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Black Hole Run, won't you come, and wash away the PCs? Well, it's come alright. Ok, that's an odd way of putting it. Black Hole Run, a new adventure for the DayTrippers RPG, is now available for your gaming pleasure.
A GM's job is hard. There's loads of planning and prep work required. Sure, we've all run a game session "by the seat of our pants" before (I admit to running a couple sessions barely remembering where our party was last time, let alone knowing where I wanted the thing to go. Be fair, though, it'd been months since our last game). So having supplemental material around to be able to draw from can be critical. Thankfully, anthologies like Golden Age Adventures are around to help us out.
We're getting there, people. We're getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I've got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It's so close that our friends over in Australia are already there. Hello people in the future! How's the weekend starting out? Good, I hope. My you're up late.

Anyway, whether you're enjoying a midnight snack, some dinner (for those in, say, England), or an afternoon snack (those here in the Eastern part of the US), now's a good time for some bite-sized stories.

In this installment of Snippets we have: Win a C'thu Dice Bag From Tor Gaming, Fate of Akalon: Tribes Returning To Kickstarter Next Week, New Legionaries Vibro Talons Available From Kromlech, New 15mm Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases more 15mm Mutant Supersoldiers, Pacific Coast Creative Publishing To Release Age of the Wizard Lords RPG, DayTrippers Golden Age Coming Leap Day, and Counterblast Hero Builder Beta v.1 Available.

She's a daaaaaaaaaaaaay tripper! One-way ticket, yeah!
Well, now that I've hopefully gotten that song stuck in your head (just please don't tell me you have no idea what song I'm talking about), let's talk a bit about DayTripper, a surreal sci-fi RPG set in the beginning of the 22nd century. The advances in technology in the past hundred years have been pretty momentous. The biggest of which is the "Slip Capacitor" (the second-cousin of the Flux Capacitor) which allows travelers to go into other dimensions and timelines. Great Scott!
She's a daaaaaaaaaaay tripper. One-way ticket yeah. I waited soooooo long to find out, and I found out.
Yeah, you don't know that song. Ask your grandparents about that one.
As opposed to songs from the previous century, this DayTrippers is a new sci-fi RPG from As If Productions. The game is playable in both a collaborative "GM-Lite" version, where all you need is the Core Rulebook, or a more "standard" style with a GM, in which case you'll want the GM Guide as well.