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Dominion of the Gods

Dominion of the Gods from Comfy Chair Games has just around 2 days left on Kickstarter with still a ways to go to get to their funding level. To help things along, they're showing off another green th
Comfy Chair Games is giving you more models in their Kickstarter starter box armies for Dominion of the Gods.From the update:We have just upped the model In our Kickstarter to 6 models per Quickstart
Comfy Chair Games is going insane and they've got the minis to prove it with adding Lovecraftian horrors to Dominion of the Gods.From the update:We are happy to announce the addition to the QuickStart
Comfy Chair Games keeps rowing the boat over on their Kickstarter campaign. They've recently put up some new photos, including the Celtic starter box art.From the update:Comfy Chair Games has released
Comfy Chair Games got their Dominion of the Gods Tactical Miniatures Game Kickstarter project underway. Go have a look-see.From the campaign:See what it feels like to fight Pantheon vs. Pantheon! Gods