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Dream Pod 9

Giant robot alert! We have a giant robot alert on the screen! *loud buzzing and beeping while red lights flash*Dream Pod 9 is running a Kickstarter campaign for their giant robot miniatures game, Heav
Dream Pod 9 is in their final couple days for their Heavy Gear Blitz: War For Terra Nova Kickstarter campaign. They've come quite a long way. Go check 'em out.SourceFrom the campaign:For all the Backe
Wildspire Hero & Animals & Troll for DND Miniatures 28mm
Dream Pod 9 lets us know how things are progressing along with their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter campaign with some new photos showing off what's in the new starter.SourceFrom the campaign:We made an
Dream Pod 9 has secured EU-friendly shipping options for their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:We just added a graphic to the front page to let everyone know that the
Dream Pod 9 is on quite a tear through stretch goals for their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter. They've already made it well past 2x funded with still 25 days to go.SourceFrom the campaign:Thank you ever
Dream Pod 9 got their Heavy Gear Blitz: War for Terra Nova Starter Set Kickstarter underway. They're already funded, so it's on to stretch goals and extras for 29 more days.SourceFrom the campaign:The
Dream Pod 9 lets us know what's up with their upcoming Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter and answers some questions about it with this new post.SourceFrom the post:After reading everyone’s comments and fee
Dream Pod 9 is showing off some first looks at their Peace River Argos set of minis for Heavy Gear.SourceFrom the preview: assembled the first copies of the Argos resin master parts and took a few pho
Gamers on Games has posted episode 191 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Aurora Demonstarter and David McLeod of Dream Pod 9 discuss Heavy Gear Beta and the fu
Dream Pod 9 has posted up new beta-test rules for the latest edition of Heavy Gear Blitz! Go download them for free.SourceFrom the announcement:Welcome to the NEW EDITION of Heavy Gear Blitz – Beta Ru
Dream Pod 9 updated their playtesting rules based on the feedback from various groups and has posted the new version online for your further testing.SourceFrom the update:Heavy Gear Alpha playtest is
Dream Pod 9 has posted the Heavy Gear Open alpha rules set for everyone to try out and give their thoughts on the subject back to them so the game can be the best it can possibly be.SourceFrom the ann
Dream Pod 9 is taking orders for some new squads of mechs over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:We have pre-releases of the new P.R.D.F. GP, Strike and Fire Support Squads updated with the
Dream Pod 9 has announced that they'll be coming out with a new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz that will be coming out in 2015.SourceFrom the announcement:Dream Pod 9 is announcing development of a new e
Dream Pod 9, in the meantime before they release their full Blood Debt supplement, they've released their Peace River Army List as a pdf.SourceFrom the release:Dream Pod 9's latest ebook only exclusiv
Dream Pod 9 has their latest releases for Heavy Gear Blitz! posted up on their website. Go check 'em out.SourceFrom the webshop:We've just upgraded Dream Pod 9's Online Store! We've been working on th
Gamers on Games will he having a charity game of Heavy Gear Blitz going on and you could be featured if you show up and check it out.SourceFrom the announcement:Check our info about our Heavy Gear Cha
Gamers on Games has had to cancel their Heavy Gear Badlands Rally/tourney, but they do have good news about their Jeff Dee auction.SourceFrom the update:This is a cancellation notice of the Heavy Gear
Gamers on Games has posted episode 57 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Gamers on Games interviews Robert Dubois of Dream Pod 9. We talk about Dream Pod 9, Hea
Gamer Goggles opens up The Visigoth tank for Heavy Gear in their latest video post.From them to you:In this Box breaking Matt tears open the main battle tank for the South. Then he assembles it. Make
Dream Pod 9 has their July releases up on their website and will be shipping them out starting this week.From the announcement:Dream Pod 9 has new Releases for July 2013 ready to start shipping out th
Dream Pod 9 has their June releases for Heavy Gear Blitz now available over in their webshop.From the announcement:Dream Pod 9's June New Releases are now available on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. Th
Dream Pod 9 is taking down names of those of you gamers who want any of their new tank models as soon as they're released.From the announcement:Dream Pod 9 has been showing off sneak peeks of several
Dream Pod 9 is taking down names of those that want their upcoming Visioth battle tank, Southern Military Police Cadre and Decals set that they're coming out with soon.From the announcement:Dream Pod
Dream Pod 9 has posted issue #6 of Gear Up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.In this issue and some more news:Gear UP 6 has arrived, and with it is some big news! Last year, Dream Pod9