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DC Universe Miniatures Game

There's a bevy of new DC Universe and Batman Miniatures Game figures available to pre-order from Knight Models. They've got new versions of classics like Superman and Robin, along with a rogues gallery of baddies like the Joker and Lex Luther, plus more. Pre-orders go until October 1st.

The DC Universe and Batman Miniatures games are getting some reinforcements. There's a whole bunch of kits available for them over on the Knight Models website. Head over and put your name down on the list now and you'll be the first to get them when they launch on August 18th.

Solomon Grundy want pants too!

Keep the Earth safe from all who would want to do harm, the Justice League is a group of the greatest super heroes the world has ever seen. And soon, they'll be coming to your tabletops. Knight Models has announced a new Justice League set for the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

A new batch of pre-orders are up for the Batman Miniatures Game. On the heroes side of things, there's a new Batwoman. The Joker's Crew is also getting some beefing up with a pair of bikers as well as a sad, crying clown (not in an iron lung).

Knight Models has a trio of new releases over on their website that are up for pre-order now. There's a new Dumbledore figure for the Harry Potter minis game. Then, for the Batman Miniatures Game, you can pick up a League of Assassins set, as well as the Ratcatcher.

Lots of new releases up on Knight Model's website for you to check out, available now for pre-order. There's a couple kits for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, as well as the DC Universe Miniatures Game. So, if you want some wand-waving action, or some superhero stomping, they've got you covered.

Many companies aren't waiting for Black Friday to actually start their Black Friday sales. Case in point: Knight Models. Go get yourself some figures for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.

Gotham is a place that seems to be perpetually in Halloween. It's dark. It's cool. It's got people in costume running around everywhere. So, it seems only fitting that Knight Models would have a new batch of releases for the Batman Miniatures Game over in their webshop today.

Knight Models has a huge batch of releases for the Batman and DC Universe Miniatures Games. There's classics like Poison Ivy, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and The Falcone Crime Family, among others. Also King Shark, because we just passed Shark Week. They are also taking orders for their show-exclusive miniatures, which include Batman (Nightmare) and Luna Lovegood in her lion hat.
A new batch of Batman Miniatures Game/DC Universe Miniatures Game releases are now available from Knight Models. While there's a new regular Batman, this set of releases has a decidedly villainous slant, with Lexcorp, Dark Knights, and other "maybe I don't want to meet these folks in a dark alley" kind of vibe.
With the focus on Harry Potter over at Knight Models, it's been a while since we got some new DC Universe/Batman Miniatures Game releases. However, that comes to an end now, as new sets of figures are up in their webshop. Pick up a new version of Superman and Catwoman, along with characters like Mera and Doomsday. Plus, there's Lobo, because we all need some metal in our lives.
Knight Models is leading off the day with a whole slew of new minis for the Batman Minis Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game (since, y'know, figs come with rules for both games). There's good guys. There's bad guys. There's a bit of something for everyone.
Knight Models is giving you all a Christmas treat. They have their latest DC Universe Miniatures Game/Batman The Miniatures Game releases available in their webshop. There's figures from the latest movies, as well as one of the most iconic villains in the whole DC universe. And, at some point, you'll probably have Born to be Wild playing in your head. At least, I had it.
Honestly, it'd been a bit since I'd heard from Knight Models. I knew they were working away over in their shop, but we'd not seen much from them. Well, they've posted up some new releases, and by "some" I mean that there's 16 new things. So it was certainly well worth the wait.
Knight Models has their August releases now available over in their webshop. You've got some alternate-universe characters that turn heroes into villains, some Birds of Prey, some Teen Titans, and more. Quite a lot going on, actually.
Knight Models has posted up their July releases for the DC Universe Miniatures Game as well as the Batman Miniatures Game (since their figures come with stats for both). This time around, it's quite a set. There's a new version of Batman, as well as several Justice League members. And you can't have heroes without villains. Gorilla Grodd gets his own crew, and there's a trio from the Secret Society of Super Villains, too.
Comics are full of strange characters. Many of said characters are part of the gallery of figures that revolve around Batman. That includes Bat-Mite. Players of the DC Universe Miniatures Game and the Batman Miniatures Game will be able to pick up this pint-sized fellow at Gen Con.
As I mentioned earlier today, I love when companies have their cards up online for free. In this case, it's Knight Models that's updated their online card catalog. They have posted their Suicide Squad cards for the DC Universe Miniatures Game as a free download on their website.
Knight Models has the latest set of miniatures available for both the DC Universe Miniatures Game as well as the Batman Miniatures game (since their releases come with stats for both games). The big release of this month would have to be Wonder Woman as well as the new Amazon figures. They round things out with the Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate, and the Parliament of Owls (they're gonna tear the roof off the sucker).
Gamers love to play in events for the games they enjoy. They also love when there's come cool, exclusive thing they can get for playing in said events. Well, Knight Models is here to do what gamers love, as they've announced the first of their Tournament Packs. The kits will be available to retailers who can then run events in their shops. They will contain an exclusive mini, the first one being Uncle Dudley.
Knight Models has started taking orders for their next wave of releases for both the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game. They've got the World's Finest version of Superman coming. It's a good thing, too, since the other releases are the likes of General Zod, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday.
Along with all that, they've got a free download of the World's Finest cards over on their website.
Knight Models has posted up some new previews over on their Facebook page. They've given us a glimpse of the upcoming Lex Luthor mini, as well as some LexCorp troopers. To add to that, they've posted the stats (for both of their minis games) for ol' cueball as well.
Knight Models has posted up a new batch of releases for their DC Universe Miniatures Game as well as their Batman Miniatures Game. Much of it falls distinctly into the "villain" category, including one of the most villainous villains to ever villain: Darkseid. You've got him along with some of his Parademons. The Falcone Crime Family also makes an appearance. So does Professor Pyg. To try and keep it all in check is Shazam.
Knight Models has a bunch of new figures that are available for pre-order over in their webshop. These are the first releases as part of their DC Universe push, giving you stats for both the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game. Pre-order the new campaign book and get a free mini with it.
Knight Models has announced that they're going to be updating how they sell their DC Comics miniatures. New releases will come with stats for both the Batman Miniatures Game as well as the DC Universe Miniatures Game. One purchase, two sets of stats for two games. It's like getting two pieces in one.