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There's a new expansion for Detective available to pre-order on the Portal Games website. It's Petty Officers, and it adds something desperately needed in most games: fuzzy animals! (... oh... I get i
The next episode in the Detective line of games from Portal Games, Vienna Connection, is now available. Not everything is beer gardens and sausages along the Danube. Head in there and partake in some
Portal Games has quite a 2021 planned out in front of them. Of course, plans are probably going to change, because they always do, but it's best to start with a plan anyway. So, what all are they work
Many of you have enjoyed the Detective game and its various expansions. Well, if you're a big sci-fi buff, you'll be interested to know that Portal Games has announced Dune: House Secrets, a new serie
Portal Games has started taking pre-orders for their Vienna Connection game. This is a new, stand-alone title in the Detective line of games that places players in the role of CIA operatives looking t
Y'all really seem to love Detective. I mean, it's got high praises from everyone and has won tons of awards. And so, just like they do with video games, there's a new special edition coming out celebr
You've been (maybe not-so patiently) waiting for it, but it's finally here. Portal Games has posted up their big preview all about Detective: Season One. If you're wanting to know about this new set,
Just like how a movie gets hyped up with a good trailer, so can a board game. If you're excited about Season One of Detective coming soon from Portal Games, they've got a new trailer up to give you so
There's a lot of crime out there on the streets, detective, and it's up to you to solve the case and bring justice to the criminals. At least, that's what you'll be doing when Detective: Season One hi
Want to get to the bottom of the case, solve the crime, and be the hero? Well, in Dig Deeper, you can. It's a new stand-alone case for Detective that was written by Rob Daviau and is available now fro
A new case is coming for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game from Portal Games. In Dig Deeper, you'll head to Boston in the 1970s. Along with maybe hitting up a Bruins game, you'll also be heading in
Since many game stores are closed and many products are being delayed and we're not supposed to go outside anyway, However, nobody says you can't go online and download stuff. In fact, that's what the
Detective: Season One is the much-anticipated expansion that is coming soon from Portal Games. We know it's coming, but what will be inside of it? That's what we get a look at in this rather detailed
The thing with having an app as part of your game is that you can easily add more content to it by just letting players download things directly to said app. So, for players who have an Antares accoun
A crime wave is hitting the city. Three cases have landed on your desk and you need to solve them. But they're not going to be easy. You'll have to weigh out the clues, investigate, and finally bring
Los Angeles. A glowing gem on the Southern California coast. Hollywood. Glitz. Glamor. And crime. Lots of crime. That's where you come in, looking to solve the toughest crimes in Detective: City of An
You've been waiting for it, and now you can go out and get it. The L.A. Crimes expansion is now available for Detective from Portal Games. Head to Hollywood and find your way through a sea of crime to
Los Angeles in the 80's. You wouldn't find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, and it's your job to go in and clean it up. Or, at the very least, bring some of its criminals to justice. But to