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AntiMatter Games is having a Winter Sale over in their webshop. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.SourceFrom the sales announcement:It is now the dead of Winter, ice covering the land
AntiMatter Games is showing off some new artwork and a WIP for DeepWars that they've been working on.Source
AntiMatter Games might be done with their successful Kickstarter, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Anyone that missed out can still join in (though without all of the goodies of the Kickstart
AntiMatter Games is showing off a WIP for their Sea Dog Captain for their upcoming DeepWar Kicsktarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Today the majority of the shipments for the mini-Kicker went out.
Board to Death has created a little video overview of DeepWars from AntiMatter Games.
AntiMatter Games is headed to GenCon and they'll be bringing their Shallow Shelf Zone Battleboard with them.From them to you:What we have here today is the finished battle board for the Shallow Shelf
AntiMatter Games has some WIP green photos up for their Draconid Sea Demon Warrior for DeepWars/ShadowSea.From the preview:Here is the scuplt by Sandra Garrity. The base is meant to be an erupting und
AntiMatter Games is showing off the final green for their Nautiloid Chrysalid for DeepWars.From the preview:Here is the finished Nautiloid Chrysalid for the Dark Mariners. Sculpted by E. Louchard to h
AntiMatter Games gives us a look at the Heavy Biomech green they've gotten in for DeepWars.From the preview:Got two figures from Bob Olley, the Clal-Chk Warrior and the Heavy Biomech. Both are about r
AntiMatter Games shows off another sea monster for DeepWars with a look at the final pieces for the Anglerfish.From the preview:Anglerfish parts for casting. The fins got some extra texture since the
Ravage Magazine issue #7, for those that have seen it, has the world's greatest review ever of DeepWars from AntiMatter Games (I should know. I wrote it). Those that have read the review, might have n
AntiMatter Games has new clear acrylic stands for DeepWars.From the release:We finally have the new acrylic swim stands for DeepWars coming out in June and available for pre-order. The stands allow fo
AntiMatter Games put up some new greens previews of some upcoming releases for DeepWars as well as bundling together stuff for easier purchase in their webshop.From the announcement:AntiMatter Games n
AntiMatter Games did great during their short mini-Kickstarter. Now they've got a pledge manager up for those that want to add to their pledge or even those that just want to get into the action.From
AntiMatter Games has another look at their Kickstarter-funded models with the Vanguard Captain for the Dark Mariners.From the preview:Vanguard Captain by Bob Olley. He is just flying though the new fi
AntiMatter Games posted up some new photos of their upcoming DeepWars commanders. We thought we'd let you know.From the preview:Here are some shots of the commnaders and other figures. These are resin
AntiMatter Games has only 2 days left in their Mini-Kickstarter campaign.From the campaign:The DeepWars - Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker is finishing up the last couple of days and has unlocked an
AntiMatter Games has unlocked more goodies in their DeepWars "Mini"Kickstarter campaign and posted what's next to be unlocked.From the campaign:The DeepWars Mini-Kicker is moving along and is only a f
DeepWars has one week left in their "mini" Kickstarter campaign. They're doing great and have listed some more stretch goals.From the update:The DeepWars Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker is starting
AntiMatter Games didn't make their ShadowSea Kickstarter total, but not by much. So they've made a new DeepWars Kickstarter that's running really short in order to get the product still out to you by
AntiMatter Games says, "Anchors aweigh!" ... or would it be "Up periscope!"?... and is has officially launched DeepWars.From the announcement:AntiMatter Games have launched DeepWars, with starter sets
ShadowSea keeps plugging away over on Kickstarter. They've still got 18 days to make it to their goal. To help out AntiMatter Games has posted an update.From the update:The ShadowSea Kickstarter has b
AntiMatter Games has been packing up boxes and getting them set to ship out to you, the eager gamers of the world.From the update:AntiMatter games is doing our best to get DeepWars shipped out to Kick
AntiMatter Games has upgraded and integrated their website to incorporate their blog, DeepWars and ShadowSea. Plus, they've got some new stuff going on with their Kickstarter as well.From the update:A
AntiMatter Games is just about ready to unleash DeepWars on us.From the update:As with baseball now closing in on the World Series, we are nearing the home stretch for DeepWars, although with an infin