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Darkest Star Games

Once again we're here at a Wednesday. The first half of the week is done. The rest of it stretches before us like a 2-day behemoth.Or maybe it's not so bad for you. Maybe Thursday and Friday are like
Darkest Star Games has their March releases now available over in their webshop for you 15mm sci-fi gamers to enjoy.SourceFrom the release:This month Darkest Star Games brings a new faction to the Spe
Darkest Star Games has started taking orders for their new 15mm FD24-Talin Wheeled IFV.SourceFrom the announcement:The 15mm version of our very popular FD24- Talin Wheeled IFV is now up for pre-order
Darkest Star Games is running a Zonii Dwelling Scratch Build contest. Do you have the modelling chops to take it on?From the contest:It's contest time!Darkest Star Games has started a scratch building
Darkest Star Games has a couple new 15mm Spec-sec mechs (try saying that 3x fast) available over on their website.From the announcement:Darkest Star Games has released the first set of 15mm Drive-armo
Darkest Star Games is now taking down names of people who want their second wave of Colony-15 models as soon as they're made available. Be the first gamer on your block with these figures when they're
Beyond the Gates of Antares is over on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Go check out the latest endeavor from Rick Priestley.From the campaign:Beyond the Gates of Antares is a brand new science fi
Darkest Star Games has a preview picture up of some Battle armor they're working on in 15mm scale.From the preview:Hello all! We hope your holidays are coming along well and that you got a HUGE stash
Darkest Star Games posted up a 3D render of their next 15mm mech, the Skorpios.From the preview:We just posted a teaser pick of an upcoming 15mm hexapod cyber-tank for our Spec-Sec range on our blog.S
Darkest Star Games is previewing a new 15mm mini-bot they've got in the works.From the preview:The first offerings of our upcoming anime inspired 15mm line, Spec-Sec (Special Security), is close to re
Darkest Star Games is showing off their new Venturian tank and we figured we'd show it off, too.From the preview:Work diligently continues to expand (and indeed introduce) our ranges at Darkest Star G
Darkest Star Games, a new sci-fi minis gaming company, is open for business.From the grand opening:Darkest Star Games is now open for business, and are offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on all