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AntiMatter Games might be done with their successful Kickstarter, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Anyone that missed out can still join in (though without all of the goodies of the Kickstarter) via their post-funding pledges on the AntiMatter Games website.


From the update:

The ShadowSea kickstarter was a success, and with the final burst at the end we unlocked a couple more miniatures and the bonus stretch goals. For those who want add any more items to their existing pledge, please visit our Mini-pledge manager page, running until early December. Here, anything added via Paypal with the Pitch-in button will go towards unlocking miniatures we missed during the Kickstarter.

If anything new is unlocked, it can be added to the pledge also. New backers can join in here as well, although they get fewer bonus points than the original backers did. The free points from the 25K stretch level are also not applied for any pledge modifications or new backers as those were just for the original Kickstarter run. So far, Jujazca the Wise has been unlocked and progress has been made towards the Gark Gutripper.

AntiMatter Games is showing off a WIP for their Sea Dog Captain for their upcoming DeepWar Kicsktarter campaign.


From the preview:

Today the majority of the shipments for the mini-Kicker went out. We need to find a way to batch-mail all of the tracking numbers. In the meantime, here is a new DeepWars mini that will be part of a new Fortune Hunter Warband Starter Set coming out soon. This is the Sea Dog Pirate Captain, but he will get a name soon, and the base with treasure and chain for the anchor.

Board to Death has created a little video overview of DeepWars from AntiMatter Games.

AntiMatter Games is headed to GenCon and they'll be bringing their Shallow Shelf Zone Battleboard with them.

From them to you:

What we have here today is the finished battle board for the Shallow Shelf zone in DeepWars, a region of coral, sand and clear waters. The game board was made by Richard Hale of Battleboards UK and will be at Gencon for demos starting August 15. We took some shots of the board with minis before it was packed up. This scene shows a couple of Dark Mariners fighting against creatures of the Scaly Horde.

AntiMatter Games has some WIP green photos up for their Draconid Sea Demon Warrior for DeepWars/ShadowSea.

From the preview:

Here is the scuplt by Sandra Garrity. The base is meant to be an erupting underwater volcano, which end up mostly being bubbles. The draconids are immune to the heat and like to bathe in the superheated water.

AntiMatter Games is showing off the final green for their Nautiloid Chrysalid for DeepWars.

From the preview:

Here is the finished Nautiloid Chrysalid for the Dark Mariners. Sculpted by E. Louchard to hopefully be cast by the end of July. It could be metal or resin, depending on cost, but it was designed with metal casting in mind and has only three parts. The figure sits on a 40mm plastic base, so the shell is a bit large than 40mm in diameter, and the overall length close to 100mm.

AntiMatter Games gives us a look at the Heavy Biomech green they've gotten in for DeepWars.

From the preview:

Got two figures from Bob Olley, the Clal-Chk Warrior and the Heavy Biomech. Both are about ready to go to casting.

AntiMatter Games shows off another sea monster for DeepWars with a look at the final pieces for the Anglerfish.

From the preview:

Anglerfish parts for casting. The fins got some extra texture since the last photos.

Ravage Magazine issue #7, for those that have seen it, has the world's greatest review ever of DeepWars from AntiMatter Games (I should know. I wrote it). Those that have read the review, might have noticed the last lines talking about an upcoming giveaway on TGN. Well, your waiting is over! In a cross-promotion with my "other job" as editor for Ravage, we've got a bunch of DeepWars to give away. We've got two starters, the rulebook and some extra blisters to give away. You can get a nice little set-up for yourself and a friend if you win.

So how do you enter? Simple, though we're making it a little tougher than just putting your name in the hat. To win, just take a picture of yourself with the magazine (or you with a screencap of the mag. if you have it electronically) and post a link to the photo in the comments.
Only work-appropriate photos will be allowed. If I open the link and instantly want to stab my eyes out, I'll delete the link and you will be removed from the contest.
I'll draw a winner next Monday, so you've got some time to go get the magazine if you've not already.

Good luck!
AntiMatter Games has new clear acrylic stands for DeepWars.

From the release:

We finally have the new acrylic swim stands for DeepWars coming out in June and available for pre-order. The stands allow for a visual representation of swimming in DeepWars, holding models about two inches off the playing surface. Depth levels in the game are indicated with numbers on the base of the stand, where a seaweed marker can be inserted. The stands use a sturdy cross-piece design that is easy to assemble, holding the model bases firmly on the upper tray so they will not topple out. Swim stands are available for all three base sizes (30,40,50mm) and in packs for the Deluxe Starter Sets for each force.

Orders that include the swim stands with other products will ship out once the stands are ready to go.

AntiMatter Games put up some new greens previews of some upcoming releases for DeepWars as well as bundling together stuff for easier purchase in their webshop.

From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games now has some special bundle deals for DeepWars available in the store. There are bundles with the Deluxe Starter sets, rulebooks and troops for each force, as well as mega-bundles with the Temple of the Ancients terrain kit and multiple starter sets. These are a great way to get everything needed to play DeepWars.

There is also a preview of new miniatures and terrain on the facebook page, including hydrothermal vents. The vent areas form valuable ether crystals and minerals but the tube worms, clams and other sea life around them can entangle those that try to recover this treasure. The boiling, acidic water makes this a dicey proposition also. This sculpt is about done and can go off to casting soon.

AntiMatter Games did great during their short mini-Kickstarter. Now they've got a pledge manager up for those that want to add to their pledge or even those that just want to get into the action.

From the announcement:

The Mini-Kicker for DeepWars went really well considering it was only two weeks. There were some that could not join in though, while some backers did not have enough time to edit their pledges the way they wanted. We are setting up a "Chip-in" pledge manager to address these issues so backers can now add to their Mini-Kicker pledges and new backers can join in to help unlock some additional miniatures, like the Giant Anglerfish. The "Chip-in" can be found on the AntiMatter site here. All pledges are done through Paypal.

AntiMatter Games has another look at their Kickstarter-funded models with the Vanguard Captain for the Dark Mariners.

From the preview:

Vanguard Captain by Bob Olley. He is just flying though the new figures from the Kickstarter Mini-Kicker campaign.

AntiMatter Games posted up some new photos of their upcoming DeepWars commanders. We thought we'd let you know.

From the preview:

Here are some shots of the commnaders and other figures. These are resin master castings and one "green" sculpt.

AntiMatter Games has only 2 days left in their Mini-Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

The DeepWars - Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker is finishing up the last couple of days and has unlocked another mini at 16K, but there are still some more to unlock. This is a chance to get rewards for the holidays while helping produce new minis to grow the DeepWars game.

AntiMatter Games has unlocked more goodies in their DeepWars "Mini"Kickstarter campaign and posted what's next to be unlocked.

From the campaign:

The DeepWars Mini-Kicker is moving along and is only a few hundred from unlocking the Nautiloid Chrysalid so people can add it to their pledges. Hopefully we can get past that point and unlock the other minis, including the massive Dark Mariner Heavy Biomech Construct. One thing to remember is that rewards in this Kickstarter with available products can be shipped in December, for the holiday season. Stretch rewards will ship in 2013, but the bulk of rewards can be received soon after this Kickstarter ends.

Also, we have introduced some options for backers to more free miniatures in their pledges.

Mid Roller Offer:

Every Backer at $135 or more gets an additional 2 medium sized (30mm base) miniatures of their choice. See the Rewards Options section on how to choose additional miniatures. Does not stack with High Roller Offers.

High Roller Offers:

Every Backer at $195 or more gets an additional 4 medium sized (30mm base) miniatures of their choice. See the Rewards Options section on how to choose additional miniatures. Does not stack with $285 offer.

Every Backer at $285 or more gets an additional 8 medium sized (30mm base) miniatures of their choice. See the Rewards Options section on how to choose additional miniatures.

DeepWars has one week left in their "mini" Kickstarter campaign. They're doing great and have listed some more stretch goals.

From the update:

The DeepWars Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker is starting its final week and has unlocked another miniature, the Hydraform Light Combat Mech for the Ancients force. It is close to unlocking a weapons pack and then the mighty Nautiloid Chrysalid for the Dark Mariners force. Help support the game and unlock some more creatures of the deep.

AntiMatter Games didn't make their ShadowSea Kickstarter total, but not by much. So they've made a new DeepWars Kickstarter that's running really short in order to get the product still out to you by the holidays.

From the new campaign:

ShadowSea almost made it but fell short. We are regrouping and starting a short Kickstarter campaign before the holidays, the DeepWars Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker. Please help get this thing off the ground, or the seafloor as it were. Rewards with
DeepWars products will be shipped after the project ends on December 5th, so they would make a nice holiday gift.

AntiMatter Games says, "Anchors aweigh!" ... or would it be "Up periscope!"?... and is has officially launched DeepWars.

From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games have launched DeepWars, with starter sets now ready to go along with PDF and printed rulebooks and plenty of miniatures. Please visit the store to purchase for shipment in time for the Holidays. DeepWars products can also be added to pledges in the ShadowSea Kickstarter, for those who want to get going with DeepWars now and support the development of its companion game. There is only a week left for the Kickstarter and we need all the pledges we can get.

ShadowSea keeps plugging away over on Kickstarter. They've still got 18 days to make it to their goal. To help out AntiMatter Games has posted an update.

From the update:

The ShadowSea Kickstarter has been updated so that now it is producing all six forces in the initial funding goal. There is a new video to show the other forces, although concept art is still in progress for two of them. Also of note is that backers can mix and match starters and books from either DeepWars or ShadowSea with their rewards, or take all DeepWars products and get them in shipped out in November.

AntiMatter Games has been packing up boxes and getting them set to ship out to you, the eager gamers of the world.

From the update:

AntiMatter games is doing our best to get DeepWars shipped out to Kickstarter backers and others that pledged support, as well as to Distributors. We are making progress on all of the sets now that two Dark Mariner figures have arrived to finish that starter set. Our goal is to have boxes sets and other miniatures, as well as rulebooks shipped out to everyone in the next few days so they arrive before the end of our ShadowSea Kickstarter on November 19. We regret the timing crossing over like this, as the plan was to ship out starter sets and rulebooks a bit before schedule, and many books have already been received as they are sent separately from the miniatures, but we are back to just meeting the schedule.

We hope that our previous backers from DeepWars will enjoy their products and can help our Kickstarter for ShadowSea, the companion game that takes the battle to the shores of the Underground sea, where crumbling temples, massive fungal forests and mysterious Stygian catacombs beckon buccaneers, demon summoners, tentacled monstrosities and sorcerers amazons to do battle. Land and undersea battles can be combined using both of the games but both can also stand alone.

AntiMatter Games has upgraded and integrated their website to incorporate their blog, DeepWars and ShadowSea. Plus, they've got some new stuff going on with their Kickstarter as well.

From the update:

AntiMatter Games has launched its new website that combines the elements of its blog and the store from the previous sites.

This will be where information about DeepWars and ShadowSea will be found, and where folks can link up with the ShadowSea kickstarter, which is going well so far.

We just added some concept art for the Sunless Kingdom, a fourth force that will be unlocked as a stretch goal once the ShadowSea Kickstarter reaches its target funding goal. Other forces, such as the summoners of eldritch horrors, the Order of Yosoth, and the vicious Draconid Legion. Hopefully we can get enough backers to help create starter sets for all of the forces.

AntiMatter Games is just about ready to unleash DeepWars on us.

From the update:

As with baseball now closing in on the World Series, we are nearing the home stretch for DeepWars, although with an infinitely smaller payroll than the Yankees. Here are some more tidbits for DeepWars, and some concept art for ShadowSea, which will launch its Kickstarter very soon.

AntiMatter Games put up an update about both DeepWars and ShadowSea. They've got some interesting things in store for both.

From the update:

It has been a while between updates but there have been many things going on behind the scenes as we get ready to launch DeepWars. The most important milestone was the completion of the rulebook, which has now been uploaded the Wargames Vault, serving the dual purpose of being ready for sale right now and also serving as the printer. Printed proofs are on the way right now, so in a couple more days we will should be ready to start shipping out books. Kickstarter bundles are waiting for the books, so those can go out now also. We are working on getting the retail versions of the books (BW interior) out to distributors, along with the full set of miniatures.

DeepWars from AntiMatter Games is coming to the end of their pre-order specials. The game should be to us any time now.

From the announcement:

This is the last few days before the pre-orders end for DeepWars on the 15th. The rulebook is in the last phases of editing and the starter sets are almost ready, with cards and quickstart rules getting ready for printing. There are a few miniatures left to finish up, but those are all coming along well too. Our goal is to have starter sets and rulebooks shipping by the end of September or early October and going into distribution, with the other miniatures shipping then or into November.

The pre-order pledges have unlocked two additional minis so far, but there are two more that are waiting to get sculpted. We have Bob Olley ready to work on the last two figures, so hopefully we can meet the last two pledge goals and reach $6K.


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