Mierce Miniatures Posts Latest Releases

2016 is the Year of New Editions (as far as I'm concerned), and that can even include first editions. For example, Mierce Miniatures has released their Darklands: First Edition rulebook. It's a 364 page book giving you all the information you need to play the game. You could read a page a day and be done in just shy of a year. They also have a bunch of miniatures they've released for both Darklands and BaneLegions.

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Mierce Miniatures Running Darklands: Mighty Monsters Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures makes some of the coolest monster figures around, if you ask me. They've got some great designs, great detail, great posing, and a lot of character in their figures. They're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring some more of these great monsters to the world of Darklands.

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Mierce Miniatures launches Darklands : Savage Hordes 2 Kickstarter

Well, they had one good one, why not do another? Mierce Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funding for Darklands: Savage Hordes 2. This one starts right where the last one ended. Groups who didn't have a chance to get troops or heroes have their chance now. Of course, there are various monsters to be had as well.

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Mierce Miniatures Launches Darklands: Savage Hordes Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures is at it again. With most of their previous Kickstarter minis available for general release, they've got a new Kickstarter up and running for another Darklands expansion. This time it's the Savage Hordes, minis mostly armed with missile weapons to reach out and touch the enemy troops at range.

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Darklands and Banelegions September Releases Posted

Technically speaking, these are the August/September releases for Darklands: First Edition, Darklands: First Edition II, and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters. Sometimes things get delayed and end up late, so Mierce Miniatures decided to group the two month's releases together. Occasionally you get behind on things and you play a bit of catch-up. It happens to pretty much every company at some point.

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Mierce Miniatures Running Darklands: Metal Age Miniatures Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures has some pretty cool looking figures. But let's be fair, some of them can get to be a bit expensive. While resin gives you some really awesome detail on your figures, it's not the cheapest thing around. And since Mierce's figures tend to be pretty big, getting one can put a big dent in your gaming budget. Well, the fellows over there feel your pain. As such, they've got a Kickstarter campaign going that looks to bring some of their figures over to pewter production.

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June Releases for Darklands Posted by Mierce Miniatures

The June releases are now posted for Darklands from Mierce Miniatures. These figures span the range of Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II (yeah, it's a thing. Just go with it). This make eight sets of releases and second set of releases for those two systems, respectively. You can check them out after the cut.

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Darklands May retail releases from Mierce Miniatures Posted

Mierce Miniatures gives us a look at the May releases for Darklands over on their website. There's quite a lot, with 14 new individual models (though 5 of them are in a single unit) to check out. The werebear is my personal favorite, but you could've probably figured that out on your own. ;)
The Craven Fiends of Dis are pretty sweet as well.
Check them out now. They'll be available starting on the 2nd.

From the post:
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TGN Sunday Snippets

Here we are again. Some shorter stories for Sunday surfing.

Today we've got: new Commands and Colors storage options from Sally 4th, Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum, new Abscessus release from Hitech Miniatures, a new Wolsung preview, new 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop-Art, some fluff about Clan Ika from Ninja All-Stars, New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes' TGG range, Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift, Kabuki Models - Legio Praetoriana Updates, and some new releases from Mierce Miniatures.

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Darklands January pre-orders up

Mierce Miniatures posted up their latest back of releases for Darklands. These minis will be released in January, but get in your pre-orders now. One thing you can't deny about Meierce is that they've got rather innovative ideas for minis and some rather unique sculpts. This time around there's such things as a lizard man, mammoth guy, and a sort of... mutant camel guy?... I'm not really sure what he is, but it looks cool.

Check out their latest releases and get your name on the list to be the first gamer on your block with them when they hit the shops.


From the release:
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