Drake 1 Player bundles released

Action Games Miniatures released their new 1-Player bundles for Drake over in their webshop.


From the release:

We at AGM are very proud to release our first 1 Player sets! Rivercrest Swordsmen and Rivercrest Scouts are also now available for purchase on the store and as part of the Builders Alliance starter bundle.

Start building your Drake army with $49.99 army bundles that include a dragon, supporting troops and creatures, a deck of cards, and free dice! Not only that, but everything in the store is on sale for 25-35% off!

Action Games releases new troops and web store sale

Action Games Miniatures has some new miniatures they’ve added to their new webshop.
They’re also having themselves a sale.



From the announcement:

We’ve added new models to the store! The Terrax, Kaymayuk Warriors, and Kaymayuk Chief are now available to flesh out your Great Mystics force.

Also, we now offer free shipping for orders over $75! We still have some discount codes left as well. Enter DRAGONS at checkout for 20% off!

Action Games Miniatures launched Drake webstore

Action Games Miniatures has opened up their webstore for Drake, their fantasy miniatures game.

Drake Webstore


From the announcement:

Drake is a fantasy miniature wargame where each player fields an army led by a powerful dragon. The game is played with 28 mm miniatures, with massive dragon models as centrepieces of the army. The human models are true scale, which means that their proportions are not exaggerated or cartoonish, so the dragon models look terrifyingly huge compared to their followers!

The dragon leading your army also supports it by casting spells and summoning monsters! Players can change how their army plays by building a deck of cards that represent the spells their dragon can cast in the game.

Drake will be available in a two-player box that contains two dragons and everything you need to start playing games with a friend. Additional models and accessories can be purchased on the store, with more to come soon!

Drake starter rules for Everybody

Action Games Miniatures has posted up the starter rules for Drake on their website. They’re free to download, so why not grab yourself a copy?



From the announcement:

AGM is proud to present these condensed starter rules for Drake: The Dragon Wargame. This free to download document was designed to get new people into the game quickly and allow veteran players to get a fee for our game universe with ease. We hope you grab a copy!

All our spell cards and lots of other info is on our website

Drake Blog launched

Action Games Miniatures has launched a blog for their Drake system. Go check out all the great info therein.

Drake Blog Launched


From the launch:

Drake, the game you helped to make a reality, is a social experience. Games of the scope and size of ours require a vibrant and involved community to reach their full potential.
Our large production requirements keep us very busy; however, AGM is committed to increasing our customer engagement and continuing to promote Drake all over the world and the web, spreading our wings beyond the Kickstarter framework.

We are proud to announce that we will increase support to our awesome community in new and exciting ways this month, starting with our website’s new blog section!
We already have several blogs live, and we intend to grow this section each and every month. It will also be a launching point for painting contests, Q&A segments, and other community-building initiatives.

Other public engagement announcements will be taking place this month, including updates on production. But for now please check out our amazing blogs!

Last hours of Drake II Horizons Paypal

Action Games Miniatures is in their last day of the Paypal extension period for Drake II: Drake Harder. Get in on it now before it’s too late.


From the update:

What an amazing Kickstarter campaign this has been. We have been totally floored by the awesome support and input of you all. Thank you so very much! We have also really loved seeing the community develop further here, a big shout out to all of you who took time to answer questions and assist new backers in learning about the project. This means a huge amount for the AGM team and we look forward to continuing to support the community in the months to come!

There has been significant interest in our PayPal campaign. We know that some have had trouble getting involved through Kickstarter and so we are now offering those folks a chance to contribute through PayPal during our limited-time post-Kickstarter Campaign. Our pledge manager and Backer Survey below is set up to handle both new and existing backers.

You may change your pledge level to a higher one or add new ones, with the exception of any pledge levels that had a limited quantity available during the Kickstarter.

Drake PayPal Open Today

Actin Games Miniatures has opened up their PayPal option for people that couldn’t get in on their Drake II Kickstarter campaign.


From the announcement:

Alright everyone its time for the amazing PayPal / Pledge manager survey!
This is the time to let us know the specifics of your order, and add any additional things you may like.

Also, for people who could not join though the Kickstarter pay system, this PayPal is open to the public! We would love to welcome new backers to Drake! As the interest has been very high AGM is going to be posting some new awesome surprises for folks that I am sure you will all enjoy, sneak peeks will follow shortly! Come and join us, all KS II Horizons pledges are open!

Final hours for Drake II on Kickstarter

Action Games Miniatures is down to the home stretch for their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through a bunch of stretch goals, so your pledge is worth just that much more. Go check it out before it’s gone.


From them to you:


What an amazing campaign it has been, BUT there is still time left. The most exciting moments of this Kickstarter are yet to come, massive crossbows, tribal monsters, chant magic joined beasts and DRAGONS!

Drake releases new Southern Dragon Stretch

Action Games Miniatures makes it through some more stretch goals over on Kickstarter for their Drake II Kickstarter project.


From the update:

Stretch Details:
$82K – Crotalis – The Sand Viper of Death – Shi Nation – Dragon – Pledge $39

Only a few of these terrifying beast have awoken, and each one of them brings fear and doom. The southern Shaka Dragons moved quickly to appease these creatures, who competed with them for food and resources in the old world. Surprisingly they took to the Shaka’s plan of alliance and war quickly, most think too quickly… The Crotalis are nearly impossible to strike in combat, their shifting coils move with blinding speed. They posses the most potent venom of the Dragon races, with a bite capable of stopping a mountain Dragon in his tracks. While they do not have the diplomatic touch of the Shaka, they lead their human “allies” effectively, and strike with might against the enemies of the south.

Action Games Miniatures previews new Drake Stretch Goals

Action Games Miniatures has some more stretch goals up on their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got 10 days left to break through a couple of them.


From the campaign:

In the breeding chambers of the Kaymayuk capital city Great Mystics Dragons endlessly experiment with creating new living weapons. Aided by subservient priests and priestesses these chambers are the birthplace of both horror and wonder. In one litter of joined jaguars there was created an amazing mutation, a mighty cat with the wings and claws if an eagle. As the Saan Dragon overseeing the birthing moved to destroy the failed experiment, one priestess, Akra, begged mercy for the creature. She claimed to have a vision of its creation and of it bringing glory to their people. The Dragon was amused by this and bound the beast to Akra’s mind. Now she must fight on the front lines to prove her chosen beasts value, and strikes with deadly precision against the enemies of The Great Mystics.

Shisha previewed for Drake

Action Games Miniatures has a preview render up of the Shisha stretch goal for their Drake miniatures game Kickstarter. There’s a good chance it seems that they’ll make it.
Full-size photo is way down at the bottom of their page.


From the preview:

One of our weirder beings, the Shisha is created from chant enhanced herbs. When smoked it covers the user like armour, and grants them amazing short range missile attacks. Pledge to help us unlock this cool unique model!

Drake posts new stretch goals, breaks some already

Action Games Miniatures posted up some new stretch goals for their Drake Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already gone through some of them in the process.


From the update:

We have unveiled some very unique miniatures in our next batch of stretch goals. Have a look:
Also Drake II recently unlocked the “Free Dragon” stretch, winged beasts for all!

Drake II surprise stretchg goal posted

Action Games Miniatures has announced a surprise stretch goal as part of their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They’re most of the way to it, already, if they haven’t already passed it on by!


From the update:

$50k Surprise Stretch!
One dragon of your choice included for FREE at the $245+ pledge level!

Drake II erupts on Kickstarter

Action Games Miniatures has their Drake II: Horizons Kickstarter campaign underway. It’s already more than 2x funded, so it’s onward to stretch goals for 28 days.


From the campaign:

A powerful dragon army rises from the South in the second chapter of Drake: The Dragon Wargame, a 28mm miniature fantasy skirmish game.

Drake II coming soon

Action Games Miniatures has announced they will be running a second Kickstarter for their Drake system in order to expand the line and hopefully bring the game to the commercial market.


From the announcement:

Hey all!
It is time for Drake to return! Many people from all over the world have asked us if they can get involved in our amazing game, now is the time! Thanks to the support of our amazing backers over the last year, we are able to offer a 4th force for our game. This exciting campaign will hopefully unlock some awesome stretch goals and allow us to raise money for packaging and shipping, to launch our game commercially.
In celebration of this announcement we present our Drake Mini-Book. Please download a copy!

Come with us! Join as a Dragon general in the land of Dara, and help bring Drake to game stores around the globe

Action Games Miniatures to start shipping Drake: The Dragon Wargame

Action Games Miniatures regrouped after their first Kickstarter for Drake and had a very successful second run, making over 1000% funding. Now they’re about to start shipping out the game to an anxious public.


From the announcement:

Our Dragon Game is about to leave the nest! Time to start letting the world know.

Drake: The Dragon Wargame is about to send its first shipment. Presenting the first of many cool dragons: The Rish Dragon. We are updating our website with all our new minis and rules and getting ready to start sharing our style with the world, come check us out!

Action Games Miniatures taking post-Kickstarter orders on their website for Drake

Action Games Miniatures had a lot of success with their Drake Kickstarter the second time around. They know not everyone might have been able to partake in the event, so have started taking pre-orders on their website as well for any who may have missed out.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone!

WOW what an incredible Kickstarter! Thank you all so very much for such an amazing experience!

In response to requests from the public AGM will be offering a PAY PAL page which will still give you the same options as our Kickstarter for a limited time, ending on May 3rd.

Check out our Kickstarter page if you wish to become a Dragon General and summon deadly creatures! Or want to add some unique and incredible models to you collection. All our Kickstarter deals and stretch goals will stand until the 3rd of May ONLY.

Here is the page on our website you can order from, there are great graphics there but our kickstarter page has the best info and details (and the deals still stand till the 3rd even tho its over!)

Final day for Drake from Action Games Miniatures on Kickstarter

Action Games Miniatures has just one day left on Kickstarter for their Drake: The Dragon Wargame. Can they make it to $100k?

From the update:

I wanted to take some time here to take about our game and story, as well as where we are headed in the future. I also have some tasty concept art tid bits to share!

Cousins: Draconic cousins are a really interesting part of our development. Not only do they provide an awesome opportunity for living ancient beasts to run wild, but they offer important insight into the old world, and the structure of power created by Dragon society. Cousins are by and large fairly intelligent beings, many of which equal or exceed the mental capacity of an average human. The awakening was traumatic for them, and most were keen to keep the ties they shared with their Dragon lords. The new world is an exciting place however, and as the cousins become more adjusted to their new environment, some may begin to question their place, and wish to start exploring Dara on their own…

Speaking of cousins, the Lo’san have long been formidable guard beasts of Dragon lairs. Scavengers who are attracted to the remains of the mighty Dragons kills, they have for many centuries guarded their large master’s homes with loud throaty calls alerting all nearby of intruders.

Action Games Miniatures posts Drake warbands photos

Action Games Miniatures has posted up photos of two of their painted-up warbands over on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:


Thanks everybody for helping us unlock Soo’lan The Water Nymph as the 72K stretch goal! This deadly lady is now available as a $15 upgrade.

To celebrate, we’d like to share some awesome group photos we shot today. We hope you like ’em.


Action Games Miniatures posts up video battle report for Drake

Action Games Miniatures has posted up a new video battle report for their Drake: The Dragon Wargame, which is in their final couple days on Kickstarter.

From the update:

AGM is very proud to present this battle report video!

We had a great time making it and wish to thank the entire crew for their hard work and dedication. THANKS GUYS!!!

Our Kickstarter is in its final week, there is still plenty of time to get into our game at a big discount and we hope everyone checks out the page for all the goodies!

Action Games Miniatures’ Drake makes it past $65k, previews Drak Rider render

Action Games Miniatures is showing off another 3D render for Drake: The Dragon Wargame over on their Kickstarter. They’ve also made it past the $65k mark.

From the update:

Wow… seriously we LOVE this model. Really an excellent example of our game style. Behold the Rivercrest Drak Rider!

Only the most loyal humans are permitted the great honer of riding a Drak. A feat that is both respected and feared…

AGM is proud to offer this model as a FREE stretch goal for our Drake: The Dragon Wargame Kickstarter campaign!

Action Games Miniatures updates their Drake: The Dragon Wargame Kickstarter with new model photos and renders

Action Games Miniatures keeps rolling along with their Drake: The Dragon Wargame Kickstarter project, making over 6x what they were hoping for. They’ve got some new 3D renders up as well as some painted finished versions.

From the update:

AGM is proud to present these painted Rivercrest Swordsmen from our Drake Kickstarter campaign! As well our incredibly beautiful and very dangerous High Priestess.

Check out our campaign for all the details and our awesome Dragons!!!

Drake previews RiverCrest Swordsmen and The Twins in their Kickstarter

Action Games Miniatures broke $50k in their funding. They’re also showing off some WIP versions of their Rivercrest Swordsmen as well as a 3D render of The Twins.

From the update:

Greetings my fellow Dragons!

We have made it to $50K!!! AWESOME thank you all so very, very, very, very much!! Next up is our Hardcover Rulebook and to make this goal even more incredible I present a special companion piece: our book-loving, nation-destroying, army-building, sisters of mayhem… The Twins!

These beauties are included FREE with every $240+ pledge when our Hardcover Rulebook stretch goal is reached!

Drake passes $45K Stretch goal and reveals Eradicators

Action Games Miniatures is doing rather well over on Kickstarter, having made it through their $45k stretch goal. Woot!
They’re also showing off new Eradicators units.

From the update:

Drake has passed our $45,000 stretch goal! The Oolen spirit creation has been added to every army box for FREE (3 are added to the ultimate collection.) It is with great pleasure that we reveal the ERADICATORS!!!

Under $5K to go until players can field one of these Ultra-heavy Chant Creations. We also have a new video on the Kickstarter website with some Infantry and small based models being un-boxed. Lots more surprises to come , thank you everyone!

Drake passes $40k stretch goal, adds Heavy Infantry

Drake: The Dragon Wargame by Action Games Miniatures has made it up and over their $40k stretch goal and added heavy infantry to people’s orders.

From the update:

Drake: The Dragon wargame just passed its $40K Stretch goal. New FREE heavy infantry added to every army box level or above pledge. Our first Podcast is available through the updates section (update #24) detailing some of the gruesome mystical details of some of our new models. Army list summaries and additional game data are available in our updates section as well.

New models will be out for preview this week. With a month left to go on our Kickstarter we will certainly have more exciting announcements ahed!

Drake unlocks another stretch goal, posts up next

Drake: The Dragon Wargame has a new dragon unlocked in their Kickstarter campaign. Next up is heavy infantry.

From the update:

Massive beasts, unstoppable Dragons, deadly summoned creatures, Dara is a land of peril. Wise generals will field Heavy Infantry along their ordinary rank and file to punch through tough enemies.

One unit of 3 models added FREE to all Army Box’s and higher pledges when we hit this stretch goal.

Drake gets funded, lots of time on clock

Action Games Miniatures has made it well above their funding goal for Drake: The Dragon Wargame. They’ve still got a lot of time to get more, though.

From the announcement:

WOW!! We have been funded and hit our first 3 stretch goals all in under 24 hours!

Our powerful cavalry, deadly female heroes, and now Drons are all unlocked!!!!

Enjoy this picture of the Rish force Lieutenant the “Jern.”

We have tons of awesome new stretch goals, wikked new models and videos coming up. Dragons Rule

Action Games Miniatures previews the Mammoth for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render they’re working on for Drake with the Mammoth.

From the preview:

Mammoth beast WIP

Here is a Great W.I.P that we are working on right now. Karak and Hel’sender. Grom Champion and his favored pet/mount/killing machine. We can’t wait to have all the finishing touches done and have this beasty combo out for you to see!

Action Games Miniatures previews painted Glypton mini

Action Games Miniatures has a preview of the new printed and painted Glypton mini for Drake.

From the preview:

Glypton beast development.

Here is the 3D design, and finished model for our Garrick Force Glypton beast. These creatures have a devastating short range Area Effect attack using solidifying magma to encase those lucky enough to survive the scorching heat. More models coming soon!

Action Games Miniatures previews Ghast The Alchemist, and Son for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render for Drake. This one is for Ghast the Alchemist and son.

From the preview:

Heres a quick look at our first “Un-aligned” model which can be available to any Force.

Fleeing the destruction of his mountain tribe this brilliant but brooding creature sells his services to the highest bidder. Poison weapons, intoxicating brews that make even the meekest troops fight like lions, and clouds of static charged smoke make him well worth the money!

There will be some changes to pose and positioning before we cast this bad boy. As with several of our infantry sized models we have displayed lately, this pose is not totally finalized. (however the final won’t be too wildly different, no hand stands for this fellow!)

Action Games Miniatures clears up some questions about their Drake level 4 perk

Action Games Miniatures has been very responsive to the questions and comments to their news posts. Pretty awesome of them. They’ve wanted to give some more detail about their Level 4 purchase level over on Indiegogo.

From the update:

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments and words of encouragement so far; much appreciated! Our DRAKE box is really the best and most cost effective way to get into our game. For 50 bucks you get 1 huge Dragon, 3 elite troops, a mighty warrior beast, 60 card deck, rules and dice. Our listed “Starter Box’s” are more like army box’s, and include enough models for a sizable game. The combination of models and cards really adds resolution to every move, making games with a few models really enjoyable. Imagine giving the leader of your favorite mini game a customizable spell deck, rather then a fixed list of abilities. Thats what we have done here! Our cards are sold in an open format, meaning that you know which cards are in a pack before you buy. Check our Indiegogo video for more info on game play. Thanks! (Battle report video coming soon…)

Action Games Miniatures posts up video of new models for Drake

Action Games Miniatures continues their campaign over on Indiegogo to fund Drake. To help out, they’ve got a video up of what they’ve been working on behind-the-scenes.

From the update:

WERE BACK! Action Games took a short break to produce a ton of new sculpts as well as a new video with more details about our game. People have wanted to see more about our world and we are happy to provide it! Here is our new Promo video, please check out our Indiegogo for LOTS of new sculpts, HUGE New Starter Boxs, and great new art.

New 3D artwork for Drake from Action Games Miniatures

Drake keeps chugging along on Indiegogo. Action Games Miniatures has got a pair of new art pieces to show off today for the game.

From the preview:

Gearing up for some big things this week. Beta Quickstart rules for all to inspect soon! FORCE pics of our ready to be printed 3D starter sets, and if all holds well one of our Dragons IN THE FLESH!

Here are some 3D busts of our GARRICK Dragon force’s foot soldiers. The Great tribes produce many warriors, here we have the fleet and dexterous Cherek hunters and well as their large powerful relatives the Grom!

Action Games Miniatures previews Madness of Kel’est for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us a look at another of the Drake miniatures with the Madness of Kel’est.

From the preview:

Here is our completed Madness of Kel’est beast. Now call me old fashioned but I love the idea of a spirit so tortured and twisted out of reality that it fights to the death and then explodes… This one belongs to the RISH force for our awesome new game DRAKE. Complete pictures of all our starter forces in their glory will be out soon. More finished (and painted) models to come… Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our American Friends!