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Doublesix Dice

Busy preparations this weekend. It's the week of Christmas and so I'm a busy little baking bear. Yesterday was brownies, two batches of chocolate chip cookies, and a batch of caramel-filled dark-chocolate-chip cookies. Today I've got four more types I'm planning on making. Did I mention being busy? So it's just a quick stop in here to get you some bite-sized stories for you to nosh on while I work on things for people to nosh on at the office this week.

Today's stories include: Doublesix Dice now available to the public, Name Left Hand Miniatures January 2016 Releases Contest, and Khurasan releases15mm Modern Israelis.

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Doublesix Dice are dodecahedron dice that have 1-6 on them twice that are supposedly better at rolling and balance than traditional d6. They've got a campaign going now on Kickstarter to fund them.


From the campaign:

By making the d6 a dodecahedron, the die will not only roll better, but be more weight-balanced as opposing sides have the same number of engraved pips.

Doublesix Dice can also be the perfect gateway accessory: Swap in your Doublesixes for the stale dice in your non-gamer friends' games (like Monopoly and Backgammon), and soon they will be wanting to take on Advanced D&D.

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