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Action Games Miniatures released their new 1-Player bundles for Drake over in their webshop.Builders-bundleMystics-bundle SourceFrom the release:We at AGM are very proud to release our first 1 Player
Action Games Miniatures has some new miniatures they've added to their new webshop.They're also having themselves a sale.SourceFrom the announcement:We've added new models to the store! The Terrax, Ka
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
Action Games Miniatures has opened up their webstore for Drake, their fantasy miniatures game.SourceFrom the announcement:Drake is a fantasy miniature wargame where each player fields an army led by a
Action Games Miniatures has posted up the starter rules for Drake on their website. They're free to download, so why not grab yourself a copy?SourceFrom the announcement:AGM is proud to present these
Actin Games Miniatures has opened up their PayPal option for people that couldn't get in on their Drake II Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:Alright everyone its time for the amazing Pa
Action Games Miniatures is down to the home stretch for their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They've made it through a bunch of stretch goals, so your pledge is worth just that much more. Go check it
Action Games Miniatures makes it through some more stretch goals over on Kickstarter for their Drake II Kickstarter project.SourceFrom the update:Stretch Details:$82K - Crotalis - The Sand Viper of De
Action Games Miniatures has some more stretch goals up on their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They've got 10 days left to break through a couple of them.SourceFrom the campaign:In the breeding chambe
Action Games Miniatures has posted up the 3D render for their Kickstarter-exclusive mini that's part of their Drake II campaign.Source
Action Games Miniatures has a preview render up of the Shisha stretch goal for their Drake miniatures game Kickstarter. There's a good chance it seems that they'll make it.Full-size photo is way down
Action Games Miniatures posted up some new stretch goals for their Drake Kickstarter campaign. They've already gone through some of them in the process.SourceFrom the update:We have unveiled some very
Action Games Miniatures has announced a surprise stretch goal as part of their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They're most of the way to it, already, if they haven't already passed it on by!SourceFrom
Action Games Miniatures has their Drake II: Horizons Kickstarter campaign underway. It's already more than 2x funded, so it's onward to stretch goals for 28 days.SourceFrom the campaign:A powerful dra
Action Games Miniatures has announced they will be running a second Kickstarter for their Drake system in order to expand the line and hopefully bring the game to the commercial market.SourceFrom the
Action Games Miniatures regrouped after their first Kickstarter for Drake and had a very successful second run, making over 1000% funding. Now they're about to start shipping out the game to an anxiou
Action Games Miniatures had a lot of success with their Drake Kickstarter the second time around. They know not everyone might have been able to partake in the event, so have started taking pre-orders
Action Games Miniatures has just one day left on Kickstarter for their Drake: The Dragon Wargame. Can they make it to $100k?From the update:I wanted to take some time here to take about our game and s
Action Games Miniatures has posted up photos of two of their painted-up warbands over on their Kickstarter page.From the update:Hello!Thanks everybody for helping us unlock Soo'lan The Water Nymph as
Action Games Miniatures has posted up a new video battle report for their Drake: The Dragon Wargame, which is in their final couple days on Kickstarter.From the update:AGM is very proud to present thi
Action Games Miniatures is showing off another 3D render for Drake: The Dragon Wargame over on their Kickstarter. They've also made it past the $65k mark.From the update:Wow... seriously we LOVE this
Action Games Miniatures keeps rolling along with their Drake: The Dragon Wargame Kickstarter project, making over 6x what they were hoping for. They've got some new 3D renders up as well as some paint
Action Games Miniatures broke $50k in their funding. They're also showing off some WIP versions of their Rivercrest Swordsmen as well as a 3D render of The Twins.From the update:Greetings my fellow Dr
Action Games Miniatures is doing rather well over on Kickstarter, having made it through their $45k stretch goal. Woot!They're also showing off new Eradicators units.From the update:Drake has passed o
Drake: The Dragon Wargame by Action Games Miniatures has made it up and over their $40k stretch goal and added heavy infantry to people's orders.From the update:Drake: The Dragon wargame just passed i
Drake: The Dragon Wargame has a new dragon unlocked in their Kickstarter campaign. Next up is heavy infantry.From the update:Massive beasts, unstoppable Dragons, deadly summoned creatures, Dara is a l