Dave Graffam Models

Huge sale on cardstock terrain kits by Dave Graffam Models

Dave Graffam Models wants you to be able to fill up your gaming table with all the terrain you want. As such, they're helping out by having a big sale on their paper terrain kits. They've made it so dozens of their kits are now just $1. $1! for terrain downloads! Go grab yourself some.
There's both Fantasy/Medieval and Sci-Fi kits available.

From the announcement:
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TGN Sunday Snippets

Sunday, rainy Sunday. At least, here in Atlanta it's raining. Due to gaming much of the day yesterday (rpg variety for me, though electronic in nature. Hey! I'm allowed!), it's "do all the chores!!" day here. Most important is the giant stewpot of red beans simmering on the stove. That's going to be heavenly later.

And as a very loose segue, let's move on to the bite-sized stories we've collected over the last few days for you.

So while Adepticon wraps up in Chicago, we bring you: Battle Studios to become Full-Time Company, Marauder Ship Paper Model Kit Released by Dave Graffam, Steornede Battlesuits Released from The Ion Age, New Website Coming for Gripping Beast, Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter #2 – Mushroom Gate – Coming This Summer, Kaiju Kaos: The Soundtrack, Vol 2 on Kickstarter, Fox Box released 'Sororitas Arcanum', New Weapon Releases from Kromlech, and the 1 Year Anniversary of Guild Ball.

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Deep-Cut Studio teamed up with Dave Graffam Models to release some great battlemats

Deep-Cut Studio and Dave Graffam Models are bring you some new designs for battle maps for your gaming surfaces.


From the announcement:

Good news everyone! We acquired a license to produce and distribute Dave Graffam Models maps. The popular Cobblestone Streets and Rake‘s Corner maps are now available as standard 4’ x 6’ (122cm x 183cm) size mats for your favorite miniature games. Just like all Dave’s work it features exquisite details and will look great in any fantasy or medieval battle scenes. Other sizes, optional hexes or grids may also be available as custom prints – just contact us for details.

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Command Tent paper models released by Dave Graffam Models

Dave Graffam Models adds to their paper terrain line with the release of their new Command Tent set.

From the release:

The Command Tent is my latest PDF paper model kit, now available for download for just $1.95. This model features multi-layered PDFs, offering lots of different "fabric" colors to match nearly any army, and optional medicine tent markings. This kit is easy to print and assemble, requiring just 2 cardstock sheets, scissors, hobby knife and paper glue.

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Dave Graffam Pre-Cut Prints Back on Sale

Dave Graffam had a moving experience... meaning that he moved. But now his pre-cut print terrain pieces are back up for sale on Greenman Miniatures. Check 'em out.

From the update:

After a small hiatus due to a move and retooling, Dave Graffam's models are once again available in Pre-Cut Print format.

These models provide a quick and affordable way to populate your gaming table with top quality scenery.

More models will be available soon!

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Dave Graffam Models sale

Dave Graffam Models is having a big sale over on Wargame Vault. Why not pick up some terrain for cheap?

For a limited time, save 30% off all Dave Graffam paper model kits, tiles and maps at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and Wargame Vault. With over 100 kits to choose from, now is the time to stock up on your favorites.

If you're new to the world of paper modeling, come check out why Dave Graffam Models are some of the highest-rated model kits you can find. If you want something free and easy, download the Hovel or Coach House. Want lots of extra graphic layers so you can customize your designs? I've got loads of models with multiple skins. Looking for ground tiles? I've got those, too. Something fun for the kids? Something more complex for a long weekend project? Yeah, I've got those for you. I've even got a few sci-fi models and tiles in case fantasy medieval isn't your thing. And everything is 30% off! So go on. Treat yourself.

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Dave Graffam Models has new fantasy map

Dave Graffam Models has a new gaming map for you to play on. Available now on Wargame Vault

From the website:

This large printable map is a beautiful surface for building the seedy side of a medieval town, Victorian neighborhood or steampunk metropolis. It's easy to print in one piece at your local shop, or in sections on your desktop printer. An optional 1-inch grid is included, and this map is tileable in the sense that you can choose any section and it will "wrap" around to the opposite side. That means you can start with any section you like and expand it from there, and with a little bit of planning it's possible get several unique 36"x36" maps from this one kit.

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Dave Graffam Models Releases Wizard's Shop Paper Model

Dave Graffam Models releases a ready to print Wizard's shop, suitable for fantasy or medieval settings:

From their post:

The Wizard's Shop is now available. This is my latest Rake's Corner release, a ready-to-print model with half-hipped roofs and 2 crates. As a bonus, the PDF set includes a 15mm-scaled version that fits on one page. The PSD Photoshop files pack is also available so you can get creative.

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Dave Graffam Models Releases Mermaid Tavern Paper Model

Dave Graffam Models latest release is the Mermaid Tavern PDF. Print it at any scale from 15mm to 30mm, and choose from lots of optional skins:

From their website:

This set includes fully detailed illustrated instructions, and even a beginner paper modeler should be able to build this set with ease.

This download comes with a 9" x 7" ground piece with optional 1" grid overlay, an outhouse, several storage trunks and lobster traps, all for just $2.95. And if you prefer to tinker, pick up the PSD Photoshop files pack for this model.

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Dave Graffam Models Announces Availability of Photoshop Files

Dave Graffam Models Announces Availability of Photoshop Files:


From their announcement:

I'm now offering the Photoshop working files for selected models in my collection. These PSD packs contain all of the texture layers found in my PDFs, so if you're a Photoshop user (or Pixelmator on Mac) there's no easier way to kitbash your own unique designs.

New models are in the works, and I'll be releasing each new set in two separate versions: PDFs and PSDs.

I'm also running a sale at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and Wargame Vault. Until the end of November, you'll save 20% off PDF model sets.

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Dave Graffam releases 15-30mm Watch Station paper terrain

Dave Graffam Models have released a 15-30mm Watch Station paper terrain kit. Watch Station From their announcement:
The latest paper model from Dave Graffam is this Watch Station. It features multiple skins so you can match it to your favorite faction or army. These extra skins also mean you can print it several times, each with a unique appearance. It's many models in one. And for your printing convenience, this kit also includes two prepared versions that are easy to print right away. The Watch Station easy to build, requiring just a few common hobby supplies and some sheets of cardstock to print on, and it includes fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Print it at any scale between 15mm and 30mm using the handy print percentage guide. GSD cutter files are included. You can download the Watch Station for just $3.95 from the webstores of DriveThruRPG,. RPGNow, Wargame Vault, Ecardmodels and Paizo Publishing.

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Dave Graffam announces Hired Swords Card Game

Dave Graffam Models have posted details of an upcoming print-and-play fantasy game - Hired Swords.

From their announcement:
Hired Swords is a print-and-play card game inspired by choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks. In this game, you manage a crew of mercenaries and navigate the dangerous desert realm of Sohria. Your goal is to hire skilled freelancers and take a variety of contracts, battling deadly and exotic enemies to build up your reputation and wealth. Along the way, you'll select certain mercenaries to add to your stable, and when you have four mercenaries in your permanent crew you can attempt a final contract, the one that will make you a fortune and allow you to retire, or send your career crashing to a disappointing end. Whatever the outcome, you can always start over again. The random nature of the cards and encounters in the Career Deck make every career unique, and give you fresh opportunities to explore this treacherous land.

Hired Swords is currently in playtesting, and is designed to be a solo game. I'm also testing out rules for a two-player head-to-head variant in which you and your opponent compete to be the first to run your final contracts.
I hope to release Hired Swords later this summer.

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Solid State War bundle available

Solid State WarDave Graffam Models have added a bundle of the PDFs for their Solid State War sci-fi air combat game to Wargame Vault. From their website:
Solid State War is an explosive tabletop game of aerial combat, set in the near future where the world has gone to war over dwindling natural resources. This game is easy to learn and plays quickly. Experience the thrill of firing upon your opponents and bombing important targets, knowing that the results on the dice could make or break your strategy. The combat dice and maneuvering tools contain everything you need to determine the effects of your actions, so there's no need to check charts and tables. Quick-reference sheets put all of the rules you need right at your fingertips. The jet record sheets help you keep track of your ammo, damage, and include all of the special rules for your optional equipment and devies. Everything about Solid State War is designed to make it fast, fun and easy to jump right into the action. This bundle includes everything you need to play — the rulebook, record sheets for both the Tigress and Interceptor jets, a variety of combat scenarios, a campaign for control of the Amazon, and all of the printable gaming pieces and dice you'll need. To assemble these components, all you'll need are a few sheets of cardstock to print on, scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

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