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Ral Partha has released new goblins for Demonworld. And they're on bugs.From the update:Following on from our previous batch of releases for Dwarves we have some miniatures for anothervertically chall
RPE -Ral Partha Europe announce the release of Demonworld Dwarves:From their announcement:The first batch of 15mm Dwarves are up on the site now- more releases to follow soon.4401 Heavy Clan Veterans
Demonworld has posted up their new releases. From their announcement:Before we unleash the Dwarves at the end of the month we have reinforced the races already on sale with more cavalry for Orcs and E
RPE Miniatures have posted up their new releases for this month.From their website:More releases for Demonworld and DSA.For Demonworld 15mm there is a boost for Empire players in the form ofartillery,
Ral Partha Europe have added more 15mm Demonworld figures to their online store. From their announcement: We are pleased to announce the first release of Elves for Demonworld. Releases include Wood e
Ral Partha Europe have added the first Demonworld Isthak releases to their online store. From their announcement: The first releases for 'The Icelords of Isthak' are now available- featuring Ice wi
Ral Partha Europe have posted details of the latest releases for the 15mm Demonworld fantasy game. From their announcement: The second release of Empire miniatures are now available along with down
RedBrick Limited have licensed the Demonworld rules and expansions from FASA and are making them available on Wargame Vault. From their website: RedBrick LLC is pleased to announce that we have licen
Ral Partha Europe has acquired the Demonworld fantasy miniature range. From their announcement: RPE miniatures & Games are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Demonworld range of 15mm minia