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Deraj Studios

It's Friday, and many of you up in Indianapolis, enjoying Gen Con. Remember, if you are there, do the "Gen Con 3, 2, 1". Every 24 hours, get at least: 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. Remember
Happy Weekend Eve!As always, I'm excited that it's Friday. I've got D&D tonight and then a weekend of cleaning. But hey, there's still some gaming in there. But before I pretend I'm a blue dragonborn
Well, we're here on Wednesday. Or is it Friday, since I won't be in the office tomorrow? Either way, you're getting a Snippets post!As with the other "aggregate posts" of the past couple days, it's a
It's time once again for Friday. Now, normally, the week after a "short week" (such as last week) feels like they take forever. At least, to me they do. That's why if given my druthers, I'd have a Mon
It's another Guns 'N' Roses Weather Day here in GA. We've had one just about every day so far of this month. I'm certainly happy about that. Though I've never lived in the PNW, I've always sort of wan
I trust that everyone had themselves a safe and fun Halloween. Anyone see any good gaming-themed costumes out there? Also, did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep afterward? That's the part I enjoyed th
Deraj Studios posted up some photos of the Jack O'Lantern mini they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:We've added a few photos of our new Jack O'Lantern sculpt in our galleries. Happy Halloween!
Deraj Studios has some new greens they're previewing for the Damian and Mud Familiar minis they're working.Note: For some reason, the previous version of this post was acting up. Trying to edit it to
Deraj Studios is showing off the WIP for their Slorn Packbeast they've been working on for Portals: Worlds Collide.SourceFrom the preview:Our new Slorn Packbeast with Tryl Merchant, for our in-develop
Deraj Studios has a couple WIP shots up of the new Usurper miniatures they're working on for their new skirmish game.SourceFrom the preview:New Usurper miniatures for the in-development skirmish game,
Deraj Studios announces second wave of releases:From their announcement:Our Second Wave of figures will be released December 3rd. Included in this release are the Forerunner resin ( Awesomecast ) vers
Derja Studios is looking for Beta-Testers for their upcoming skirmish game.From their announcement:Deraj Studios is searching for Beta-Testers of our innovative strategy skirmish game, Portals: Worlds
Deraj Studios is having a 50% off sale on their online store. From their announcement: From today 'till 9/29/2011 we're having a 50% off sale to earn funds for our next releases. Happy gaming!- Jared
Deraj Studios have posted a new beta version of the Portals: Worlds Collide has been posted. From their announcement: I've revised the Beta Rules and Starter Set Profiles for Portals: Worlds Collide.
Deraj Studios have an website and online store to showcase their Portals: Worlds Collide game. From their announcement: Our website is live, which has information about Deraj Studios and our game, Po