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For the rest of us, it's just December. But for Fantasy Flight, it's Descentember. They've got a month of giveaways, extras, and surprises for their popular board game series. Head on over and check i
The next chapter in the Descent line of games, Legends of the Dark is a new starting point for those looking to get into the lands of Terrinoth. Join forces and make your way through the deep dungeons
There's a new version of Descent just on the horizon. It's called Legends of the Dark and it will bring the dungeon-delving excitement back to your tabletops. But just how will the game work compared
Fantasy Flight Game has two big board games that they've been working on, Unfathomable and Legends of the Dark. If you're craving more info about either (or both), then you'll want to tune in to Fanta
The new Descent game, called Legends of the Dark, is coming soon from Fantasy Flight. As usual, you'll be heroes looking to save the world of Terrinoth. But who will you be saving it from? That's just
A new Descent game, Legends of the Dark, is making its way to your tabletops soon. As always, there's various heroes that will be heading into those creepy, crawly spaces. Who are they and who will yo
Terrinoth is back. Fantasy Flight's fantasy setting that they've used in many different games is making a resurgence in Descent: Legends of the Dark, a new dungeon-crawl board game that the company is
Descent: Journeys in the Dark looks to bring the character building and adventure of an RPG and put it into a board game. Now, if you're like me, you are always looking for that cool, new character to
In Descent: Journeys in the Dark, players get to choose their own class for their hero. There's several to pick from, but veteran gamers might want some more options. That's where Lost Legends comes i
When your game uses a digital app, it can be a great way to bring in more content directly to your players. And since Descent: Journeys In the Dark from Fantasy Flight uses an app, they've created a n
One thing about making a game have a digital app component is that a company can release a new scenario and simply make it available for purchase through the app. You can then buy it and play it basic
There's sometimes an issue that can come up with our favorite games: having the same thing happen all the time. Even games with lots of randomizing factors can end up feeling a bit same-y if you play
Fantasy Flight Games has a nice batch of new releases available for you this week. If you're a fan of either RuneBound or Descent, you'll want to check it out. If you're a fan of their The End of the
Terrinoth's Mistlands aren't someplace many people go to vacation. You're not going to see travel agents selling holiday package deals to visit it. I'd go out on a limb and say that's mostly because o
Descent is a one-vs-many game. While most players take on the role of a hero, one gets to play as the Overlord. They're basically the "Dungeon Master" player. But unlike an RPG, they're not out there
Descent is a game of nearly infinite expansions (so it sometimes seems). The original game had quite a lot released for it. Then came the new edition. Well, to make sure you can play all those old exp
Two different previews for you today from Fantasy Flight Games for Descent. One's a new Heroes and Monster pack, while the other heats things up a little with a campaign utilizing the Road to Legend a
Descent had quite a lot of expansions come out for it before it changed to the 2nd edition. Making sure that people get to play with all those cool figures if they like the new edition has been a prio
I've always been a fan of a nice walk through the fog. As a morning person, this gets to happen on several occasions. However, if that fog is filled with undead, it's not always such a good thing to b
There were a lot of releases for the original version of Descent. Fantasy Flight Games has been working back through that catalog in order to update things to the 2nd edition. And it's one of those se
Have you ever gotten together with friends for a gaming night and had some people want to RP and some people want to play a board game? I've had that sort of thing happen before. Usually, the compromi
One of my favorite atmospheric phenomenon is fog. Honestly, I just love the stuff. It's one reason I like winters in Georgia. There's generally a proliferation of cool, foggy mornings. Sure, spooky th
They say that variety is the spice of life. It's nice to have options, particularly in your gaming. Just a few changes here and there can turn an old favorite into a new favorite. Well, Fantasy Flight
Those pesky undead. They seem to show up at the most inopportune times. And not all are created equal. While most of us gamers might look at a skeleton, even one in some armor, and go, "Meh, it's just
Bleh! Bleh! I vant to suck your blood! Bleh! Bleh!Ok, I doubt that Kyndrithul actually sounds anything like the world's worst Bella Lugosi impression, but a vampire he still remains, and his Lieutenan