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Dr. Finn's Games

It's another Sunday. To those of you that celebrate it, Happy Easter. To the rest, I hope your Sunday is just as awesome as well.I had my traditional hard boiled eggs and cold kielbasa this morning. I
Board Game Quest takes a look at Dr. Finn's Games latest work, The Institute for Magical Arts in this new game preview article.SourceFrom the post:The Archmage is dead. The time has come to decide who
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
Dr. Finn's Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Institute for Magical Arts, their new card and dice game. They've passed their funding goal, so it's stretch goal for the next 19 days.Source
Dr. Finn's Games has a Kickstarter campaign going on for their new board game, Let Them Eat Shrimp.I could go for some shrimp right about now...SourceFrom the campaign:For video reviews of other Dr. F