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Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

Exterminate! Exterminate!The Daleks have been the nemesis of the Doctor for seemingly forever. Will he ever be able to finally stop those nefarious constructs and their plans to conquer? That's just w
We've seen a lot of different previews about how the different Doctors work in Time of the Daleks, the new Doctor Who board game coming from Gale Force Nine. But what about the Doctor's greatest nemes
Tom Baker was my favorite Doctor. That's just how it is. When I was first introduced to Doctor Who, it was via the physics club at Truman State. I know. "How nerdy can you get?" A bunch of physics stu
Sometimes, you need to get some help from someone else. But, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Thankfully for the Doctor, he can do both at the same time. In Time of the Dale
Bow ties. Only certain people can really rock the look. Orville Reddenbacker. Alton Brown. Bill Nye. Matt Smith certainly did as well in his portrayal of the 11th iteration of The Doctor. Soon he'll b
It's time to once more look into the future (of sorts) by seeing what waits in store for us in the Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks board game that's coming out from Gale Force Nine. This time around, w
Gale Force Nine likes to put in special surprises with their first print-run of games. You could get special cards or scenarios. For Time of the Daleks, they're adding in a fan-favorite from the Docto
As the various incarnation of the Doctors look to defeat the robotic Daleks in Time of the Daleks, they will be headed all across time and space, going on adventures, recruiting companions, and meetin
Everyone has an opinion about which Doctor incarnation was the best one on Doctor Who. Though they were all the same person (of sorts), each certainly did have their own personality and style. For And
When one goes gallivanting all across time and space, it's a good idea to have someone go along with you. You know, someone to watch your back, talk to, and make sure your scarf is clean. That kind of
The cultural impact of Doctor Who is undeniable. Especially if you're in the "nerd crowd," you see references and allusions to it all over. And it's not just the older Doctors who get referenced. The
There are a lot of iconic items in Doctor Who. From giant scarves to the sonic screwdriver, but even those pale in comparison to the TARDIS. Yes, the police call box that's bigger on the inside and is
For the majority of us, movement is a 3D experience. You can go forward, backward, left, right, up, down, and any combination thereof. However, we're all pretty much locked into one direction when it
Doctor Who... it's almost hard to put it into perspective. It's been around basically forever, has had billions of watchers over the course of that time, and is a worldwide phenomenon. Even if you're
Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.Ok, so time isn't so easy. It's actually all wibbly-wobbly, if you believe the Doctor, anyway (and why wouldn't you?). Well, if you're able to trave