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Deepstrike Radio

Deep Strike Radio is going to be doing a live-broadcast podcast to talk about the 6th edition release of 40k.Chris from the 40k Podcast Deepstrike Radio here.I am pleased to announce that Deepstrike R
Deepstrike Radio posts Necron review episode:From their announcement:DeepStrike Radio's review of the Necron Codex is now available. Episode #25 - Terminator: The Mat Ward Chronciles. Join Deepstrike
The latest episode of the Deepstrike Radio podcast has a review of the new 40K Grey Knight codex. From their announcement: News in a Flash The boys begin this most massive of episodes with a foray in
Episode 11 of the Deepstrike Radio podcast is now available. From their announcement: News In a Flash (02.24) Starting off this weeks episode the boys discuss Grey Knights rage, Corax being a total b