzerjägers squad. These badass ladies are armed to the teeth. And knowing DreamForge-Games kits, there's plenty of pieces in i
It's Saturday! Hope you're getting in some gaming. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm currently getting my arm repeatedly jabbed and ink permanently applied to it. It's fun!... Really!...Actually, it's not
DreamForge-Games decided 1 or 2 releases wasn't good enough, so they went all the way to 13. They've got 4 new 28mm kits, including the Eisenkern APC as well as 3 units of troopers, and 9 new 15mm kit
DreamForge-Games is showing off the artwork and renders for their Eisenkern Panzerjager Female Tank Hunters unit they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:All of the components can be used with the ma
DreamForge-Games has new renders posted that they're gonna use for the boxes for the vehicles.I can't wait for these things to come out.Keilerkopf APCThor SourceFrom the website:Just some eye candy fo
DreamForge-Games gives us a look at the Valkir Heavy Troopers box as well as a preview of the Eisenkern StuG mini they've been working on.Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers2large SourceFrom the post:I ch
DreamForge-Games continues their Valkir previews with a look at a full Assault Trooper Squad.SourceFrom the post:Today I had an opportunity to assemble a five man Valkir Assault Squad. My apologies fo
DreamForge-Games posted up some photos of their first preview of the Valkir Assault Trooper minis they've been working on.I might have to get a squad to stand guard around Friday on my desk.SourceFrom
DreamForge-Games is showing off some preview shots of the Valkir Assault and Support Trooper sprues they're working on.I need to get a squad of these guys to run around Friday and attack Monday.They'r
Brueckenkopf takes a look at the 15mm-scale Leviathan from DreamForge-Games in this review article.Source
DreamForge-Games is showing off some new renders of their Zeus and Loki armored troop carriers.SourceFrom the preview: Here we have the Eisenkern APC variant Zeus and Loki.Zeus the god of thunder is a
Pins of War is wondering which you guys prefer, the new Games Workshop Knights or the Leviathans from DreamForge Games.I know which one I prefer. *looks on desk*SourceFrom the article:Ever since word
DreamForge Games is offering both their 28mm and 15mm scale Leviathans at a special price over in their webshop.My two are more than just models, they're treasured possessions.SourceFrom the sales she
DreamForge-Games has a bunch of 3D render previews up for their upcoming Valkir units as well as various weapon options.SourceFrom the preview:Estimated retail release Q2 2014When we last saw the Valk