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Defiance Games

Defiance Games has posted a longer-form reply to the situation that occurred between them and Torn Armor.SourceFrom the update:Let us preface all this by saying that Defiance Games has had it's share
Defiance Games has posted an open letter rebuttal to the announcement made earlier by Torn Armor. See that post here.SourceFrom the letter:An open letter to Alyssa Faden of Torn Armor.Alyssa,Did you r
Torn Armor has posted up an unfortunate update to their Kickstarter campaign. It seems as though the project is on a forced-hiatus due to money troubles with Defiance Games.SourceFrom the update:Dear
Defiance Games only has a day left on their Power Armor Hardsuit Kickstarter. They've made more than 10x their funding goal, so there's plenty of extras to pick from in the campaign.SourceFrom the cam
Defiance Games has updated their 28mm Power Armor Kickstarter campaign by letting us know that the models will be bigger than originally expected and they're also letting us know what the next stretch
Defiance Games is now under new management.SourceFrom the update:Defiance Games is under new leadership. Gary Pelletier- who has been handling customer service and production issues for the past year
Defiance Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of 28mm Power Armor Hardsuits. They're already well over their funding level, so it's stretch goals for 20 days.SourceFrom th
Defiance Games gives your little mans some cover with their new Hard Plastic Containment Barriers, available now.From the release:5 hard plastic frames with 3 barriers each - 15 barriers will create o
Defiance Games adds to your terrain options with their new hard plastic Shipping Container pieces.From the release:Defiance Games is releasing hard plastic 28mm ISO shipping containers. The hard plast
Defiance Games expands their range with the release of their new Imperial Chinese Militia units over in their webshop.From the announcement:We're incredibly happy to announce the release of our newest
Defiance Games makes their way into the realm of 28mm vehicles with their first one, the UAMC JRAB.From the release:Defiance Games releases its first 28mm (1/56 scale) vehicle for the UAMC Force in th
Defiance Games has started taking pre-orders for their Panzergrenadiers Germans over on their website. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they release next month.From the update:G
Defiance Games wants everyone to know they've got a case of worms (probably many cases) and they want to share them with you. So they've announced their new Aleutian Swamp Worms.From them to you:Defia
Defiance Games is now taking pre-orders for their SF Germans. Be the first gamer on your block with them!From the announcement:Defiance Games future Bundeswehr German Panzergrenadiers are now on pre-o
Defiance Games knows you've been hitting F5 on your keyboards all day waiting for this. So here it is:Ok! You can stop pressing F5 now! Here's what they have to say!We know the Hobby Games community h
Defiance Games shows us an unboxing video of their Alien Bug box for Alien War. See what you're getting inside.From the unboxing:Defiance Games has a video showing all their Alien Bug parts and along
Defiance Games has a bug problem... well, not a problem... They've got bugs and want to share them with you, soon. Get your name on the list.From the announcement:The Defiance Team is very happy to an
Defiance Games has yet some more panzergrenadier heads over on their website. You'll certainly have topper options for these fellas.From the update:Final helmet tab - you get 3 of these in the box.
Defiance Games is proud to say their minis armies are fully integrated along gender lines with their female panzergrenadier heads.From them to you:Thought you guys would like to see the female head op
Defiance Games first showed you just his weapon, now they've got the whole trooper up to see. Check 'im out!From the preview:I asked Tim to show us a little more of the Panzergrenadiers. This one has
Defiance Games continues to work on their leg designs. Here's one that they posted up on Facebook.From the update:I had to take a break from packing to post this up. Tim Barry - Sculptor Extraordinair
Defiance Games has a preview picture of a German weapon they're working on. Here it is.From the preview:We are redesigning a couple of the German weapons. Originally we were going to have an underslun
Defiance Games is giving you a chance to get a free "Gunny" model with your Marine orders. Check it out!From them to you:As a thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the Defiance Games UAMC Marines 28mm
Defiance Games is working on making their German Panzergrenadier legs just right, and they're taking advice from you on it.From the website:We're looking at the German parts now and finalizing everyth
Defiance Games posts up a video of their first production run at the press. From their site:A little video of the very first PRODUCTION shots coming off the injection press for the USMC - check it out