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Dark Eden

I get the appeal of digital forms for a game book. I really do. Heck, I'm often looking at them every day here on my computer. However, I will always still love to have a hard copy of a book to look through. Just something about actually turning the pages and the feel of it. If you're a fan of hard copies of books, you'll be happy to hear that the Dark Eden Sourcebook for Mutant Chronicles is now available in hardcover form.
All good things must come to an end, so they say. In this case, it's the scheduled releases for the Mutant Chronicles RPG range from Modiphius. But they, if you're going out, go out with style. That's just what they've got with the Dark Eden Campaign. It's available now in pdf with print versions coming in April.
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We're doing things to the Earth that aren't so great for our continued existence on this planet. However, we're not quite near where things have gone in Mutant Chronicles. There, the Earth has been pretty much abandoned. Note that "pretty much" doesn't mean "entirely." While most of the people that could make it off-world have done so, including the bases of the various Megacorporations (many of whom caused much of the issues). But Dark Eden, as the Earth is now known, still has lots of life on it. Now, you can incorporate them into your games with the Dark Eden Sourcebook, now available.