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Darkmook Paper Miniatures

As I've said numerous times over the past couple weeks, Gen Con is coming. Like... tomorrow. There's going to be, oh, about a bajillion things going on, so it's best to stock up on some bite-sized gam
For those that might've missed out when Darkmook Paper Miniatures had their extremely limited run (only 30 done) of their The Vampyre of Mons cooperative board game, you can rest easy. The game has be
October isn't the only good time for horror. Just about any time can be a good time for horror. Like... right now! Boo!Darkmook paper Miniatures also feels just about any time is a good time for horro
Friday has once again blessed us with its presence. Let us bask in its warm glow of warming glowing... or something.Suffice to say that the weekend is almost here. What sort of plans do you have comin
Darkmook Paper Miniatures will be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend.Stop by and say hello. Give them a hug. Tell them I sent you.SourceFrom the announcement:Darkmook Paper Miniatures is exhibiti
Darkmook gives you a free sample of their new Spy-Fi Adventures set over on their website. For some reason I feel like there should be a Dr. Evil laugh right here.SourceFrom them to you:Secret Agent J
Darkmook Paper Miniatures is in their final day over Kickstarter for their Darkfast Dungeons paper terrain. They've passed a lot of stretch goals along the way.SourceFrom the campaign:Horizons are bro
In2thereview has a pair of videos up. One looks at making the game, the other at gameplay itself.SourceFrom the post:I met the Darkmook Miniature guys at Bristol Comicon, and was greatly impressed wit
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has released their first expansion to Zombie Fighter.SourceFrom the release:Add some stone cold killers to your gladiatorial roster and deploy some fiendish new hazards in th
Darkmook Paper Miniatures gets themselves reviewed by Starburst Magazine.SourceFrom the review:Tabletop gaming can be a very expensive enterprise. Your typical tactical wargame consists of a large box
Darkmook now has the digital version of their Zombie Fighter book available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The digital version of ZOMBIE FIGHTER is now available from RPGNow!In ZOMBIE FI
Darkmook has a free paper mini available as a Christmas gift to all you good, little gamers out there.SourceFrom the announcement:TG-COMBAT SPECIALIST, is now available from DARKMOOK PAPER MINIATURES!
Darkmook Paper Miniatures will be at Thought Bubble 2013. While there, they'll be unveiling their new zombie horror survival game.SourceFrom the announcement:After many months of design, re-design, pr
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has released Breather Set 1: Teen Investigators.Jinkies!From the release:DARKMOOK PAPER MINIATURES have released the first character expansion with Breathers Set 1: Teen Inve
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has a new, free, holiday-themed paper mini up on their website: Nick the Mall Santa.From the release:He's made his list, he's checked it twice, and those zombies have definit
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has released their new Survival Horror tabletop game and is running a special over on RPGNow.From the release:The 56 page SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME pdf contains all you n
Darkmook Paper Miniatueres has a new set available to get over on RPGNow. Just print and play.From the release:SURVIVAL HORROR URBAN MAGIC SET 2: HENRY BREMEN, URBAN MAGE now available on RPGNow!Henry
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has some new Sci-Fi cops for your sci-fi policing needs.From the update:This set is the first foray for DARKMOOK Paper Miniatures into Sci Fi minis, and is available now from
Darkmook Paper Miniatures has the next in their series of releases available. This one's the Reluctant Hero set.From the release:Darkmook Paper Miniatures release Survival Horror Set 9: Reluctant Hero
Darkmook Paper Miniatures is having themselves a "Christmas in July" sale over on their website.From the sale sheet:It's the most wonderful time of the year-Darkmook Paper Miniatures are taking part i
Darkmook Paper Miniatures posts Survival Horror Urban Magic Set 1-The Amazing Zandi is now available from RPGNow:From their post:5 figure set includes: 1 x The Amazing Zandi, Urban Wizard, 1 x The Ama
DARKMOOK is having a 25% off sale on their paper horror miniatures. From their announcement: DARKMOOK Paper Miniatures are taking part in the RPGNow Christmas in July sale. The sale starts 25th July