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Demo's Laser-Cut Designs

Well, Thursday is here. I know a lot of people are on their way to Boston for PAX East this weekend. I'm not. But for those that are, here's some travel music for you. I hope you all find your wooden
I hope everyone had a good and productive weekend. To those that went to Salute... I hate you. I wish I could've gone. To everyone who didn't go to Salute, I feel your pain *solidarity*. Seeing as it
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs added the Aardvark Command Center upgrade kit to their webshop as well as some new bundle packs for you to check out.SourceFrom the announcement:The NEW Aardvark Command Cente
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs released a new 5-pack of shipping containers over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:I am pleased to announce the release of the new 28mm Shipping Container 5-pack.Item #
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs keeps the enemy hordes at bay with the release of their new Blast Walls packs and Jersey Barriers.SourceFrom the release:Blast Walls and K-Rails have just been added to our st
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has released their new Hippo Armored Troop Transport vehicle along with a lot of accessories to customize it.SourceFrom the release:Looking for an armored troop transport that
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has released their new Wyvern APC over in their webstore.From the release:The Wyvern APC will quickly deliver your troops to where you need them on the battle field. The model
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs gives you some more options for their Alpha Fortress One with their new releases.From the update:Today three new items have been added to our online store for Alpha Fortress O
Graven Games posted a review of the Ruined Bridge and Sewer Entrances made by Demo's Laser-Cut Designs.From the review:Today we’ve got 2 more laser-cut terrain kits to show you, both are 28mm scale an
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs have new Fortress Terrain pieces as well as two weapon emplacements available over on their website.From the release:Today we are letting our customers know of our newest pre-
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has put up two new terrain pieces in their webstore: Chinese Hand Cart and Football Uprights.From the release:With football season upon us. DLCD is releasing a 28mm 2-pack of
Graven Games wants to make sure you get the best terrain possible. So they've done a review of two pieces to let you know how they measure up.From the review:It’s about time we reviewed some laser cut
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has released the first 3 of their new fantasy terrain line: the windmill, roadside shop and cottage.From the release:Today starts a new branch of the DLCD line, Fantasy Terrai
Demo's Laser-Cut Design has a new London Police Box terrain accessory piece. Doctor sold separately.From the release:This kit includes enough laser-cut parts to create one Police Box and includes a 40
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs just released a new Filling Station terrain piece as well as several accessory packs to go inside of it (or any other buildings you might have, for that matter).From the relea
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has a new building expansion kit for their terrain pieces for you to make your tabletop look just that much better.From the release:Item #: B008-2ND - This building kit is com
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs gives you options for your buildings with their new variety of facades available on their website.From the update:We now have 6 new themed 28mm 3-story ruined building fronts
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has been having problems with shipping costs via their eBay store, and so are going to be closing it down.SPECIAL NOTICE: We will be taking down our eBay store on 4/7/12 due t
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs is here to save you from having a dull gaming table with their new office buildings and helipad.From the release:We now offer a Square Modular Office Building for people to ad
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs wants your table to look awesome and have come out with new terrain pieces to make sure it does.From the update:Today sees 5 new Prop packs added to our eBay store!Also be on
Demo's Laser-Cut Designs has posted the work-in-progress for their HQ Building. From their post:On our workbench we are tinkering with a Fire Station/Supernatural Eliminators HQ building. We are still
Demos Laser-Cut Designs have 3 new items added to their catalog:From their website:The first is a series of Building Topper Marquees and Letter kits for those that want to dress up their buildings mor
Demo Laser Cut Designs has announced the launch of four new buildings.From their announcement:Today we are pleased to announce the launch of four new buildings requested by many people who have been k
Demo Laser Cut Design has sponsored 2 events at Ron Con in Rockford Illinois.From their announcement:Hi everyone!Steve here from DLCD. We wanted to let people know about 2 of the sponsored games we wi
Demo's Laser Cut Designs is now open for international sales.From their announcement:Like I promised in the comments of our last news article international shipping has opened today Oct 1st. OK so tec