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Dark Age

The latest Dark Age releases are available now over in the CoolMiniOrNot webshop. They're a trio of resculpts of some rather classic minis. I'm always a fan of resculpts. I love seeing how a model can
Well, yesterday was quite a whirlwind of activity. Nothing but nonstop activity and excitement here at the 2nd day of the CMON Expo. There's lots to do and see, so let's show some of it off.First off,
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
There are many awesome things about the CMON Expo. Getting information about future games and game releases from the panels is one of them. The first panel here today is being given by Dave Taylor abo
It's been a great day here at the CMON Expo. Lots of cool stuff going on. Lots to see. Lots to do.What? You don't believe me? I thought we were better friends than that. But fine, if you want photogra
As you know, I'm a fan of gaming. If that gaming also helps a charitable foundation, then that takes something already pretty cool and just turns the awesome up to 11. The NOVA Open Charitable Auction
Saint Joan's the new saint on the block for the Forsaken. And while she can take all the generic troops allotted for her, she's got some special ones designed just for her as well. Those have been add
It's day 3 here at Adepticon. It's been a wild day... and I'm not even talking about the gaming. We woke up to some lovely weather. And then, just about 10min. ago, for about a minute, the lights all
Well, we just passed Easter last weekend. A lot of people took the time to go to church, even if they don't normally make a habit of it (whereas nuns do tend to make a habit of it... Get it? Get it?..
The world of Samaria is full of interesting inhabitants. There's the general populace who are working as hard as they can to get by with whatever meager scraps they can get a hand on. Then there's the
As we've seen, conventions are starting to come up quickly. Can you believe we're already at the end of February? 1/6 of the year is almost gone. Well, one show I'm really looking forward to is the CM
A New Year brings a new look to some old models over in Dark Age. You know, as times change and such, old sculpts, as good as they might've originally been, and how much we'd drooled over them in the
December rolls along and CoolMiniOrNot keeps coming out with more and more cool stuff. This week is no different. For those that are playing Blood Rage, Rum & Bones, or Dark Age, you'll want to check
This Con Season may be over, but it's not going to be long before next year's starts up. With how wide the "Con Season" is, it barely ends at all. Besides, you gotta plan ahead for these things. You c
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that CoolMiniOrNot is running isn't the only news they have going on this weekend. They have a bunch of new releases to show off as well. Blood Rage, Rum & Bones, Da
If you want to get the cool toys, you have to be able to find out where they're being sold. Well, CMON Inc. and EBS Hobbies are teaming up to bring UK gamers the CMON minis games. These are Dark Age A
Seems that giant robots and giant armor suits are just "the thing" right now.I'm 100% OK with this.The latest releases for Dark Age have been posted up and we get us some pretty sweet-looking battle a
It's the start of the month and you know what that means!"Rent's due!"... Ok, yeah, sure, that. But there's also the latest Dark Age releases available. This month it's some new Forsaken, including tw
We've made it into September, but you'll want to stay awake for this one. (do you kids even get that reference or has music forgotten that one?)The latest Dark Age releases are now available over in t
While, for a lot of people, the convention may seem to end at Gen Con, that's really not the case. There's still shows after that. One of them is the NOVA Open, held in Arlington, VA. Many different g
Dark Age made quite a showing at Gen Con a couple weeks ago. The gallery of early releases I posted was one of my most-viewed during the event. Those of you that were at the show had a chance to pick
Saturday was everything one would expect from Gen Con. The hallways were certainly filled with gamers, geeks, and nerds of all type. All sorts of awesome things were happening. Too many to just have s
Gen Con is fully underway now. The first day went by in a flash. The energy in the air was palpable. Everyone I've talked to agrees that this year is much busier than last. When the doors open, there'
Wow! Gen Con got off to quite a start this morning! Seemed no sooner than I was awake than I was down at the hall looking over some things when Boom! The doors were opened! It was quite a mad rush in
The world of Dark Age is ever-changing and evolving. Characters grow and adapt as the storyline continues on. Well, obviously such a thing would happen in the fluff, but it also happens in the rules f
On Friday, CMON posted up their new board game releases they'll have at Gen Con, but what about Dark Age, their post-apocalyptic sci-fi skirmish game? Well, you'll be glad you asked when you look at t