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Darwin Games

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. It's an old saying that's good words to live by. If you feel you've got a quality product and want to get it out to the masses, just because a Kickstarter doesn't initially succeed mean you should throw in the towel. That's the attitude Darwin Games is taking, as they've relaunched their Kickstarter for Eye for an Eye, the arena combat board game.

"Downtime" is a term in gaming that refers to when a player has little to nothing to do. It's your opponent's turn and you just kinda gotta sit there while they make their decisions and play their cards and roll their dice. Too much downtime and you can find yourself getting up to go get a cheese sandwich. Well, in Eye for an Eye, a new board game coming from Darwin Games, there's no downtime at all! It's always your turn! It's also always your opponent's turn, so you've gotta be quick and make your decisions right away. The game is coming to Kickstarter next week.
We all know that I'm a fan of when a company puts the rules for their games up online so you can check them out. Darwin Games has taken that and gone a step further with Eye for an Eye. They've posted a whole print-and-play version on their website. Eye for an Eye is a real-time skirmish game that, in the print and play version, pits Chief Grublin versus Chief Riparian.
... and I'm just amazed that "Riparian" is apparently a word that my spellcheck thinks is just fine.
The middle of the week and the start of a new month. 2017 is already 1/12 in the books. January sure did go by quick (at least for me). Before you know it, we'll be announcing Black Friday sales. Ok, maybe that's a bit much. Plenty of things to do between now and then. And if we want to keep up our strength, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection Released by Cryptozoic; 4th Edition Preview Flames of War Preview: New Paint Sets, Spray Cans, Token Sets and Gaming Aids; Eye for an Eye: Arena Coming To Kickstarter; Acheson Creations announces two "Big Events" for February 2017; Numenera Audio Collection from Plate Mail Games; The Dragon Tray Up On Kickstarter; Aenor Miniatures Releases New Zombie Survivor; New Line of SCI-FI Miniatures by RBJ Game Company; Dice Base: Master GM Screen Up On Kickstarter; Black Earth tabletop wargame coming on IndieGoGo in February; F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Wardemon of Fate Available From Kromlech; Baueda New DBA 3.0 Norse Irish Army Pack is Now Available; Elder Dice Coming to Kickstarter; and New Circular Ruler From Micro Art Studio.

Pen & Lead sat down with the creator of Dawn: Rise of the Occulites, Ben Boersma, and had a little chat. Check out what they had to say.


From the interview:

The blog Pen and Lead has just posted up an interview with the creator of the game, Dawn: Rise of the Occulites, which has met it's funding goal over on Kickstarter. It's a neat game with some unique imagery, so why not go check out the interview and then the Kickstarter to see what it's all about.

Darwin Games has a guide up showing what all you get in the Sunmaster pledge level for their Rise of the Occulites Kickstarer, as well as opening up some more Early Bird levels for it.

From the update:

This update is a really brief one, but an exciting one. Our Kickstarter has opened up another bunch of Early Bird Sunmaster Pledges that will save you a few dollars, but we have also uploaded an image of all the things that you will get by pledging at the Sunmaster level. Somethings are listed as text due to running out of room or the graphics for those components not being completed yet.

So sit down and then check this out! Once you’ve picked up your jaw off the floor, you can go and pledge to help us bring Dawn to the world!

Darwin Games has posted up a game play video for their Rise of the Occulites game. Check it out.

From the announcement:

G’day guys,

This video is a full gameplay playthrough of the first scenario of Dawn – Rise of the Occulites. It uses all prototype components.

We played using just the Core rules and this is the most basic way to play the game. We wanted to show this off first so that players who only want to dip their toes into the system to start with can see what they are in for.

There are five layers of advanced rules that can be transitioned in which gives the players more options, more decision points and deepens the gameplay further. Future videos will go into this more. We would love to know what you think! If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy!

Darwin Games announces Ignis and Nimbus Occulite Tribes now on sale:

From their anouncement:

Darwin Games is proud to announce the official release of the Ignis and Nimbus Occulite tribe models for their Rise of the Occulites range of figures.

The figures are 32mm scale figures sculpted by Bob Olley.

All five initial Rise of the Occulites tribes (and the Luftles) have now been released.

Check out more about the game at
Or buy the figures at
Darwin Games has released their Hydris and Flories Tribes.

From their website:

Darwin Games' Rise of the Occulites line of 32mm scale miniatures (sculpted by Bob Olley) expands with both the Hydris and Floris tribes being available to purchase now.

The Floris Tribe is big, bulky and brutish, despite their flowery appearance. The Hydris are sleek, adaptable and fast.

Darwin Games have four of the first six tribes available for purchase now - the Palaudis, the Hydris, the Floris and of course the Luftles.

These miniatures are sculpted by the brilliant Bob Olley and are for Darwin Games upcoming skirmish game Dawn, but can be used to spice up any generic fantasy or sci-fi skirmish game.

The next two tribes Nimbus and Ignis will be available in late October and November respectively.

Discover the journey!
Darwin Games have posted the greens for the Nimbus Tribe for their Rise of the Occulites fantasy game. Nimbus Tribe From their announcement:
The Nimbus tribes are perched high in the mountains, raining down from above to conduct raids and gather food. These vegetarians are covered in a thick layer of feathers to combat the crisp chill of the air. Their feet are claws, fashioned in a way to help them hold onto rocky outcrops and tree branches. A leathery membrane stretches from their bodies to the hands, allowing them to fly for short distances. Their sharp teeth and fangs are not for eating meat, but for quickly slicing off parts of plants. For you see, in the Occulite world, some of the plants fight back. The fangs pierce and lock down the vegetation in place, while the sharp teeth slice down, cleanly and efficiently taking off chunks of plant matter before making their escape.
Darwin Games is now officially open and selling figures for the Rise of the Occulites game. From their announcement:
The Darwin Games website is open for business. The creators of the Rise of the Occulites setting, Darwin Games have finally opened their digital doors for business. Darwin Games will be releasing its first miniatures game ‘Dawn – Rise of the Occulites’ later in the year, which will be supported by no less than 30 unique figures by the end of the year. So far, 10 of these have been released, with another 10 due to enter the store over the next few weeks. There will be more sculpts later on closer to the release of Dawn, which is currently in external playtesting.
Darwin Games have posted painted examples of their Occulites and Luftles figures from the Rise of the Occulites game. Palaudis tribe From their announcement:
I have the first sets of painted figures posted up. These have been painted by Kosta and help to show off the great sculpting that Bob Olley has done with these guys. This weekend I will be working on the Darwin Games Website and some terrain so that I can film a couple of turns of a small encounter using the Dawn: Rise of the Occulites rules. Bob Olley is currently sculpting up the Hydris tribe and I will post more photos of them when I receive them. Once I receive those greens, I will get both the Floris and Hydris moulded and cast by Nic @ Eureka. So things are getting exciting. If you are enjoying this line and the setting, please consider spreading the word as it will help Darwin Games continue the journey. Cheers, Ben