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Dadi & Piombo

There have been a lot of conflicts across Europe over the centuries. There certainly were a lot from the 16th through the 17th centuries. It's those dates that Dadi & Piombo have created miniatures rules for. They've placed them in Baroque, a new miniatures rulebook that's now available in their webshop.
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Anyway! We've got another bundle of bite-sized stories for you for today.

In this grouping we've got: New Releases at LaserCutCard and $1 shipping items, New 15mm Late Saxons at Splintered Light Miniatures, Manorhouse Workshop Underground Project Update #15, Mantic Games Exclusive Distributor for Secret Weapon in UK and EU, Beasties and Bygones Cartoon Fantasy RPG Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Midknight Heroes reveals its second Character for its Kickstarter, New Door Bells and Proclamations from Thomarillion, Trolka of Skandavia released in Resin from Alternative Armies, Brigade Models releases 2mm American Civil War Houses, Dadi & Piombo Releases The 1066 Supplement for Lords & Servant, The Card Caddy up on Kickstarter, Planetary Militia packs released at The Ion Age, New Armored Greatcoats from Kromlech, The Phalanx Consortium is Bringing Back Battle Cattle, and new tokens and templates for Infinity from Micro Art Studio.

Dadi & Piombo has released Lords & Servants, their new medieval skirmish rules set.


From the release:

A skirmish set for the medieval period from the creators of Impetus.

L&S is a skirmish set that allows you to play games with few figures, but also engagements with 70-80 miniatures per side (you can choose among 3 formats: Small, Medium and Large).
It covers from the Dark Age to the end of XV Century (but they include rules for artillery).
Dadi & Piombo now has Impetus, their medieval and ancients wargaming system, available in pdf format.



From the announcement:

Our popular system for ancients and medieval wargames goes digital!
The rulebook is now available at Wargames Vault at 14.99 USD.
This is just a new purchase option as the printed version will remain available as usual.

Impetus is a grand tactical set that allow you to play over 3,000 years of history, from Ancient Sumeria to the Great Italian Wars. It is suitable for any scale of figures,from 2mm to 28mm (and over) thanks to its popular basing that allow you to recreate small dioramas.
Dadi & Piombo has posted up their Extra Impetus 5 release over on their website.

From the announcement:

Extra Impetus 5, the fifth supplement for Impetus ancient and medieval rules, has been released.

The supplement is focussed on the feudal age and includes 48 lists, historical background and a Campaign Game.

Dadi & Piombo continues to digitize their magazine stocks and sending them out as .pdfs. Plus, there's a special if you mention us.

From the announcement:

More back issues of Dadi&Piombo magazine now available as pdf.
These are issues 34, 35 and 36, all bilingual (italian/english)
Each issue is 3.5 euros, but if you write us (at dadiepiombo AT libero DOT it) mentioning TGN you can get all these 3 issues at 7 euros.

Dadi & Piombo are pleased to announce the release of the Napoleonic supplement for Smooth&Rifled skirmish rules:

From their post:

This supplement of 20 pages includes some special rules as well as Unit datas for France, Austria, Prussia, Russia and Great Britain.
A second supplement will follow with more lists, including Spain and Portugal.

This supplement can be downloaded for free from the official blog of Smooth&Rifled ( ) where you can find other similar supplements for the American Civil War, the Zulu War (with lists for the 1st Boer war too), the New Zealand War, the Garibaldi's Campaign of the Thousand and the French and Indian war.

Smooth & Rifled is a skirmish set, published by Dadi&Piombo, covering the period from late XVII Cent to early XX Cent.
It is available as a PDF with a subscription at 9 euros (the cost includes all future PDF versions of the rules)

More info on Smooth&Rifled at

Dadi & Piombo has a free download of a supplement for Smooth & Rifled:

From their post:

The Anglo Zulu War supplement for Smooth&Rifled has been released.

The supplement, that can be dowbloaded for free, includes lists for Zulu, British ans Boers and it is suitable to play the 1st Boer War too.

Smooth&Rifled is a skirmish game published by Dadi&Piombo and covers the age of musket (from late XVII Cent. to Early XX Cent.). It is available in PDF format at 9 euros (the cost includes also all future PDF editions) and can be purchased here

The next release will be the Napoleonic supplement.
Dadi & Piombo announces an ACW supplement for Smooth&Rifled is now available. It can be downloaded for free from a S&R blog:

From their post:

S&R is a new skirmish game from Dadi&Piombo and covers the period from approximately 1700 to approximately 1900.
Two other supplements covering the French and Indian war and the New Zealand war are already available (free download from the blog).

The American Revolution, the Jacobite Rebellion, Darkest Africa, Zulu War, Boer War and Russo Turkish War supplements, all free, are on the workbench.

Smooth&Rifled is available as PDF at 9 euros at this page:

Keep an eye on for updates and free lists.

Dadi & Piombo release a new supplement:

From their announcement:

Extra Impetus 4, the fourth supplememt for Impetus rules, has been released.

Extra Impetus 4 includes 42 army lists taken from the following periods: Greek and Persians War, Alexander the Great and his Successor, Rome and the Mediterranean.

It also includes a campaign game dedicated to Alexander's Conquests, game tutorials, special rules, official amendments and tons of pics.