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Discover: Lands Unknown

Each box of Discover: Lands Unknown is different. You never know just what you're going to run into out there. It's best to take a buddy. While originally competitive, Fantasy Flight has posted up rul
Discover: Lands Unknown is truly that. Since each and every box for the game will contain different contents, it's impossible to guess what you might get. So you really are discovering unknown lands w
Discover: Lands Unknown will take players into... well... unknown lands. The race for survival will be on, and you will have to work both with and against the other players in order to survive and get
KeyForge is Fantasy Flight's first ever unique game, where every deck of cards you get is different from any other. They are also soon to come out with their next game like that. Discover: Lands Unkno
Discover: Lands Unknown is Fantasy Flight's upcoming unique board game. Every single box will contain different components from the rest. No two sets will be fully the same. However, the overall theme