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Da Clash

Ammon Miniatures tags in two new fighters for Da Clash.El SoupolaiRobox SourceFrom the release:Please welcome these 2 new fighters!"Robox": This ancient machine has been awaken... and it's now wreakin
Ammon Miniatures has a special program going on where if you get your game shop to carry Da Clash, Ammon will send you a voucher for their shop.SourceFrom the post:You can now help us to spread Da Cla
Ammon Miniatures now has Da Clash, their new skirmish wrestling game, available over in their webshop.I like Da Clash. Though at the moment I'm listening to Da Pantera.SourceFrom the release:Da Clash!
Ammon Miniatures only has a few hours left on Indiegogo. They've unlocked the bag of dice stretch goal. Can they break another before time runs out?From the update:We made it! The 10.000€ stretchgoal
Ammon Miniatures has some more stretch goals posted they hope to break through in their last couple days up on Indiegogo.From the update:We have now reached 180% of our initial goal! Our first Stretch
Ammon Miniatures is getting close to their first stretch goal over on Indiegogo. They've got a green of the model posted up as well.From the update:The early Wip of our first stretchgoal, we are now r
Ammon Miniatures posted up a gameplay video for their Da Clash game that's still got a little over 2 weeks on Indiegogo and has already made their funding goal.From the update:Finally, here’s a video