Diemension Games

Photos From Gen Con Day 3

Gen Con this year has been everything I was expecting it to be. Mostly: filled with awesome stuff to see and filled with lots of people! Saturday has always been the busiest day, and yesterday was no exception. And while there was a mildly-noticeable larger crowd, we weren't all packed in like sardines, for the most part. You could still get around to see all the great booths here at the show. Though taking pictures was sometimes difficult. But take them I did. And here they are for you to see.

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Dimension Games Launches Deep Madness Kickstarter

At the bottom of the ocean, a mysterious sphere has been found. Nobody knows where it's come from or its purpose here on Earth. One thing is known, though. It takes the human mind and twists it, warps it, and changes it. Now, an entire deep-sea mining facility has been corrupted. Will you survive the madness? That's the story behind Deep Madness, the new cooperative horror board game from Diemension Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

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