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Dark Skies

On October 3, 1942, everything changed. The world was deeply embroiled in the 2nd World War, but what happened would forever change the nature of that conflict. Dark and terrible things started pouring into the world. Great elder gods, long forgotten, manifested themselves and joined in the war. The Axis and Allies haven't stopped waging their war, though, and have actually taken to integrating monstrous technologies into their arsenal. That's the story behind Dark Skies, a new alternate history aerial combat miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter now.
Weird War II is a fairly popular setting. Taking all that happened in WWII and adding in the supernatural adds even deeper twists and turns to the events of the conflict. Other games deal with what's happening down on the ground. Dark Skies 1942 takes you into the... well... dark skies over the battlefields. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Resin Horse Games is in their final couple days for their Dark Skies game over on Kickstarter. They've gotten some preview models in, as well as some painted up so you can see what they look like.

From the campaign:

This is Dark Skies lasts days of campaign, you can check out the fully updated campaign. New factions like the American Alliance and the Cthulhu creatures. Dark Skies is an exciting fantastic air-combat wargame with rules edited by Andy Chambers.

Resin Horse Games is showing off more concept art for Dark Skies with a look at the American Curtis P6 Appalosa fighter plane.

From the preview:

From the other side of the Atlantic Ocean the American Alliance transports endless armies in their Light Carriers to hunt Creatures wherever they are and to protect their land wherever they need to.

The Curtis P6 Appaloosa is a compact fighter designed to be transported in the flying American carriers. The Curtis P6 is the main American fighter and it is manufactured by hundreds. Small in size and a very practical design make the Curtis P6 a reliable ride and a dreadful enemy, especially in large numbers.

Resin Horse Games posted up the beta rules for their Dark Skies game over on Kickstarter as well as showed off some more concept art for the game.

From the update:

Now you can download the BETA version of the rules, note that this is not the definitive version and some material might be missing.