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Darkness Comes Rattling

Ok, so it's actually the first day of June, but Wyrd had this up yesterday afternoon, so it was still May when it hit. Squeaking in just over the line, though. But better late than never, as this issu
Wyrd loves to make Mondays better with a look at something they've been working on. In this case, it's a new expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling. It's called War of the Spirits, and we get a quick l
So many people aren't the biggest fan of Mondays. Just ask Garfield about them. Or the guys at Initech. However, Wyrd is here to help make things a little easier with their Monday Previews. They've go
Seems the guys and gals over at Wyrd have been really busy bees lately. They've got a whole bunch of new previews up on their site to check out. There's something for everyone who likes Wyrd products.
Wyrd Games lets us know what their releases are going to be for the next couple months. They've got their Malifaux releases posted (3 for March, 7 for April, 8 for May, 7 for June).Later this summer,