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Defiance Games posts further explanation

Defiance Games has posted a longer-form reply to the situation that occurred between them and Torn Armor.


From the update:

Let us preface all this by saying that Defiance Games has had it's share of ups and downs and we've made a lot of mistakes along the way. It has definitely not been a pretty journey in the least and we are well aware of our reputation.

Over the last few months we have been regrouping and rebuilding to fix our past and bring new products to the market - helped along by a small, but successful Kickstarter in October.

That all said, we can't stand by and have our reputation further destroyed by statements that only tell a part of the story.

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Defiance Games Rebuttal

Defiance Games has posted an open letter rebuttal to the announcement made earlier by Torn Armor. See that post here.


From the letter:

An open letter to Alyssa Faden of Torn Armor.


Did you really have to take so little responsibility and say that WE failed? After a nice paragraph in which you say you should take the blame, you write a long text blaming us. Wrong.

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Torn Armor Kickstarter rewards "dead in the water"

Torn Armor has posted up an unfortunate update to their Kickstarter campaign. It seems as though the project is on a forced-hiatus due to money troubles with Defiance Games.


From the update:

Dear Backers,

This is not an easy update to send out, but I have always been open, honest and transparent with you all and recently the Torn World team has had to have some very unpleasant conversations regarding “Torn Armor.”

We have hit a major obstacle here – which I will detail below – and it is only fair to be open and clear on the parties involved. I will simply layout the facts as they have occurred and you can form your own conclusions. What I will say is that ultimately you put your faith and trust in me to ensure that this project was delivered, and in that I have failed you. So while the Torn Armor team has hit unforeseen circumstances and been subjected to unprofessional behavior and broken promises, ultimately I am responsible and please direct your frustrations squarely towards me.

A Recap:

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Final day for Defiance Games' Power Armor Kickstarter

Defiance Games only has a day left on their Power Armor Hardsuit Kickstarter. They've made more than 10x their funding goal, so there's plenty of extras to pick from in the campaign.


From the campaign:

Defiance Games' Kickstarter for their UAMC Hardsuits has broken through several stretch goals with loads of extras starting at a $65 pledge.

Get in on the action before it closes out Wednesday night.

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Defiance Games updates their 28mm Power Suit Kickstarter campaign with new stretch goal and model size change

Defiance Games has updated their 28mm Power Armor Kickstarter campaign by letting us know that the models will be bigger than originally expected and they're also letting us know what the next stretch goals will be.


From the update:

I'm officially announcing that our UAMC HARDSUITS will actually be larger than we have previously stated. They are going to be the size equivalent to a Games Workshop Space Marine Terminator!! They will be on 40mm bases.

If we make over $22,000 with this project we will be releasing a UAMC FEMALE MARINE set. The FEMALE MARINE set will include 14 female marine figures. This includes a 12 woman squad and 2 hardbeam toting heavy weapons figures. All of these figures are in their concept stage currently and part of the goal for this one is to get us top grade sculpts! The lead time on these will be much longer than the hardsuits and the German mech. We would expect to get these figures released in 5-6 months but we will add a couple of months to properly ensure the quality of the product. Expect the delivery of the UAMC FEMALE MARINES around July/August 2014.

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Defiance Games is under new management

Defiance Games is now under new management.


From the update:

Defiance Games is under new leadership. Gary Pelletier- who has been handling customer service and production issues for the past year - is taking over as CEO effective immediately. The new team at DFG consists of Max Martelli as Art Director, Darred Surin as Office Manager and Mark Loud as Production Manager.

Our top priority is to provide our customers with quality products at the best price possible. Our first focus will be on reliable service and good communication with our customers.

We encourage you to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as well as joining our open forum at Each of us will be present and open to your comments and feedback in all of these outlets and we are looking forward to giving you all nothing short of our best.

Our recent foray into Kickstarter is our way of starting fresh with a product we know you all want. We understand everyone's hesitations but assure you that we will be working night and day to make this a home run for all of you.

- Gary Pelletier

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Defiance Games launches 28mm Power Armor Hardsuits Kickstarter campaign

Defiance Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of 28mm Power Armor Hardsuits. They're already well over their funding level, so it's stretch goals for 20 days.


From the campaign:

The Hardsuit project is one that has generated a huge amount of interest from the wargames community and we are taking to Kickstarter to make sure we do it RIGHT!

We know that these are our most anticipated figure set and we want to make sure we are ready for the surge of interest. This Kickstarter will help us gauge that interest with enough lead time to have everything perfect for our early 2014 launch.

The sculpture is nearly 100% complete with a few tweaks to come for manufacturing purposes. In an ideal scenario our actual lead time to produce the figures - from 3D print through to production molds and boxed release - is about a month. We've added three additional months of cushion to guarantee that these are absolutely perfect and that we can meet the demand.

Each box set of the UAMC Hardsuits will contain 8 figures (two 4 figure squads) with multiple weapons options. Our Hardsuits will be made with spin plastic. MSRP $29.95

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Hard Plastic Containment Barriers - New from Defiance Games

Defiance Games gives your little mans some cover with their new Hard Plastic Containment Barriers, available now.

From the release:

5 hard plastic frames with 3 barriers each - 15 barriers will create over 45 inches of cover on your tabletop!

There are four deals to choose from - Single Barrier Set, 4-Box Set, 10-Box Set, or a special combo set with 2 boxes of barriers and 4 of our hard plastic shipping containers for $99 with free worldwide shipping.

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New hard plastic Shipping Containers avialable from Defiance Games

Defiance Games adds to your terrain options with their new hard plastic Shipping Container pieces.

From the release:

Defiance Games is releasing hard plastic 28mm ISO shipping containers.

The hard plastic shipping containers are ideal for terrain and objectives on your gaming table. Each set features two containers - but you can build three different container options. One is a standard container, another is an enviro-unit/refrigerated container, and the third lets you have opening doors on both ends.

A set with two containers is $29.95 - and we also have 4 and 10 set deals that will get you 8 or 20 containers!

There is also a 50-container mega-deal for $499. You can literally fill your table! This last deal is for a limited time - until July 8th - the sets will ship the week of July 15th.

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Defiance Games taking pre-orders for their Germans line

Defiance Games has started taking pre-orders for their Panzergrenadiers Germans over on their website. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they release next month.

From the update:

Germany is a major Force in the Alien War universe. German troops are stationed throughout German territory to protect far-flung colony worlds and project German policy in human space.

At the sharp end of the spear, the Panzergrenadiers are Germany's quick-reaction force with the most advanced weaponry and tactics of the modern Bundeswehr. 8-man squads form the backbone of any German military operation combining a potent mix of maneuverability and hard-hitting weaponry.

The first set in the German Force - German Panzergrenadier Infantry - will be available in September 2012 to be followed by: Scouts, Heavy Weapons, and Kampfläufer!

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Defiance Games Announce Aleutian Swamp Worms

Defiance Games wants everyone to know they've got a case of worms (probably many cases) and they want to share them with you. So they've announced their new Aleutian Swamp Worms.

From them to you:

Defiance Games has unveiled a previously unseen plastic set coming in September.

Aleutian Swamp Worms are big beasties who can swallow a man whole. Special rules will allow you to add them to your ALIEN WAR games.

Sculpted by Ed Fortae the Worms will come 8 to a box with 8 40mm bases and 2 40mm worm burrows.

Releasing in September!

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Defiance Games SF Germans on Pre-Order

Defiance Games is now taking pre-orders for their SF Germans. Be the first gamer on your block with them!

From the announcement:

Defiance Games future Bundeswehr German Panzergrenadiers are now on pre-order at their website.

This multi-part 28mm (1/56 scale) plastic set features 20 figures with loads of extras.

Pre-orders receive an exclusive figure "Fritz the MG11 Gunner" and shipping is free worldwide on orders of $99 or more.

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Defiance Games Major Rules Announcement: 23 VI 12

Defiance Games knows you've been hitting F5 on your keyboards all day waiting for this. So here it is:

Ok! You can stop pressing F5 now! Here's what they have to say!We know the Hobby Games community has been waiting with baited breath for this momentous date!

The rumor mill has run rampant with speculation on the upcoming rules!

The leading rumor was that pre-orders would start this be followed by the official release next weekend. The rumors also claim that this is to be a bloated, over-priced rules set that you'll just have to live with.

Well, we're here to tell you that the rumors were WRONG!


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Defiance Games put Alien Bugs on Advance Order

Defiance Games has a bug problem... well, not a problem... They've got bugs and want to share them with you, soon. Get your name on the list.

From the announcement:

The Defiance Team is very happy to announce the imminent availability of our second hard plastic 28mm figure set for ALIEN WAR - the Bugs!

Now that we've been through the "birthing pains" with the Marines and taken our lumps, we're ready to pull the trigger on our second release (with the third one - the Germans - just a couple weeks behind!)

The Bugs are an important part of the ALIEN WAR setting - a constant companion and danger to humanity as it colonizes the stars - and a Core Force in the ALIEN WAR rules.

This first release for the Bugs Force are the Drones - the workers and warriors of the hives (although the much larger Warrior class will be with us later this summer).

Drones stand about 23-24mm tall (shorter than the humans they prey on) but come in vast numbers. Each box set features 30 Bugs with loads of extra parts for all sorts of nasty combinations!

Along with three great pre-release offers including 1, 4, and 10 (300 BUGS!) boxes - we are also giving every pre-order a special base set of 12 Bug Hive 30mm round bases.

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Defiance Games previews German Panzergrenadier

Defiance Games first showed you just his weapon, now they've got the whole trooper up to see. Check 'im out!

From the preview:

I asked Tim to show us a little more of the Panzergrenadiers. This one has the same basic body parts (toros/legs) but is holding the dedicated Grenade Launcher and has the field cap instead of the helmet.
The set will have enough helmets to outfit ALL your troops but we'll also have a variety of field caps and bare heads (both male and female). You will be able to turn this into an all-female set if you choose.

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Defiance Games shows off their legs

Defiance Games continues to work on their leg designs. Here's one that they posted up on Facebook.

From the update:

I had to take a break from packing to post this up. Tim Barry - Sculptor Extraordinaire - has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the German Panzergrenadier set (expected release of late May). Check out the detail he's achieved with this set of legs! Two views (both front and back) of one leg pose (there are four unique leg poses in the set)

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Defiance Games posts up German Grenade Launcher art

Defiance Games has a preview picture of a German weapon they're working on. Here it is.

From the preview:

We are redesigning a couple of the German weapons. Originally we were going to have an underslung grenade launcher - but we weren't satisfied with the look and wanted to go with a two dedicated GL troopers in the Panzergrenadier Gruppe.

The GL is built on the G-54 framework but features a larger barrel (of course!), enhanced fixed sites for battlefields with heavy electronic jamming, and a big ole drum mag.

This is a perspective view in an STL viewer of the piece. We'll show off the revised SSW next time.

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Defiance Games free model giveaway with purchase

Defiance Games is giving you a chance to get a free "Gunny" model with your Marine orders. Check it out!

From them to you:

As a thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the Defiance Games UAMC Marines 28mm hard plastic set - they are giving a free hard plastic "Gunny" - Marine Gunnery Sergeant - figure.

This offer is good until the Marine boxes start to ship later this week. If you've already ordered you'll get him automatically, but if you can still get him if you order before they start to ship.

The Marines are 24 figures to a box for $29.95 with other multi-box deals at the Defiance website

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Defiance Games posts up concept art for German legs

Defiance Games is working on making their German Panzergrenadier legs just right, and they're taking advice from you on it.

From the website:

We're looking at the German parts now and finalizing everything. Take a look at these and tell us what you think. One question we have - on the armor plates would you like to have that raised central area on each plate further raised (i.e. a higher ridge)? Would that make it easier to paint? Let us know your thoughts!

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