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AntiMatter Games is prepping for a new Kickstarter campaign to expand their miniatures lines. Of course, people want to know what they're gonna get, but you can't just show off everything at once. Where's the fun in that!? No, we're only getting a look at the Dimensional Hound in this preview. I'm all for babypuppies, but I'm not sure this one would want a chew-bone and a skritch behind the ears (it doesn't even look like it has ears).

Paul 89 days ago
So it's kind of a Tindalos Hound? Looks freakin' awesome!

AntiMatter Games is looking to expand both their DeepWars and ShadowSea lines. They've headed to Kickstarter in order to get it done. But it's not just some minis. They've also got scenery going on. The campaign's tooled to those of you with a 3D printer.

I don't trust the ocean. You'll never see me on a beach, about to go diving in. I mean, sure there's all the terrible polution that's pretty bad. But there's also all those monstrous sea creatures out there. I'm with Billy Connally, we don't belong in there. Sure, these are only miniatures from AntiMatter Games, but how can we know that they don't actually live out there and are just waiting for me to dip my toe in? Eh?

We may be 2/3 of the way through summer (up here in the Northern Hemisphere, that is), but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a Summer Sale. And that's just what AntiMatter Games is having now over in their webshop. Want to pick up some DeepWars and ShadowSea figures for cheaper than usual? Now's your chance.

I never want to go out into the ocean. We have no idea what really is living out there, and it'd be just my luck that I take one step into the waves and something like this Elder Sea Dragon attacks. So, I'll just live vicariously through games like DeepWars. And speaking of those two, AntiMatter Games has started taking down names of those who would like a new Elder Sea Dragon mini when it's released next month.

Deep below our feet, a whole other land thrives. Nestled in the dark places of the Earth, a separate ocean, entirely cut off from the outside world, is teeming with life. AntiMatter Games will bid you to explore these waters in ShadowSea and DeepWars, their two miniatures games. In July (get me a jury and show me how to say In July...), each game will be getting a new starter set.

AntiMatter Games is making sure that you're ready for Black Friday next week. They've posted up the details for their sale, which is pretty simple. Use the coupon code and get 30% off your order. It's nice when they're easy like that.

AntiMatter Games has updated their downloads section of their website with new DeepWars cards. If you've been waiting for these new stats, your wait is now over. These new cards include submersibles, but every force has been updated in some way, shape, or form.
The ocean is full of wonders... and horrors. And, I mean, I can't say for certain that there aren't swarms of mechanized piranha fish, ready to rip the flesh from your bones in seconds, I can't rule it out, either. So, if you ask me, I'll keep my deep-sea diving to the tabletop with DeepWars, because there, at least I know I can take on the models of mechanized piranha fish, which is what we get a preview of here from Antimatter Games.
There's all sorts of crazy things beneath the waves. The ocean depths hold monsters we're barely able to even imagine. In DeepWars, those creatures are under your command in their conflicts with one-another. One of these strange creatures is the Sea Hang. AntiMatter Games is showing her off. You can pick up yours next year.
Mmm, Saturday. Drink it in! ... *sip* ... tastes like Sobe Citrus Energy... Oh, hey, look! An open Sobe Citrus Energy! Ain't that a kick in the head? *sip*
But my drinking habits aside, I know you're here for your weekly dose of reviews. So let's get to it.

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It feels like a short week, but it's certainly been a busy week. Yesterday, got pulled aside for a vital project before the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game Kickstarter launches later this month. That was a cool couple of hours. But yeah, just been busy all-around. Ready for that weekend! Gonna be making some dark-chocolate-orange confections (cookies, candy sticks, and candied orange peel) over the weekend. ... Might make some gumbo, too. Haven't gotten that far ahead. But when making that stuff, I should fill up on some bite-size gaming stories, so I don't eat all the cookie dough or something.

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Under the sea...
Well, now that I've got that song stuck in your head, let's take a look at DeepWars. AntiMatter Games is running a Kickstarter to expand their DeepWars line, including a new submarine as well as various other sea creatures and characters.
Well, we're making our way through the week. Two and a half days down. Two and a half days to go. Then we get to the glorious, glorious weekend. Do you have things planned coming up? I've got a bunch of things from Adepticon that got sorted through last weekend. This weekend it's time to get things started on writing articles for them. So expect those in the next couple weeks.

To help keep our strength, let's fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

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I'm back in the office today (worked from home yesterday). Doing my best to get back into the swing of things after being in Chicago last week. At least it's a short week (seeing as it's already Wednesday) before I get back to another weekend.

But seeing as it's Wednesday, and we didn't have one on Sunday, it's time to chow down on some bite-sized stories in our mid-week Snippets feature.

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Well, the office is a little quieter today as some of the people head out to California for WonderCon this weekend. And this time next week I'm sure I'll be somewhere in Kentucky or maybe Indiana on my way to Adepticon. It's been a couple years since I've been to that show. Should be interesting.

But that's as may be. At the moment, it's time to nosh on some bite-sized stories.

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Under da sea... *ducks from all the things just thrown at me for getting that song stuck in people's heads*
Though this coral reef for DeepWars from AntiMatter Games is a bit more deadly and a lot less cheery than the one in The Little Mermaid. Though there certainly are mermaids in this new Blood Reef expansion set. They're called the Nereids. I don't think they really sing all that much.
The work week marches on (as Glenn Miller - American Patrol plays on Pandora). We're halfway there, beautiful watchers. We've made it to Wednesday. Let's keep on keepin' on and make our way to the rest of the week. However, a quick bite would be good. Oh, look, some bite-sized gaming stories for you. How convenient.

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Gen Con is gone and done for the year. It's certainly a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. It will be missed, but it will be back again before we know it. AntiMatter Games was at the show, showing of DeepWars and ShadowSea. They've got a special deal going on over in their webshop as a bit of a Gen Con wrap-up. They've also got a bit they're showing off from the upcoming DeepWars video game.
AntiMatter Games is running a special holiday sale on their DeepWars and ShadowSea products over in their webshop. Get 20% off your purchase until the end of the year. There aren't a lot of really good underwater monsters minis around, so be sure to check them out if you're in the market for any of those.


From the sales sheet:
AntiMatter Games' Kickstarter campaign may be over with, but that doesn't mean you can't still jump in and unlock more goals. Their pledge manager is up and they're running a sale over on their website.



From the announcement:

The Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter has completed, unlocking many stretch goals in an impressive final push. Current backers that pledged in August for the Kickstarter can add to their pledges in the Pledge Manager using the “Pitch-In” paypal button, while new backers can join in with pledges. As extra incentive, we are adding in the stretch goals that were not achieved. When unlocked by the Pitch-In pledges, those figures will be produced as stretch goals and can be added to rewards (The first miniature is already unlocked - Harlequin Lizardman Burglar). Both ShadowSea and DeepWars items are available as rewards.

AntiMatter Games has just a couple days left in their Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter campaign. They've passed their goal and are working through stretch goals.



From the campaign:

Now that we're nearing the last few days, there are a couple of changes to the stretch goals,adding in a couple of scenic terrain items and bringing in Lithiana a bit closer, to $11,500. The first scenic item are treasure markers, resin cast and about 40-50mm in diameter with lots of detailed gold, crystals and ether tech items. There are planned to be two per pack due to their size. These are placed as treasure objective markers during the game. The next scenic item is a crystal outcropping, areas where models may mine valuable ether crystals. This one should be around 100mm on the base and rise up about 75mm in height, with many crystals and detailed groundwork.

AntiMatter Games has made it through their Draconids Start Set stretch goal for Rise of the Draconids on Kickstarter. Next to be unlocked is Lithiana.



From the campaign:

The stretch goals keep moving along for the Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter. We have unlocked the Draconid Cannon Master and the Deluxe Stater Set for the Draconid Legion now, so both can be added to pledges. The next reward up will be the sorceress of the Dark Mariners, Lithiana - Queen of the Deep.

Lithiana is a powerful Ethermancer who has delved into the secrets of the ethereal abyss and is able to summon beings from the void to serve her. The Queen of the Deep has trading much of her own soul in the process and ruthlessly slays any who oppose her.

Lithiana glides across the battlefield using a biomech levitation device, battling enemy forces with a deadly plasma blade. She also had the capability to lead and and control Biomech Constructs with the control device on her hand, making her doubly effective at controlling allied beings (ethereals and biomechs). Lithiana can be used on both ShadowSea and DeepWars.

AntiMatter Games goes all "holy order" on you with their Templar Sentinel added to their Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter campaign.

Templar Sentinel


From the campaign:

This sculpt has been waiting for a base to be made but it will be finished soon. It is now added as a reward for $8 or 1 point. The figure is meant for DeepWars but can also be used in ShadowSea. Sentinels are very effective at banishing ethereals, casting protection spells and disrupting constructs, transfixing them.

AntiMatter Games is showing off the finished sculpt for their Dagothan Man-Slayer mini for DeepWars/ShadowSea.


From the preview:

We have put up a few photos of the Dagathonan Man-Slayer sculpt now on Facebook. It is on its way to us for casting and will finish up the figures in the ShadowSea Deluxe Starter for Dark Mariners force from out Kickstarter. We have a couple more figures to complete and then all of the Kickstarted models will be done.

This figure will also work in DeepWars since the Dagathonans are all amphibious. We have been working to make sure the new ShadowSea rules are fully compatible with DeepWars so people can use models across both games.