Outrider passes funding goal on Kickstarter

Outrider, by DiceFestGames, has passed the funding goal checkpoint over on Kickstarter. There's still 23 days to go to get in on stretch goals.


From the campaign:

Outrider, the turn-based game of post-apocalyptic Car Combat has made its funding goal! The Kickstarter campaign is now working towards its first stretch goal, offering exclusive bonus vehicles for the campaign backers.

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Outrider Tuner Deck released

DiceFestGames have released the Outrider Tuner Deck for their print-and-play Outrider vehicle combat game. Tuner Deck From their announcement:
The Tejas Speed Shop Tuner Deck has arrived. This deck adds 32 pieces of bolt-on equipment designed to boost your Outrider ride's performance and defensive capabilities. The set also includes new components such as range cards that can augment or outright replace the original range ruler,new tokens for tracking equipment effects as well as some +3 and +4 tokens to make those augmented bonuses a bit easier to track. all this goodness is available individually for $1.99 from dicefestgames.com or as part of the new Jumpstarter Bundle, which also includes the base game and the damage deck, together in one, big set.

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Outrider 'Speed Shop' preview

DiceFestGames are previewing the next supplement for their Outrider car combat game. Tuner dash From their announcement:
DiceFestGames is preparing to release its second 'Bolt-On' for Outrider. The second expansion features 'Tuner-Cards' representing various performance and defensive upgrades that can be attached to a vehicle. The DiceFest blog features a sneakl peek at the cards, including a few samples from the cutting room floor.

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Dealin' Damage expansion for Outrider is released

DiceFestGames have released the Dealin' Damage expansion for their Outrider vehicle combat rules. Damage cards From their announcement:
DiceFestGames has released the first 'Bolt-On' expansion for Outrider, a Print & Play game of post-apocalyptic car combat. Dealin' Damage adds a new level of detail to Outrider's damage track. Instead of just losing Armor Tokens, players can lose something crucial with each hit suffered. Tires blowout, engines sputter and stall, weapons jam and ultimately fail and your armor could shear off - taking parts of your car with it! Even the vehicle's driver isn't safe: one bullet could injure or outright kill the driver. The Dealin' Damage Bolt-On contains rules, damage cards, targeted damage cards, critical effect cards as well as a set of smoke and debris markers.

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